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Tuesday Evening Links

Paul over at Wizbang has a thing to say about the economy. This has gotta be driving the left mad:

So how was the Holiday shopping Season?
Holiday spending up almost 9%*
Planned holiday spending up almost 20%*
Amazon Ships 108 Million Holiday Packages
Holiday spending has retailers seeing green
Friday was Walmart's biggest Day in History*

Pauls (and our countrys) story here:

John Hinderacker at Powerline thinks the Dems need to "cheer up".

"This explains, I guess, the venom and persistence with which the Democrats attack the Bush administration. It appears that millions of them really believe that President Bush is ruining their lives! There are lots of Democrats, apparently, who need to take a deep breath, get over the last election, and cheer up."

I think this next year is going to be even better than the last two. Democratic freedom (two), indiscriminate sub-human-scum-of-the-earth terrorist (zip). Leadership through strength to preserve our security (A+). Borderline un-patriotic Bush-Bashing for political gain with no regard for our military or the safety of this great country, (F-).

I will list the F's first: (this is for those deserving of D's thru F's)

#1. The New Yourk Times: (misspelled on purpose, these are "Yourk" times, not mine.) The New York Times, like the god-father, didn't get to live to a ripe ol' age by being stupid. But they gotta know their days are numbered.

This newspaper has become the laughing stock at the top of the food chain for biased lies and distortions. I've been working on their obit for years now. Thank goodness they buried the "worst of the worst" in their new "Times-Select" section. (Who would pay .02 cents for their opinionated BS?) Dowd needs to be on Malkins top ten "unhinged". Friedman and Krugman are a half step from the ladder to abyss. (Dowd may have already jumped off the end)

#2. The Wa-shit-ing Postulated: (what hasn't been said about these idiots can be found in most all other dailys.) (Wapo and the NYT switch positions for num-headed-ness on a daily basis)

#3. CNN, (cables original negative network ), MSNBC, (sports and comity do mix ), ABC,CBS,NBC (they're a melting pot for the misguided)

#4. Kos, Democratic Underground, wanna be troller Liberal Avenger, et al, all deserve the "best of the left", but for the MSM, no one does it better at defeatism and their ultimate hatred for our President.

CAN THEY GO ANY LOWER?...............developing

Deceitful and Shameful Tactics

Hand washed just about every pot and pan I owned for the first time in a week. Priorities re-arranged tend to come back and bite ya. But the memories of all the fine food prepared in them pans still puts a smile on my face.

Christmas has passed an our thoughts are with our troops in harms way. Hopefully national support will hold out for successful stability in the Middle East and we can begin to bring some of our troops home. That the main stream media are reaching the point of aiding an enemy who's soul purpose is to exterminate us, (with suicidal passion) , for the soul purpose of a political agenda, is shameful at the least and borderline criminal.

Now the very fabric of our security is being threatened by exposing classified information and believing the publics "right to know" outweighs any safety concerns of our community. I believe the president should make a stern reprimand to those so close to the "line" and remind these party's that we are a war.

The Democrats have been graciously silent for the past few days. Respect for the celebration of the birth of Christ may have played a small part and no power players on the left want to be the first to throw out the first handful of mud, but don't expect that to last.

With the economy steaming along at a healthy pace for the third and fourth quarters, another major hurdle in the Iraqi elections and the insurgency on their last ropes, 2006 looks brighter than ever. Consumer confidence is strong, but look for the MSM to put a spin on all these positives. Going into an election year for many in congress, fact-checking and exposing gross errors in reporting will be crucial. Expect the rhetoric to rachet up dramatically.

Many are fed up with the talk of defeat and the negative reporting by the MSM, especially when there are so many positive storys of success. Exact timing of the New York Times release of the NSA story (held for a whole year) proves this papers unmitigated agenda with this administration that has prevented another attack for over four years. This goes into the category of doing what is not in the best interest for the people of this great country and they should be publicly chastised, and the "leakers" need to be prosecuted.

The only way to get to the MSM and their ilk of defeatism is in the pocketbooks of their investors. Canceling subscriptions is the only way short of taking them to court for treason. (Might as well get accused of violating the first amendment while were at it. )

The left needs to clean up their "pot and pans". The garbage they're serving is not palatable.

If this seems like some one on the right throwing the first mudpie, then so be it. I have no trouble sleeping.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Born Again

"I bring you today the good news of great joy that will be for all the people on earth because today, in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord." (Luke 2:10-11)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Local "Levee" Breached

It had rained all morning here two days ago, and upon returning from a "fill the cupboards" shopping, I entered my home to discover water running from my front wall of the living room all the way to the kitchen. The road in front of my place runs down-hill, and enough debris had accumulated to divert the water straight into the front of my place. Uncloging the flow was easy, but the damage has been done. It wasn't until I went to go to bed that night that I discovered that the water had also entered into my bedroom. (Wet feet do not make for a comfortable sleep)

Update: The carpet in the bedroom is now dry, and being a "floor-guy" I simply pulled the carpet up and replaced the saturated pad. When this current system (of wetness) passes I plan to construct a french-drain in the front of my place to re-direct any future mishaps that come from the road. Two days have been lost in this last week before Christmas, but I feel lucky that I came home when I did to prevent further damage. If this is the worst thing that can happen to me in all of 2005, I will consider myself blessed. :)

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I haven't watched wrestling on tv since I used to watch Red Bastien, Pepper Gomez and Haystack Calhoun all get called "pencil necks" by Ray Stevens. I'm gonna destroy these names but I saw (live) Mitsu Arakawa and Kinji Shibuya beat Red Bastien and Haystack Calhoun in a tag team match that matches a thousand shooting stars to a twelve year olds eyes.
But that era changed.........

Having spent seven years (in high school and college) beating the best in the state of California (most of the time) I was turned off on a whole generation of "Big Time Wrestling", WWF, WWE RAW, and the phony-ness of this "sport". Only another "wrestler" would truly know the sacrifices made to reach such a level of competition, and in my opinion (I thought) WWE will never know those sacrifices.

I had lost 8 times in my career, but I would give a few more to be one of those WWE fellers that are entertaining those troops in Afghanistan during this holiday season.

All the respect I had lost, was regained in an instant.

Thank you WWE, Red and the "Boys" are proud of you. We all are.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Dems saw the writing on the wall
by Rovin

When it became apparent that the presidents foreign policy and
his personal battle on the global War on Terror (GWOT) is
showing success on most fronts, the democratic "strategy" was
to attempt to steal some "thunder".

Knowing full well that following successful elections in Iraq in
December, the administration was planning to begin to bring a
portion of troops home in 2006. Also, the acceleration of Iraqi
military enlistments and training has become monumental in our
transition plans. Iraqi citizens turning in high-level insurgents is
also a sign that the tide is turning. Too many positive reports,
including Iraqi infrastructure coming on line, (despite the
constant negative reporting by the "old media" (formally the
MSM) via NYT, Wapo, et al), the democratic party saw the
writing on the wall. Even a partial stability in Iraq and marginal
coalition withdrawal would be perceived as a victory for this
administration, indeed a victory for the entire world.

So, what can a democratic party do? For starters claim that
while you "support our troops", this WOT is all Bush's fault, (no
WMD's, faulty intel, etc.), make the claim that there is no way to
win this war and bring all the troops home now, with no regard
for the lives of the Iraqi people.

Visions of a "Viet Nam" like disaster silently passed thru the
party, knowing full well this would swing them back in to power.

When and if our troops start coming home, the democrats will
attempt to claim it was their party that bullied the Bush
administration to "bring them home", despite the situation on the
ground. While trying to steal this "thunderous victory" from our
president, the dems have received a lighting-bolt that has
burned deep into their reputation. They will be perceived as the
party of defeatism, obstuction, and putting their political goals
ahead of what is good for this country.

This is a party in total disarray. The common sense moderate
democrats are pulling their hair out trying to separate
themselves from left-wing wacko's (who's hatred for Bush has
consumed them). The "melt-down" -- to say the least-- is

Friday, December 09, 2005


From Matt Drudge


The DRUDGE REPORT has learned from a top GOP operative that the Republican National Committee will provide state parties with a web video prior to release tomorrow afternoon that shows a white flag waving over images of Democrat leaders making anti-war remarks.
The ad is in response to the controversial comments Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean and 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry made earlier in the week.
A Democratic strategist who had the web ad described to her said, “This is way over the top but we have no one to blame but Dean, Kerry and others who continue to pander to the anti-war activists within our party.”

The web video advances the Republican contention that the Democrats only have a “retreat and defeat” message on the war in Iraq.

The video highlights the effect Democrats can have on the morale of U.S. soldiers.
One Republican strategist familiar with the ad said, “The Democrats, especially Howard Dean have a way of trying to turn the tables and say ‘that’s not what I meant’ – its just those ‘evil Republicans’ This video will make them crazy – it reinforces what they really believe with what they actually said – and that is devastating for the Democratic Party.”

U.S.: Why Economic Growth Is Galloping: From Yahoo News

The economy is proving as unstoppable as the 11-0 Indianapolis Colts. Consumers have kept spending even in the wake of sharply higher energy prices and after their confidence was pummeled by this summer's hurricanes. And despite initial worries over demand generated by the storms and oil hikes, businesses continue to invest in new equipment and add to their payrolls.

AFGHANISTAN, four years later: Via Barsepundit

Four years after the fall of the Taliban, Afghans express both vast support for the changes that have shaken their country and remarkable optimism for the future, despite the deep challenges they face in economic opportunity, security and basic services alike.

From Protien Wisdom's Jeff Goldstein

More pushback from the White House, this time aimed at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi—an outspoken proponent of the Murtha plan for a quick withdrawal of US troops from Iraq—whose position appears to be based in part on a series of factual misunderstandings:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Tries To Talk Down Progress In Iraq. "In his speech today, President Bush offered anecdotes about economic progress in Iraq; he neglected to point out that oil production is flat, that the generation of electricity is below pre-invasion levels in many areas, and that unemployment is estimated to be 40 percent or more. Those facts produce frustration that only aids the insurgency. The reconstruction effort in Iraq has faltered in large part because the President’s policies have not made Iraq secure.” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Press Release, 12/7/05)

Exclusive: Sen. Allen Withdraws 'Hate Crimes' Support
By Jeff Senior Staff Writer
December 09, 2005

( - Republican U.S. Sen. George Allen will no longer support "hate crimes" legislation that includes "sexual orientation" as a protected status, even if the proposal is identical to a bill he voted for in 2004. The Virginia senator acknowledged Friday that such legislation could be used by federal courts to extend civil rights protections to homosexuals and to squelch free speech.
full story here

Now this what I call GOOD NEWS!:

Sunni Arab clerics also took the opportunity of Friday's prayers to urge a big turnout in next week's elections, saying voting was a "religious duty" that could hasten the departure of American troops.

full story here

My comments here: (editing in progress)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Do we really need these shameful people to "support" our troops? If one soldier dies because of their purly political "gains", can it be called treasonous?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Read 'em and weep.....or Laugh

Dean Compares Iraq, Vietnam Conflicts Monday, December 05, 2005

WASHINGTON — Democratic Chairman Howard Dean on Monday
likened the war in Iraq to Vietnam and said, "The idea that the United
States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong," comments
that drew immediate fire from Republicans.
In an interview with WOAI-AM in San Antonio, Dean criticized what he
called President Bush's "permanent commitment to a failed strategy"
while saying, "We need to be out of there and take the targets off our
troops back." Dean suggested "a strategic redeployment" of U.S.
troops over the next two years.
"I wish the president had paid more attention to the history of Iraq
before we had gotten in there," Dean said. "The idea that we're going
to win this war is just plain wrong."
Republican Chairman Ken Mehlman said Dean's "outrageous
prediction sends the wrong message to our troops, the enemy, and
the Iraqi people just 10 days before historic elections.",2933,177771,00.html

35 minds Fred Gedrich, a retired senior State and Defense departments
official, is one of 35 U.S. foreign-policy and defense analysts who, as
Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl puts it, meld their minds into "a
broad but coherent strategy for winning our war against Islamist
jihadists." Discussing "War Footing: 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in
the War for the Free World," Mr. Gedrich tells Inside the Beltway the
unique book's lead author is Frank Gaffney, president of the Center
for Security Policy, and the foreword is penned by former CIA Director
James Woolsey. Posted by the State Department in Beijing during the Tiananmen
Square massacre (Mr. Gedrich called on more than 50 U.S. foreign
missions during his career, including Beirut and Haiti under hostile
conditions), Mr. Gedrich contributed to the section on the State
Department. The very first step of "War Footing": Know the enemy. Written by Alex Alexiev, senior fellow for the Center for Security
Policy and a former senior analyst at the Rand Corporation, he focuses
on Saudi Arabia's principal role in creating and proliferating the
Islamofacist ideology that the world is now confronting, and its
dangerous implications for the Muslim world and the West. What needs to be done? "Recognize that: 1) Islamism, though parading as a religion, is, in
fact, a totalitarian ideology; like other such ideologies before it, unless
defeated, this one will stop at nothing short of the destruction of our
tolerant society and constitutional government. And 2) that in virtually
all cases, Islamism and its terrorist manifestations have been -- and
continue to be -- state-sponsored."
Story picked up here

Sending a message Representatives of the District-based National Center for Public
Policy Research were at the United Nations Climate Change
Conference in Montreal yesterday to hand out "emissions credits"
printed on toilet paper. Printed on each ply are the words 'Emissions credit" in five
languages. The organization said the rolls of toilet paper were
intended to "symbolize the failure of the Kyoto Protocol and the futility
of emissions-trading schemes." Under the European Union's "CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme,"
companies are allotted credits that allow them to emit a fixed amount
of carbon dioxide. Companies that reduce their carbon dioxide output,
and, thus, don't use all of their credits, can sell them to companies
that are exceeding their C02 allotments. "Emissions credits aren't worth the paper they're printed on," said
David Ridenour, the group's vice president, "unless, of course, that
paper happens to be toilet paper."

Who Got 'Schumed'? N.Y. Senators Vie for Top Billing on Law
By BRIAN McGUIRE - Staff Reporter of the SunDecember 5, 2005

???? Can't the dept of Homeland Security just over-ride this whole ruling and/or GW make it an executive ruling, steeling the thunder from both of these wanna-be presidents? We could then call this story: Shumer and Hillery get Bush-shumed;

Who's Lieing about Iraq? H/T: CSPT

Blog Awards:

Cut and Runners : H/T: Instapundit

Rove Strikes Again! :

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Tuesday Roundup

Commentary will be short today as the workload piled up. But on to the News:

Success in Iraq: Via CQ
Lieberman Says Iraq Going Well As Army Continues Growth
Despite the recent shrieks of hysteria coming from the Democratic caucus in Congress, one of their most respected members says that the American-led Coalition has Iraq in "pretty good shape" and expects that troop drawdowns can begin late next year or early 2007 as long as progress continues. Senator Joe Lieberman took the opportunity to actually travel through Iraq, and his recommendation follows the administration's plan to key troop withdrawals based on the buildup of the Iraqi army, and not on calendar due dates as suggested by Joe Biden last week:
full story here

Refining politics, By Greg Pierce

"After Hurricane Katrina temporarily knocked out 30 percent of America's oil refinery capacity and caused gasoline prices to spike, it became dramatically obvious that the nation needed to build more refineries away from the vulnerable Gulf Coast." John Fund writes at www.opinion "But when a bill to streamline the permitting process and provide incentives to build refineries on closed military bases was headed for the Senate floor, Sen. Lincoln Chafee [Rhode Island Republican] joined with every Democrat on the Senate Environment Committee and blocked the bill," Mr Fund said. "Mr. Chafee says he opposed the bill only because it lacked provisions to develop alternative fuels and raise fuel-economy standards, although he offered no amendments to that effect. But even if conservation takes center stage in the future, existing energy sources must be expanded now before the economy's health is jeopardized. A just published report by the New England Energy Alliance warns that 'energy shortages could be acute soon -- by 2010 at the latest' if policy-makers in the region don't act aggressively. "Unfortunately, Mr. Chafee and other senators appear more concerned about fending off the aggressive criticism of the green lobby. Mr. Chafee's spokesman noted there is strong local opposition in Rhode Island to using two shuttered military bases to add refinery capacity. "Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, chairman of the Environment Committee, says he personally urged Mr. Chafee to back his bill, noting that the nation hasn't built a new refinery since 1976. 'He sweats a lot,' Mr. Inhofe told Human Events, referring to his fellow Republican's re-election battle next year. 'He said, "I just can't do that. I have to win that election. Right now, I have a perfect record with the environmentalists."?' "Mr. Inhofe then approached some committee Democrats who he knew were under pressure from home-state businesses to vote for the bill. They rebuffed him too. Noting that a House-passed bill to streamline refinery permitting also failed to get even one Democratic vote, Mr. Inhofe concludes the nation's refinery policy is now being held hostage to partisan politics. 'In the next election, high gas prices will be one of the Democrats' big campaign issues.'"
Greg's link here



Poll: Reiner, Beatty are Well-Known, But Not Well-LikedThe Associated PressPublished:

November 22, 2005 SACRAMENTO—Director Rob Reiner and actor Warren Beatty already are well-known to California voters if either decides to run for governor next year.
Their problem: they’re not particularly well-liked.

LA TIMES EDITORIAL Death and Taxes: Is there something wrong with this debate?

The Bush tax panel has also taken aim at states such as New York and California with its proposal to cap the deduction for mortgage interest. The $411,704 cap is well below California's median price, $568,890, for a single-family home. Around New York City, the cap would also be well below housing costs for middle-class families. But Texans purchasing a median-priced house would still be able to deduct all their mortgage interest. That's unfair.,0,4809867.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

WMD Story (HT Captians Quarters)
I just started to read this one and it looks interesting.

Women learning outdoor skills,0,5530411.story?coll=la-home-outdoors We "fellers" gotta git out more or were gonna git shot. :)

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Left Right, Left Right

Cindy Sheehans "Retreat"
via Powerline

Do ya think it's time for Cindy
to pack up, go home, and do
something positive? Like
becoming a part of a "real"
family again.

Filed under lost souls

Ramsey Clark aiding Saddam in his defense? Story here Can the left get much loonier?

Bruce Willis' War: Let the truth be told! via Roger Simon

And (finally) some common sense forwarded to me by my wonderful brother-in law:

Written by an Australian Dentist...

To Kill an American

You probably missed it in the rush of news last week, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American. So an Australian dentist wrote an editorial the following day to let everyone know what an American is. So they would know when they found one. (Good one, mate!!!!) " An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani or Afghan. An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as native Americans. An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there are more Muslims in America than in Afghanistan. The only difference is that in America they are free to worship as each of them chooses. An American is also free to believe in no religion. For that he will answer only to God, not to the government, or to armed thugs claiming to speak for the government and for God. An American lives in the most prosperous land in the history of the world. The root of that prosperity can be found in the Declaration of Independence, which recognizes the God given right of each person to the pursuit of happiness. An American is generous. Americans have helped out just about every other nation in the world in their time of need, never asking a thing in return. When Afghanistan was over-run by the Soviet army 20 years ago, Americans came with arms and supplies to enable the people to win back their country! As of the morning of September 11, Americans had given more than any other nation to the poor in Afghanistan. Americans welcome the best of everything...the best products, the best books, the best music, the best food, the best services. But they also welcome the least. The national symbol of America, The Statue of Liberty, welcomes your tired and your poor, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, the homeless, tempest tossed. These in fact are the people who built America. Some of them were working in the Twin Towers the morning of September 11, 2001 earning a better life for their families. It's been told that the World Trade Center victims were from at least 30 different countries, cultures, and first languages, including those that aided and abetted the terrorists. So you can try to kill an American if you must. Hitler did. So did General Tojo, and Stalin, and Mao Tse-Tung, and other bloodthirsty tyrants in the world. But, in doing so you would just be killing yourself. Because Americans are not a particular people from a particular place. They are the embodiment of the human spirit of freedom. Everyone who holds to that spirit, everywhere, is an American.

Note: (dentist unknown at this publishing, but I will credit him/her at the soonest notification)

Have a great day! Rovin

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Saturday Stuff

Stayed home yesterday and let the rest of the mad-folk take on the Christmas rush of "Black Friday"

A little "Bolton-nization":

"Americans are a very practical people, and they don't view the U.N. through theological lenses," Bolton told reporters outside the General Assembly hall. "They look at it as a competitor in the marketplace for global problem-solving, and if it's successful at solving problems, they'll be inclined to use it. If it's not successful at solving problems, they'll say, 'Are there other institutions?' . . . that's why making the U.N. stronger and more effective is a reform priority for us: Because if it's a more agile, effective organization, it is more likely to be a successful competitor as a global problem-solver."

Does this sound like some one divisive or out to destroy the U.N.?...... Not
Complete article here.

Dana over at CSPT has an interesting post on Link Scrooges and I'm not sure where I fit in (or out) :)

My good friend, Glenn (the new director of our local Jazz and Blues Festivals) is coming over to replace the heater fan in his car. Now this should be interesting to watch. I not only will refrain from criticizing, but may offer support and tools to expedite the maneuver. We got some sunshine today for the first time in a week, so removing my bottom from this seat and getting some "outdoor" activities accomplished is a good thing.

HAVE A GREAT DAY...................

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Wrap-up

Wesley Pruden, editor in chief (Washington Times) sums up the Plame-gate fiasco and points the "shame" on the two most biased(get the Bush Administration at any cost) "rag-tabloids" in this country, the NY Times, and the Washington Post.

"The irony is that this investigation into the fluff from an airhead's navel came about because first the New York Times and then The Post demanded it, nurtured it and gave the story mouth-to-mouth resuscitation every time it began to fade into the mist along the Potomac."
Pruden also describes the "now outed" and infamous "source writer"from the WP, Bob Woodward as "Mortuary Bob"

"It's not the crime, it's the cover-up. Mortuary Bob Woodward made his career by establishing that as an article of capital faith. You could ask the ghost of Richard Nixon."

Read the full story:

Greg Pierce, also from the Washington Times pulls enough quotes from Louis Freeh's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on ABLE DANGER and the 911 COMMISSION that makes the 911 commission look pretty inept:

A Failed Panel
"It was interesting to hear from the 9/11 Commission again on Tuesday," former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh wrote yesterday in an opinion piece on the Wall Street Journal editorial page. "This self-perpetuating and privately funded group of lobbyists and lawyers has recently opined on hurricanes, nuclear weapons, the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and even the New York subway system. Now it offers yet another 'report card' on the progress of the FBI and CIA in the war against terrorism, along with its 'back-seat' take and some further unsolicited narrative about how things ought to be on the 'front lines,' " Mr. Freeh said. "Yet this is also a good time for the country to make some assessments of the 9/11 Commission itself. Recent revelations from the military intelligence operation code-named 'Able Danger' have cast light on a missed opportunity that could have potentially prevented 9/11. Specifically, Able Danger concluded in February 2000 that military experts had identified Mohamed Atta by name (and maybe photograph) as an al Qaeda agent operating in the U.S. Subsequently, military officers assigned to Able Danger were prevented from sharing this critical information with FBI agents, even though appointments had been made to do so. Why? "The Able Danger intelligence, if confirmed, is undoubtedly the most relevant fact of the entire post-9/11 inquiry. Even the most junior investigator would immediately know that the name and photo ID of Atta in 2000 is precisely the kind of tactical intelligence the FBI has many times employed to prevent attacks and arrest terrorists. Yet the 9/11 Commission inexplicably concluded that it 'was not historically significant.' "This astounding conclusion-- in combination with the failure to investigate Able Danger and incorporate it into its findings-- raises serious challenges to the commission's credibility and, if the facts prove out, might just render the commission historically insignificant itself."

From the Iraq Front
We received e-mail from a Marine Corps major in Iraq giving us a first-hand account of recent operations. The message talked about two recent operations in western Iraq that U.S. press accounts said took place in areas where American forces "dare not go," the major said. "Well, they should learn to never dare a Marine Division!" he stated. "Both operations were executed almost flawlessly. Most of the enemy fled upon the arrival of the Marines but a good number of them stayed to fight. Those that did quickly found out the 70 virgins they were promised for martyrdom was bravo sierra!"-- the last a military slang term for bovine manure.

By Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough

On a personal note:

To all services in harms way for my safety, please disregard all the political rhetoric you are hearing in the US.

There's a desperate party over here, that has no agenda, no idea how to fight terrorism, and believe the only way they can regain control is to play the "impeach Nixon" syndrome. These cowards don't think that what you are doing to help a nation of 50 million Iraqis experience freedom is worthy. The radical left is hell bent on destroying the Republican party "at all cost" and with out regard to the safety and security of this nation, a new Iraqi nation, or, indeed, the entire world. Please inform your Iraqi comrads fighting beside you that these shameful tactics of a"surrender" and "cut and run" policy will not come to pass. These disgraceful "few" do not represent the majority of those in this nation that know this is a war we must win. And to use this for political gain is a sad commentary of the direction of the democratic party.

Take to heart that when your President (and a majority of the United States Congress) chose to lead us into the salvation of the Iraqi people, that this is a nobel and wise thing we are doing. Stay the course, 50 million are depending on you. So what the "left" are doing here will only show their selfishness and indignity magnified. The world is indeed watching the progress of a new society of democratic freedom in Iraq.

The price you have paid is great, and our debt will be the honor we pay our soldiers who have been injured or made the ultimate sacrifice. They will always be my heros.

Eureka, Ca, USA

Saturday, November 19, 2005

And That Just About Sums It Up.......Folks

What's it called?, a Coup D' Etat, or something like that. Funny how the Dems keep searching for a "solid" plank to stand on, and still come up with the "we are winning this WOT and we need headlines too" syndrome.

Remember how in 94 Clinton turned in a Budget package that was in excess of 350 billion, but a new congressional leadership (for the first time in forty years) passed a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT that Clinton was forced to sign, and then proceeded (attempted) to take credit for it ?

Well, it's happening again. Same old playbook. With the Iraqi December elections coming to pass and Zarqawi and his nutbags loosing any credibility by blowing up Muslim's, this WOT, (at least in Iraq) will wind down next year. The Iraqi army is now 200k strong and growing. Our President will start to bring our forces home when the generals (on the ground) tell him, and the Iraqi leaders say so.

Despite all the gloom and doom the MSM is writing about, the people of Iraq are getting stronger by the day.

Even the intelligent democrats see the writing on the wall and they need to steal some of the "thunder of victory" by bringing this stupid debate of troop withdrawal.

Rather than let them carry this leaking pale of water, the Republicans just let it come to a floor vote and put an end to the BS. Results, 403-3 , the nays have it.

The Dems needed to have something to take home to their constituents during this holiday break. "Bush Lied" doesn't work, Plamegate fizzled, and worse (for the Dems) gas prices are plummeting and the economy is clicking along at a healthy pace.Spending all their energy of obstructionism filibustering Alito won't work either.

So what's a Democrat to do? Their negative posturing and lack of a platform just isn't cutting the mustard these days, and it won't win elections. If they think they can be responsible for bringing troops home and claiming victory for the salvation of 50 million Iraqis, they are sadly mistaken. George W. Bush took down Saddam Hussein and freed these people. Democracy in the Middle East? Who'd da thunk it? The Democrats just can't (or refuse) to find something positive to say about the things this President has accomplished. It's just not their nature. Oh, and "where's Osama? Who gives a shit.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to mettle.

The other day, as I was surfing thru websites inhaling information like a sponge, I came across in interesting post that I wanted to leave a comment on. Trouble was, there was no "comment" section at the bottom of the post. I was just about to leave the site when I noticed the website owner mentioning that the site lacked the traffic desired, so I emailed the owner and "snidely" suggested that a comment section might help. (Note: this was done with all the good intentions a fellow blogger would/could accept) Well, lo and behold Ken took my suggestion to heart and began the changes to cause enough headaches in what we will call the "template-tweaking-blues". Simple changes are almost never simple. They usually effect another portion of the equation).

Which brings me to another question/revelation. What "chain of events" evolve when we make "simple" changes. I'm sure there's a philosophy professor out there that could expel on this question, but attempting to decipher their terminology is well beyond my comprehension, so I will try the "keep it simple stupid" methodology so (at least) I can understand it.

Example #1. (9/11 to today) When a "group" of fanatics develop an ideology that the only way to change something is to exterminate it by indiscriminately murdering all those who oppose, there is a chain of events that will happen. IT'S CALLED A WAR ON TERRORISM! (WOT)Now I won't even attempt (in this post) to explain all the reasons why these events have come to pass. "Why" is moot, nadda, kapoot. The only goal these people have is to exterminate me, and I could give a rats ass as to "why". History can ask that question. My current objective, (and I'm not alone here) is to prove to these idiots that this is not going to happen without a fight. "Who" is also moot. I don't give a shit who you are if "you" are my enemy. History, will also record who you are. "Where" is not so moot. So far, free people have chosen to meet you (and your ideology of death) on your hollowed ground. (Many here in USA sit in their little "comfort" zones and deny that this (WOT) could come back to our shores. They will (most likely) be sadly mistaken. Unless there is change. "How" will this change come about? Duh! It's happening right before our eyes. Free democracys and elections in Afghanistan, Iraq, and indeed the yearning for more in many countries around the entire world. Only in a free democratic society can there be resolutions made without the threat of death or extermination of humans. "What" will transpire in this "chain of events"? "When" will we see a semblance of stability?Patience, is not one our good traits these days, and many seem to think this whole thing (WOT) should just go away so we can go back to simpler things to bitch about, like the price of gas, how to eliminate Christmas, who's allowed to own guns (that one really gits my goat), but the simple reality is this is not going to be over tomorrow, the next day, or even the next year. United we Stand? Or will it be divided we fall? Many (on the radikull left) think we should just pack it all in and bring our troops home and let the rest of the world fall to pieces. Then they could all blame this one on GW too. The "kulls" have an agenda that would be perilous to this nation, indeed the entire world, and they just don't get it.

Change is sometimes a good thing (in the long run) Dana.

Time will tell.

Please visit Common Sense Political Thought when you have a chance, (in my opinion) it's good reading. You can even leave a "comment" :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

President Bush......Hits One Out!

On this day that we observe and honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom, President Bush stepped up the the plate and smacked one down the throats of the detractors and dissenters who have insisted on blaming the war on terror and the conflict in Iraq on one man.

"At this hour, a new generation of Americans is defending our flag and our freedom in the first war of this century. This war came to our shores on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. ...We know that they want to strike again and our nation has made a clear choice. We will confront this mortal danger to all humanity. We will not tire or rest until the War on Terror is won."

"As our troops fight a ruthless enemy determined to destroy our way of life, they deserve to know that their elected leaders who voted to send them to war continue to stand behind them," the president said. "Our troops deserve to know that this support will remain firm when the going gets tough. And our troops deserve to know that, whatever our differences in Washington, our will is strong, our nation is united and we will settle for nothing less than victory."

"The stakes in the global war on terror are too high, and the national interest is too important, for politicians to throw out false charges. (Applause.) These baseless attacks send the wrong signal to our troops and to an enemy that is questioning America's will. As our troops fight a ruthless enemy determined to destroy our way of life, they deserve to know that their elected leaders who voted to send them to war continue to stand behind them. (Applause.) Our troops deserve to know that this support will remain firm when the going gets tough. (Applause.) And our troops deserve to know that whatever our differences in Washington, our will is strong, our nation is united, and we will settle for nothing less than victory."

Complete speech here:

And from California Conservative:

From a small town in Pennsylvania, the president came to finally answer critics of an increasingly unpopular war, a war that Democrats hoped would sweep them into office in the next election.

But enough about Lincoln at Gettysburg 142 Novembers ago; let me analyze George Walker Bush’s speech today: CC's complete post here

Bob Krumm asked an interesting question:

"Instead of looking backward to question why we're at war, Democrats should focus on winning by increasing the size of the military, portraying a positive message, supporting not just the troops, but also their mission, and showing the world a united homefront in the midst of war."

There's precedent for this counterintuitive approach--1992. When Bushes win victories abroad, the focus returns quickly to their failures at home. And as far as many Republican voters are concerned, there are domestic deficiencies aplenty in this Bush administration. Just as there were in his father's.

So, Democrats, stop running against the war. You serve only to unite an otherwise disenchanted Republican base. If you take the war off the front page by winning it, Republicans will have to depend on their domestic record for victory. And, unfortunately, there's little there to rally the base.

Mr. Krumm's full post is here

Update: Political Teen has the full vidio

More at 7 & 11

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Repairs,Relationships, and Propositions

Coming Soon.......commonsensepoliticalthought (and the adventures of finding this fine site)

But first I gotta go vote and prepair for some election and proposition reports.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

There's just no other way to put it

As a frequent reader of Captain's Quarters , I had the pleasure of catching a "little" conversation in the comments section between two people on different sides of an issue. I will change the names to protect the innocent, but you will know by the end where I stand and ,(I think) , a strong majority of this country feels as well.

" It's sad that so many of you guys (not all) can't respond to our arguments with anything but insults.

Talking time is over (deleted). The battle has begun. Things are going to get real heated; real quick. If you want to talk and make nice chat chat, you had better stick to your side of the blogosphere. The gloves are off, the helmets are on, and the battle has started. Your questions are just plain stupid. Your answers are even dumber than your questions. You don't get it, and you won't get it even if we play nice chat chat with you for the next ten years.

LA; where's Osama........ CK; Wilson is a LIEING worthless phonie scumbag........

Absolutely no nice way to put it; we have had it with the Liberal destruction of this great country. Bring on the filibuster; bring on the impeachment of our President at a time of war; bring on Howard Dean. No more appeasing Liberalism. There comes a time when words no longer have any meaning; when that time has arrived, it's time for a fight; that time has arrived between Liberalism & Conservatism. Gee let's have a friendly debate; gee can't we all just get along; NOPE, too late now. It's on....."

posted by Keemo

"I believe in the people of this great nation; "
Except for the ones who happen to disagree with you, eh Keemo? Or -- horror of horrors! -- vote Democrat.
Posted by: (deleted) at November 2, 2005 05:09 PM

Complete the theme (name deleted); the vast majority of Americans........................

You are in the minority for a reason (deleted). The vast majority of Americans have voted Republican for more than a few cycles now (deleted). What do you think about that (deleted)? Our system of government works best when we have TWO healthy parties (deleted). I would love to see your party become healthy once again. In order for that to happen, you will need an entire house cleansing, and you will have to stand firmly behind the principles that this country was build upon. You can't attack "God" and religious freedom; you can't attack our constitution and try to sell it away as some kind of "living document"; you can't attack our ability to defend ourselves against enemies, as we will always have enemies as history has shown us; you can't block the people from developing energy; you can't attack and destroy the foundation of marriage; you can't continue to shove this "wealth redistribution" bullshit down our throats; you can't continue to suppress minorities from their God given right to develop and advance. Everything that defines "Liberalism" is not going to sell to the majority of Americans. The event of talk radio, the new media, and Fox News has educated the people Herb; your kind simply are not having much success brain washing the public anymore. Your entire platform needs to collapse in order for your people to rebuild. I hope your kind can accomplish this great task, as our government works best with two healthy parties. But first, we must destroy Liberalism as you know it; & only then will you have a chance for reconstruction. We are in the process of destroying your party by exposing them for what they really are; we are doing our part. If successful, it will then be up to people like you to rebuild on a solid foundation of principle, faith, and honor of American tradition.

Posted by Keemo

I would like everyone to know that these are not my words, but they could be and should be, because the reflect (mirror) my sentiments to the exact word. For the Democratic Party to become healthy again we may have to start with the school system that begins to poison our young minds at a very young age and continues thru college. By the time these kids are out of school they already have a hatred for Conservative ideologies based solely on the cancer spread to them by many teachers and professors. The working stiff got to bypass the indoctrination for a while until their union delegates began to feed them with this same ol' crap that the Democratic Party was their only salvation. (But that is also changing).

Many moderate Democrats are ashamed of their party, but (to this point) have no where to turn. (Or do they?) As my friend (above) has so promptly pointed out "Liberalism" and their cancer are attempting to destroy the very fabric of this countrys values. Conservatives have a proven vaccine.

They are called elections. Better to move to higher ground........there's a landslide coming.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


What I am about to post are the true feelings of what I believe is "right" about this country.

But I must wait for some permissions............ stay tuned.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Refreshing Op-Eds at LA Times

Maybe it is just a co-incedence that since Micheal Kinsley's departure at the LA Times, someone has allowed "right thinking" Op-Eds to be posted. If only the Gray Lady in the east could take note.

October 21, 2005 : Opinion : Commentary DAVID GELERNTER
A history lessonIt may be news to certain senators, but the U.S. always discovers larger, nobler causes in the midst of battle.


THIS WEEK should have been a time of rejoicing in America. On Wednesday, Saddam Hussein went on trial — the ex-master butcher of Iraq, reeking of blood. And last Saturday, the newly freed Iraqi people pulled off a referendum right under the noses of terrorists whose hearts' desire is to blow democracy to bits. The United States — the armed forces especially, and the Bush administration's leadership — is largely responsible for both these amazing developments. Obviously Iraq is still in deadly danger. But if these two events don't call for congratulations, what kind of world events would?

Yet up on Capitol Hill, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had been called before a Senate committee. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) was one of those who questioned her. Boxer was obnoxious and frightening.

She made reference to the Holocaust, offensively. More important, she demonstrated that she doesn't know U.S. history, and she implied that the American people don't either. And she raised an alarming question about contemporary politics. We often hear from Democrats that President Bush's policy in Iraq makes no sense. But how can it make sense to the Barbara Boxers of Congress if they can't understand the explanation?

Rice was defending the administration's conduct of the war when Boxer objected. The administration, Boxer noted (correctly), has changed focus on Iraq. We went to war mainly on account of weapons of mass destruction and international terrorism, she said. But WMD turned out to be a hoax on the whole world, and nowadays we are told that our Iraq mission is gigantic. We plan for a freed Iraq to inspire and stabilize the entire Middle East and to promote democracy everywhere. What kind of bait-and-switch is the administration playing with the American people?

Rice answered that this is the way the world works. For example, we did not go into World War II to build a democratic Germany…. Here Boxer interrupted. World War II, she told Rice curtly, has nothing to do with Iraq. Boxer had lost relatives in the Holocaust. No one had to tell her about World War II.
But Rice's analogy was exactly right. And by the way, using the Holocaust as a bat to beat political enemies over the head is demeaning to Jews and to human dignity. Having lost relatives in the Holocaust does not, in any case, confer expertise in U.S. history.
Democracies rarely declare war to improve the world, as Rice could have explained had she had the chance. They fight to protect themselves, sometimes to fulfill treaty obligations. But once a war is underway, free peoples tend to think things over deeply. Casualties concentrate the mind. We refuse to let our soldiers die for too little. America at war has lifted its sights again and again from danger, self-interest and self-defense to a larger, nobler goal. Same story, war after war. Iraq fits perfectly.

At first, Colonial America made war on Britain to loosen the British grip on commerce and society, not to create an independent state. Only as the war dragged on and costs and casualties mounted did public opinion swing round toward independence. In 1861, the North reluctantly made war on the Confederacy to hold the Union together. President Lincoln was painfully aware that, at the start of the fighting, freedom for the slaves would not have commanded popular support as a cause for war. Only later, as casualties mounted and blood ran in rivers, did freeing the slaves become the Union's ultimate goal.

We marched into World War I behind an idealistic war message from President Wilson to Congress. But the U.S. was in a fighting mood because of Germany's threat to sink unarmed American merchant ships and a German secret message (intercepted by Britain) offering Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to Mexico if it joined Germany against the U.S. Only later did self-determination in Europe and the creation of a League of Nations become American war goals.
Which brings us to World War II. And, of course, Rice is dead right: Once the war was over, we spent years cultivating democracy in Japan and Germany. But we entered the war because Japan attacked us and, four days later, Adolf Hitler declared war on us.
What do we conclude when the secretary of State makes a plain statement of historical fact and a senator won't listen? That it is only natural for demagogues to attack thoughtful, polite officials who are trying hard to tell straight truths about a complicated war. The Boxers of this world ought to be met with single-minded slogans, but no doubt Rice can't see why she should stoop that low.

Americans who don't know history are the demagogue's natural prey. Boxer's statements assume that Americans at large know as little about history as she does. Let's hope it's not true.,0,7993456.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

October 28, 2005 : Opinion : Commentary
Americans won't let Democrats lose Iraq

A FEW DAYS AGO, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) made a speech
urging the U.S., in effect, to get out of Iraq the way we got out of

Leahy told the Senate that we cannot win in Iraq. "It has become
increasingly apparent that the most powerful army in the world
cannot stop a determined insurgency." (U.S. troops, Iraqi troops,
long-suffering Iraqi civilians to Leahy: Thanks, senator, we
needed that.) And Leahy announced that the president must lay
out a public formula to tell the world just when U.S. troops will
leave Iraq. Otherwise, Leahy said, he will urge the Senate to
choke off the war by refusing to fund it. That's how the U.S. finally
lost Vietnam: Congress snuffed out the money.

Be warned, senator: If Democrats become the "let's treat Iraq as
we treated Vietnam" party, the public will turn away in revulsion,
and the Democratic Party will die. It's not in such great shape

Leahy's words lighted up a deep, dark secret that this nation
would rather forget. Defeat in Vietnam was a catastrophe for the
U.S., a body-slam to the nation's self-confidence. It was far worse
for Southeast Asians, who were exiled, imprisoned, tortured and
murdered by their vicious communist conquerors. But for
left-wing Democrats it was a triumph. Forcing the mighty U.S.
military to run away was the greatest victory they have ever
known. That triumph broke a levee that sent a flood of left-wing
ideas pounding across the U.S. landscape.

The 1974 congressional elections were a blow-out victory for
Democrats. Watergate was a big factor, but public exhaustion
with Vietnam (encouraged by the media) helped too. In 1973, the
last U.S. combat troops left Vietnam, but Washington had
promised to support South Vietnam with money and weapons.
Congress refused to pay. In March 1975, President Ford made a
desperate last appeal for funds to keep America's promise.
Congress refused.

In April 1975, all remaining American diplomats and advisors
were pulled out in a frantic, starvation-budget withdrawal. South
Vietnam collapsed. "The decrease in American aid had made it
impossible for Saigon troops to carry out their combat and
force-development plans," North Vietnam's army chief of staff
coolly explained.

When Democrat Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, he had large
congressional majorities to work with. Carter described the
Vietnam War as "moral poverty" in action. One of his first acts
was to pardon all draft evaders — at a time when families were
still mourning soldiers dead in battle.

Carter preached anti-anti-communism: As the U.S. military
deteriorated for lack of funds and confidence, and Cuban troops
with Soviet advisors moved into Angola and Ethiopia, Carter's
secretary of State announced that "to oppose Soviet or Cuban
involvement in Africa would be futile." This was foreign policy as
the left liked it.

At home, too, liberals were happy; conservatives weren't. In the
culture wars, feminism and environmentalism, affirmative action
and the sexual revolution swept the country. Words like honor,
bravery and patriotism were out. "Do your own thing" and
"self-esteem" were in.

MANY OBSERVERS have noticed that Democrats of the left speak
of Iraq as another Vietnam. Few have explained why: Because
Democrats of the left want Iraq to be another Vietnam. Not that
they took pleasure in Vietnamese suffering, but they rejoiced in
the left-wing power surge that transformed the United States in
the aftermath. Naturally, they hope to repeat that experience: to
humiliate Republicans, moderate Democrats and the military by
pinning the label "bloody failure" on another foreign war.
It's not going to happen.

Iraq is nothing like Vietnam, and the public knows it. In the recent
referendum, 63% of Iraqi voters cast ballots. Each vote screamed
defiance at terrorism and defeatism. Each vote told the world that
terrorism will lose and democracy will win, that Iraqis trust the
United States to help protect them against vengeful insurgents
bent on murdering whoever dares to hope and care and vote.
An impressive 78% voted "yes" on the new constitution. Sunni
Muslims said no, but many said it at the ballot box. The
referendum made clear that ordinary people everywhere do want
to govern themselves. Democracy could have worked in Vietnam

This nation will abandon the Democratic Party before it
abandons Iraq.

Polls show American uneasiness about the war. Naturally. The
fighting is dirty and dangerous. But the U.S. is a God-fearing
nation; we are proving that by battling to spread justice. Polls
also suggest that Americans are resolved to fight in Iraq until the
job is done.

Sen. Leahy thinks that he can smell another Vietnam. Not this
time, senator.

History will provide us with how true Mr. Gelernter's opinion will out. I for one hope it comes true, and the Boxer's and Leahy's of the world slither away. Any political party that wishes failure on a country (like Iraq) for political gain will be sadly (or gladly) reminded in future elections.

Friday, October 14, 2005

New Director Appointed to Jazz and Blues Festival

And the new leader is...............four year assistant director of the Monterey Blues Festival, Glenn Maxon. Yes, relation to the ol' "Maxons Music" back in the 70's. Yes the same Glenn Maxon who was the first Humboldt county state champion in high school wrestling. And two weeks later he became the National Greco-Roman champion. All that at the age of 17 or 19. It was hard to tell how old the sucker was. Maxon waited another twenty-five years to get his music production degree a CSU, where his department chair pronounced Glenn the next "Bill Grahm".
(Side note: His daughter graduated the same year at the same school.)

This is just a recorded evolution of music on the north coast and I am sure we will enjoy the talent and product Glenn will bring to us.



UPDATE: Glenn is also getting inducted into the CR Sports Hall of Fame this month.
We should all feel so proud and fortunate.

p.s. ...... I have a history on this feller........ :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Proposal to Break up Ninth Circuit

Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and John Ensign (R-Nev.) have
introduced the Court of Appeals Restructuring and
Modernization Act or CARMA (S. 1845), which is designed to
improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the court by reducing
its size and creating a new Twelfth Circuit. CARMA was also
co-sponsored by Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska).

If I had my druthers I could find a better way to split these idiots up in the Ninth "Short" Circuit. After making the declaration the we are not "One Nation Under God", how could you take anything this bunch of looneys come up with? And to think the get 14,000 cases a year.
This is been going on for far too long.

full story here......

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Analisis of a Justice

I wanna be like Mike.......................

Wednesday, October 05, 2005Applying the Principles of War to Harriet Miers SCOTUS Nomination

Major Mike

MOOSEMUSS. Yes, MOOSEMUSS. That is what came to mind when the discussion amongst the right about the Harriet Miers nomination went into full tilt yesterday…MOOSEMUSS.
Hat tip to Mr. Atos for planting the seed with his Bangalore Torpedo piece, and after all the rancor yesterday, I thought, MOOSEMUSS.

I don’t buy the theory that in an instant, that the President, who incidentally, got the GWOT right, and the John Roberts nomination right, who has Dick Cheney as his VP and Condi Rice as his SOS…blew a gasket and has gotten this completely wrong. I thought…maybe …MOOSEMUSS.

I think that the President had many possible choices here, but I think he chose to be a bit more devious than he is being given credit for. I think he, as Mr. Atos points out, is taking this opportunity to covertly attack the leadership and structure of the Democrat base. Why do I think that? MOOSEMUSS.

MOOSEMUSS is the easily learned acronym that highlights the nine, generally accepted, Principles of War. Notice I didn’t say battle. Battle…a general encounter between armies, ships of war, or airplanes. War…a period of declared and open hostilities. For the uninitiated, fighting wars…protracted periods of combat, and fighting battles…encounters between warring forces, are two entirely different matters and require two entirely different schemes. One, war, requires strategic thinking, and battles, require tactical thinking. These are two entirely different operational levels.

So, when I think MOOSEMUSS, I am not considering the tactical, I am considering the strategic.
Let’s look at the Miers nomination and see if, somehow, the guy who got the GWOT, may also get the Principles of War, when it comes to waging a long term strategic campaign against the Democrats.

M – Mass – Concentrate Combat Power at decisive time and place.
I think the President gets it…this is not the time to force an all out fight with the Democrats…he is not willing to expend all of his political capital in order to push through a more controversial nomination. Let’s chip away until the mid-term election, but let’s don’t give them any additional ammo going into them.

O – Objective – Direct every military operation against a clearly defined, decisive and obtainable objective.
Again, this nomination, while important, is not the final conservative objective…I would view that as the ultimate emasculation of the Democrat Party to the point it is ineffective as an organization. This nomination is an intermediate objective, but not the final objective…no need to expend all of your ammo here.

O – Offensive – Seize, retain and exploit the initiative.
This nomination is a home run here. The Dems were obviously preparing for the worst…basically any other, very conservative judge, they were ready. They would have come out of the box on Monday morning with their canned offensive and dominated the evening news with their media blitz. The President, with this nomination, redefined the fight, put the Dems on defense, and is able to maintain the initiative, against the Democrat party for the foreseeable future. Harry Reid endorsing Miers, is a much a capitulation as it is an endorsement. The President put the Dems on their heels and took away their ammo…

S – Surprise – Strike the enemy at a time, a place and in a manner for which he is unprepared.
See above- Offensive. This move completely disarmed the Dems. They were immediately frozen, and have yet to get any traction on this issue, in any coherent way. This was achieved by coming across with a surprise nomination, not by attacking their prepared defenses.
E - Economy of Force – Allocate minimum combat power to secondary efforts

This is not to diminish the importance of this nomination, but clearly the President’s nominee will be confirmed with about zero political effort. This allows the President to maintain his momentum without getting bogged down with this nomination. Virtually no expenditure of political capital is required.

M – Maneuver - Place the enemy in a position of disadvantage through flexible application of combat power.
Again, suffice it to say that the President did not charge into the Dems main defenses with a nominee that they were anticipating…he went widely around them and gained the offensive advantage as a result. In football terms, he’s off and running on a nifty end-around.

U - Unity of Command – For every objective, ensure unity of effort under on responsible commander.

In the end President Bush will be remembered for a lot of things, this nomination being one of them, but he has demonstrated an overt willingness to accept responsibility for his decisions and stick by them with confidence and certainty. This is what we ask of our leaders, and I see no reason why he should have abdicated responsibility for this choice to the far right, independent legal scholars, or the tooth fairy. In the end this is his choice to make, and all of the MMQBs should sit back and watch the start of the game before predicting gloom and doom. A committee’s choice on this one would have produced slightly different, but equally as contentious commentary.

S – Security – Never permit the enemy to acquire an unexpected advantage.
Without knowing the exact information the Dems had on the “A” list nominees, it would be impossible to know where the fight would head after the nomination was made public. By going to the “A-“ list, the President did not put himself in the position of losing control of the nomination unexpectedly. By surprising the Dems on this one, control of this nomination will remain in the hands of the Republicans.

S – Simplicity – Prepare clear, complicated plans and clear, concise orders to ensure understanding.

An extremely simple plan that out maneuvered and out thought the Dems.

MOOSEMUSS corollary ... perfect can be the enemy of good enough.
In the end, pushing through the “perfect” conservative judge would have likely expended a tremendous amount of political capital…the President’s as well as that of many Senators. Isn’t this plan a bit more palatable in that light. We may still have considerable momentum going into the mid-term elections…remember this is not a single battle.
One last thought…how are the way-Lefties going to respond when the Supreme Court battles they anticipated never materialized, and the mainstream liberal leadership looks ineffective again? Fragmented? Discontented? Disorganized? Inept? I suggest that avoiding a battle here, and out maneuvering the Dems, will cause them more problems than Harriet Miers will ever cause conservative Republicans.

posted by Major Mike at 12:02 PM

Thursday, September 22, 2005

And why do you think Haliburton is up? Maybe just because there have been so much construction going on thruout the whole world? Duh.......git a clue people......the Blame Haliburton, Cheney, and every other republican for the woes of your pain breaks my heart. When there is "demand" for a product and you can supply it, there should be a profit in it. "It" is called capitalism. And it works very well. All of you leftist-pinko-kool-aid drinkers may not even get it in the next election how far and whacko you have gotten from "mainstream" America.

Somebody said to me the other day that they thought one of GW's biggest mistakes was going fishing the day before Katrina hit shore and ripped a whole in this country.

I got to thinkin bout that and I came to the (probable) same solution GW figured. Short of resigning, my president figured it would be the last time he would have for fishin for a very long time. The work was about to begin with no discernible "end" in sight. Would any other president prefer to have a "plate so full"?

Could history say no president (in modern times) has had to take on a "religious" war where our enemy's only goal is to exterminate us. Take on two countrys with nuclear capabilities and be blackmailed into some form of restitution for a so-called rollback, and have mother nature's fury rise up and take a bite out of our motherland? Oh, and in his spare time liberated two countrys that have lived in tyranny for much a generation.

Is our presidents plate full? You bet! Will he, with the help of all of us try (attempt to try) to get thru this? I think it is time for the left and the right to both sit down to the table and git a "platefull". It would show the character and resolve of this nation, (under God), and indivisible.

Oh yeah, go fishin first. It might be a while for you git to go again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Safe and Sound (The Landing)

Kevin Aylward over at Wizbang just did a whale of a "live" blog on the Jet Blue flight rerouted to LA international.

I'm thinkin' the feller that set that plane down deserves somthin' special in his Christmas bonus.
I'm also thinkin the reason it took so long for the passengers to dissembark was cause every one of them wanted to give the pilot a personnel hug. ? Ya think? I know I would (at least) like to shake the man's hand. Don't ya love a good ending?

Full story here

Monday, September 19, 2005

N. Korea Pledges to Drop Nuclear Arms

Monday, September 19, 2005Fox News/AP

BEIJING — North Korea pledged to drop its nuclear weapons development and rejoin international arms treaties in a unanimous agreement Monday with other countries at six-party arms talks (search). The joint statement was the first ever after more than two years of negotiations.

The North "promised to drop all nuclear weapons and current nuclear programs and to get back to the (Nuclear) Nonproliferation Treaty as soon as possible and to accept inspections" by the International Atomic Energy Agency (search), according to the agreement by the six countries at the talks.

"All six parties emphasized that to realize the inspectable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is the target of the six-party talks," the statement said.
The North and United States also pledged in the agreement to respect each other's sovereignty and right to peaceful coexistence, and also to take steps to normalize relations.

"The United States affirmed that it has no nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula and has no intention to attack or invade (North Korea) with nuclear or conventional weapons," according to the statement, assurances echoed by South Korea.

Negotiators agreed to hold more talks in November, where they were expected to move on to concrete discussions about implementing the broad principles outlined in Monday's agreement. The main U.S. envoy, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill (search), has warned that could still be a long process.,2933,169731,00.html

Now all we need is for Iran to follow suit, the Palestinians to "reconize" Isreal, OBL and al-Zarqawi to shrivel up or die, allowing out troops to come home, and Cindy can go home and morn her son in peace. Then we can all concentrate on re-building the Gulf Coast, maintaining the presence of God (in our culture), and, (what the hell) world peace.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blame Game Running it's Gamut

The Democrats continue to self-destruct in so many ways. Used to be the moderates had and used common sense representing their constituents. They gotta be getting nervous with the direction and choices the the "extreme" left has taken. With the latest polls showing only 13% of the country really think the President is responsible for the poor response in the disaster of Katrina, the left continues to spew the "blame it on Bush" game. Now they are starting to look pretty silly with all these false accusations. Seems to be getting obvious that the responsibility started from the local level up. Not the top down. But the Dems have been upside down since '94 and haven't seen much straight since.

Wes Pruden, over at the Washington Times sums up the Democrats meltdown:

"But as appalling as the behavior of the churlish, the thuggish and the barbaric has been, the behavior of our politicians is worse. The politicians, who have the excuse of neither poverty nor ignorance, deliberately exploit the misery of others for personal gain. The early rebukes of the mayor, the governor and the president got things moving, but with that accomplished you might think that for once we're neither black nor white, liberal nor conservative, Republican nor Democrat, but Americans eager to help other Americans.

When Rep. Diane Watson of California said "desperate people do desperate things," she was "explaining" looters, robbers and rapists in the Big Easy, but she might have been talking about her Democratic colleagues in Washington. None of the mudballs they've thrown at George W. connect; most Americans don't blame presidents for hurricanes. When Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. asked, "Who are we to say what law and order should be in this unspeakable environment?" he only reveals that he never listened in Sunday school. Lawlessness and disorder, whether by lynch mobs or by roaming robbers and rapists, is wrong. Democratic frustration runs at flood tide, with no relief in sight. " Complete story here.

To make matters worse, the left out in California try to run an end round the will of the electorate by passing a gay marriage bill even after prop 22 in 2000 dictated how the people of California felt about the definition, and the institution of marriage. This legislation will be vetoed by Schwarzenegger, (which I believe was the whole plan to alienate some of his perceived base), but the Dems may even see this one backfire come election time. Debra J. Saunders has a great post on the subject in the SF Chronicle called "A marriage of convenience".

Her first two paragraphs sum up the most upsetting part of this legislation:

"IN PASSING a law to legalize same-sex marriages, Democrats in the Legislature sent a clear message to California voters: You don't count. And I say that as someone who was in the minority in 2000. I voted against Proposition 22, an initiative that outlawed same-sex marriage, but 61 percent of state voters supported the measure.

On the one hand, it was courageous for Democrats -- only Dems, but not all Dems, voted for the same-sex marriage bill introduced by Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco -- to ignore the will of the voters and vote their conscience. But the vote also was arrogant, because it flouted California law. " Read the whole story here.

Pelosi Wins Parks and Flood Control Funding for San FranciscoThursday, July 28, 2005

"With these funds, the Maritime Park can protect this striking local landmark from the wear and tear of time and weather, preserving it for future generations to enjoy," Pelosi said.

"Residents of Shotwell Street have suffered chronic flooding for years, with water rising several feet into their homes following heavy rains. It's time to fix the problem," Pelosi said.

I sure hope the folks on Shotwell Street don't have the same problems as the folks on Bourbon Street. Instead of Pelosi making a jackass of herself accusing the President of failures, she might want to make sure the money is spent properly in her own district. It appears the Democrats in Louisiana had that problem.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

David Brooks (In la la land)

Our dear Mr. Brooks, from the New York Times is dreaming. (Again) Brooks starts with a comparison of 911 vrs New Orleans and misses "poorly" (pun intended).

"On Sept. 11, Rudy Giuliani took control. The government response was quick and decisive. The rich and poor suffered alike. Americans had been hit, but felt united and strong. Public confidence in institutions surged."

I'm not sure where Brooks standards of "poor" are but I seriously doubt many poor people perished in Manhattan that day, so his next paragraph becomes moot, but I will continue for the sake of his lunacy.

"Last week in New Orleans, by contrast, nobody took control. Authority was diffuse and action was ineffective. The rich escaped while the poor were abandoned. Leaders spun while looters rampaged. Partisans squabbled while the nation was ashamed."

Lt. Gen. Carl Strock, commander of the Army Corps of Engineers, responding to criticism that the federal response has been slow and inadequate, said the destruction of communications lines and transportation routes made it very difficult to determine exactly where help was needed and to get workers and supplies there.

"Our biggest problem is communications," he said, noting that cellular phone towers were all knocked out, making it nearly impossible for citizens in need to call for help. "We have to know where to drop (supplies) and what to drop."

While the people with the means of transportation exited (with the advice from authorities), there was obviously no plan in place (by any local or state government) to assist in the evacuation for those who had no means. All those school buses locked up in a yard would have gone a long way in assisting the poor. Again, the lack of communication seems to be the vital point in contributing to the disaster.

But let's get back to Mr. Brooks B.S. :

"Over the past few years, we have seen intelligence failures in the inability to prevent Sept. 11 and find W.M.D.'s in Iraq. We have seen incompetent postwar planning. We have seen the collapse of Enron and corruption scandals on Wall Street. We have seen scandals at our leading magazines and newspapers, steroids in baseball, the horror of Abu Ghraib."

Hey David, did ya forget to mention over twenty million people who have been suffering for decades in two countrys have been liberated? And is it troubling for you to report that this administration took us from the perils of 911 to one of the stongest economic rebounds in the history of this country? The "scandals" at our "leading" mags and newspapers continues in your current article.

"It's already clear this will be known as the grueling decade, the Hobbesian decade. Americans have had to acknowledge dark realities that it is not in our nature to readily acknowledge: the thin veneer of civilization, the elemental violence in human nature, the lurking ferocity of the environment, the limitations on what we can plan and know, the cumbersome reactions of bureaucracies, the uncertain progress good makes over evil. "

Mr. Brooks thinks these challenges and disasters will bring this country to it's knees and the only solution (he wishes) is for a wholesale change from the top down. I disagree. His "ivory tower" mentality will continue spew this doom and gloom that only a progressive liberal society can repair. The "blame Bush" crowd will fall on deaf ears when the average person (rich and poor) rise up the the challenges that face us ahead. The entire gulf region will be rebuilt for obvious reasons; prosperity (by getting in and getting our hands dirty), the generosity from those who give and expect nothing in return, and our heritage and history demands it.

Again Mr. Brooks and the left have underestimated (and attempted to undermine) the power and resolve of the people of this country. This is still America David. Americans will overcome, improvise, rebuild, and rise again to the standard of living we have all become accustomed to.
The size of the pocketbook or the color of our skin will not matter to most of us. Only the opinions of a few, (like this one) will hamper our recovery. "The Bursting Point" is in your brain
David, not mine.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So Good to Hear From Her

Just recieved an e-mail from a distant friend in Austrailia.........cant wait to hear how life is treating this fine lady.......updates may be private....

Welcome home Chrys

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Questions for the "Extreme Left"

This has so many serious questions and I would love to hear a good debate from both sides of the political spectrum. Many thanks to Jay Reding for this essay:

The Defeatists

Christopher Hitchens has yet another brilliantly contrarian pice in Salon on the Iraq war. He asks the most critical question of the current time: does the antiwar side want us to lose in Iraq?
How can so many people watch this as if they were spectators, handicapping and rating the successes and failures from some imagined position of neutrality? Do they suppose that a defeat in Iraq would be a defeat only for the Bush administration? The United States is awash in human rights groups, feminist organizations, ecological foundations, and committees for the rights of minorities. How come there is not a huge voluntary effort to help and to publicize the efforts to find the hundreds of thousands of “missing” Iraqis, to support Iraqi women’s battle against fundamentalists, to assist in the recuperation of the marsh Arab wetlands, and to underwrite the struggle of the Kurds, the largest stateless people in the Middle East? Is Abu Ghraib really the only subject that interests our humanitarians?

I don’t think the left really gives a damn about the Iraqi people. Not anymore. They were perfectly content to use them as political pawns, lamenting the sanctions regime that was supposedly killing thousands every year - and that has not changed. To the left, the intrinsic worth of the Iraqi people is only in the fact that they can be used to achieve their political ends. The fact that they’re being murdered en masse by foreign jihadis and fascists really doesn’t seem to concern the self-righteous stewards of international law and peace.

For instance, how much ink and hot air have been spewed forth over Abu Ghraib compared to the token condemnations of terrorism in Iraq? Abu Ghraib, as reprehensible as it was, is nothing compared to the daily atrocities of the head-lopping child murderers of al-Qaeda in Iraq.
And yet where are the vigorous condemnations of that? Where is the equivalent to groups like Spirit of America? Where are the human rights groups when it comes to defending the fundamental and crucial right of the Iraqi people to be free of terrorism?
Suspiciously quiet, it would seem.

It is quite clear that the antiwar side thinks that their war against the Bush Administration outweighs civilization’s war against Islamofascist barbarism. The values of human rights should be universal values, and even if the antiwar side had principled arguments against the war when it began, the demands that the United States leave the Iraqi people to the wolves is either incredibly na├»ve or motivated by a horrendously twisted moral logic.

Hitchens continues:

Question: Why have several large American cities not already announced that they are going to become sister cities with Baghdad and help raise money and awareness to aid Dr. Tamimi? When I put this question to a number of serious anti-war friends, their answer was to the effect that it’s the job of the administration to allocate the money, so that there’s little room or need for civic action. I find this difficult to credit: For day after day last month I could not escape the news of the gigantic “Live 8″ enterprise, which urged governments to do more along existing lines by way of debt relief and aid for Africa. Isn’t there a single drop of solidarity and compassion left over for the people of Iraq, after three decades of tyranny, war, and sanctions and now an assault from the vilest movement on the face of the planet? Unless someone gives me a persuasive reason to think otherwise, my provisional conclusion is that the human rights and charitable “communities” have taken a pass on Iraq for political reasons that are not very creditable.

Hitchens is correct - the Iraqi people are just pawns to the antiwar movement at this point. The constant defeatist rhetoric from the left betrays the complete and utter lack of principle behind the antiwar movement - they want Iraq to fail because then they can bask in their own self-superiority and wag their fingers at those evil “neocons” who dared to violate their pet project of subjugating all authority to the hopelessly corrupt United Nations.
And if that failure should cost a few thousand or a few million Iraqi lives? Well, the antiwar movement can then blame that on the US as well.

If the antiwar movement really gave a damn about the people of Iraq or the values of human rights, justice, and tolerance, they’ve be helping in Iraq. They’d be donating tons of food, holding benefit concerts for the Iraqi people, sending humanitarian workers to places like Baghdad and Basra to help restore Iraq’s shattered infrastructure and teach the basic values of democracy and pluralism.

But what has the left done for Iraq? At best they’ve sat on the sideline and bitched. At worst, they volunteered themselves to become “human shields” to protect the very regime that was raping and murdering the people of Iraq by the score.
In 1942, George Orwell wrote this passage in Partisan Review about British pacifists that applies just as well to the antiwar movement of today:

"Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help out that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one. In practice, ‘he that is not with me is against me.’

The left has to ask themselves where they chose to stand. Do they stand with Zarqawi’s brutal murderers, the Ba’athist thugs leftover from the tyrannical Hussein regime, and the radical right-wing Islamic fundamentalists who want to indiscriminately murder women, gays, and anyone else who doesn’t submit to their fundamentalist version of Islam or do they wish to stand on the side of a free and independent Iraq in which women have full political rights, Iraq’s various ethic groups live in peace, and dissent and freedom of expression is encouraged? The idea that they can stand on the fence has long since passed.

One can make a credible humanitarian argument that the war shouldn’t have happened. However, that doesn’t earn anyone the right to cheerlead for failure in Iraq. The left constantly whines that even though they don’t support the war they’re not for the other side - Orwell was right, that isn’t a defensible position.

Those who sit on the sidelines and do nothing but complain and spout the language of defeat and ignominious appeasement are the useful idiots of the enemy. Dissent is not a substitute for real patriotism, and arguments have consequences. It is time for the antiwar side to stop trying to run from the consequences of their positions and finally state which side they wish to be on.
August 9th, 2005 at 09:30 am

(For the Record, I agree with this essay 99.9999%.........there's always room for a questionable statement, but none here that I can find. The bottom line is the "extreme left" hate our President so much, they would prefer to see him fail even at the peril and devastion of a nation yearning to be free. How sad is that?