Thursday, September 22, 2005

And why do you think Haliburton is up? Maybe just because there have been so much construction going on thruout the whole world? Duh.......git a clue people......the Blame Haliburton, Cheney, and every other republican for the woes of your pain breaks my heart. When there is "demand" for a product and you can supply it, there should be a profit in it. "It" is called capitalism. And it works very well. All of you leftist-pinko-kool-aid drinkers may not even get it in the next election how far and whacko you have gotten from "mainstream" America.

Somebody said to me the other day that they thought one of GW's biggest mistakes was going fishing the day before Katrina hit shore and ripped a whole in this country.

I got to thinkin bout that and I came to the (probable) same solution GW figured. Short of resigning, my president figured it would be the last time he would have for fishin for a very long time. The work was about to begin with no discernible "end" in sight. Would any other president prefer to have a "plate so full"?

Could history say no president (in modern times) has had to take on a "religious" war where our enemy's only goal is to exterminate us. Take on two countrys with nuclear capabilities and be blackmailed into some form of restitution for a so-called rollback, and have mother nature's fury rise up and take a bite out of our motherland? Oh, and in his spare time liberated two countrys that have lived in tyranny for much a generation.

Is our presidents plate full? You bet! Will he, with the help of all of us try (attempt to try) to get thru this? I think it is time for the left and the right to both sit down to the table and git a "platefull". It would show the character and resolve of this nation, (under God), and indivisible.

Oh yeah, go fishin first. It might be a while for you git to go again.

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