Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sour Grapes For Establishment Republicans

Isn’t if funny that just a few months ago no one even considered the possibility that Republicans could take over the Senate. Suddenly, the power-brokers in Washington see the “perfect storm” where, if every primary goes their way, Republicans “could” win ten seats and presto, win control of the Senate and the House.

Pat Buchanan may have said it best this morning---”You can’t say to the Tea Party, “yes, we love your energy, we love your commitments, and we love your ability to motivate the masses to reach the polls”---BUT, we’re only going to back those who are sure bets in November……”

What Karl Rove and the NRSC did last night in the face of an overwhelming Primary victory, was not only despicable, it was embarrassing. Karl Rove’s ranting on Hannity about Christine O’Donnell’s victory over Mike Castle did nothing to unite the “Big Tent” analogy the Republican Party is trying to achieve. In fact, Rove’s embarrassing rant further divided the Party. Yes, this is Delaware. Yes, O’Donnell’s chances are indeed slim at winning a majority in a clearly “blue state”. But, it was Delaware Republicans that spoke last night, and the answer is NO, we do not support the status quo or candidates who consistently vote against the will of the people. Incumbency is not an asset in either party.

But the egg is on the faces of the beltway Republicans, aka the “Republican Leaders”, aka “establishment Republicans”. Their simple-minded plan did not go as designed and the sour grapes are a stain on the party as a whole. Some one in the Hot Air post said last night, “this is not how the system is supposed to work in a Republican Primary” and it just plain wrong for folks like Karl Rove can’t read the tea leaves of change from the status quo” (paraphrasing).

From a commenter at The Hill website:

"If the Republican party doesn't back O'Donnell, you will find thousands of Republicans going Independent. They want to play games with their constituents, we'll show them what a conservative really is. We are tired of these Republican power mongers who make careers out of getting more power without thinking of who they are working for and what they represent. We don't want anymore lawyers, beltway politicians who do not have their pulse on what the public wants and who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Too many politicians are entrenched in Washington who need to get back to Reagan values and beliefs! Beware Republican National Committee who I am a member of, what you choose to do because all eyes are upon you. We are watching you!" BY Reneeca on 09/14/2010 at 23:35

Indeed “all eyes are on the NRSC”, their “leadership”, and the “establishment Republicans”. They are the ones who may have to re-think just how to include Tea Party candidates into the fold. And this conversation is hardly over.

(On a personal note):

Never in my lifetime have I been so elated and ashamed of the Republican Party. On a night that should be celebrated for sending the pure message to establishment Republicans that the grassroots folks have had far enough of the good ol’ boy beltway dinosaurs, what do idiots like Karl Rove and the National Republican Senatorial Committee do? They not only have the gall to refuse to send congratulations to A REPUBLICAN PRIMARY CAMPAIGN WINNER, these morons go to the TV and Media to denounce the winner (and in the NRSC’s case, they have to announce they will not spend a dime on O’Donnell.