Saturday, September 30, 2006

Political Trash and The "Garbage-In" Syndrome

George Soros is claiming to refrain from politics and put more energy into policy, what ever that means.



September 29, 2006 --

Billionaire liberal financier George Soros, who spent millions of his fortune trying to oust President Bush in 2004, yesterday said he hopes to stay out of politics from now on. "In the future, I'd very much like to get disengaged from politics," Soros said at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting on the Upper East Side. "I'm interested in policy and not in politics."

So does this mean we can stop tracking all the money Georgie? This would be one of the biggest blows to the democratic party since they put Howard Dean in charge of the money-machine, but don't expect Soros to exit politically. His dollars just may not be so transparent. And how does George intend to go about influencing policy?

Woodward Watch

DAVID E. SANGER at the Al-New York Times gets to throw the first punch at the president in a preview of Bob Woodward's book of horrors:

WASHINGTON, Sept. 28 The White House ignored an urgent warning in September 2003 from a top Iraq adviser who said that thousands of additional American troops were desperately needed to quell the insurgency there, according to a new book by Bob Woodward, the Washington Post reporter and author. The book describes a White House riven by dysfunction and division over the war.

The warning is described in State of Denial, scheduled for publication on Monday by Simon & Schuster. The book says President Bush's top advisers were often at odds among themselves, and sometimes were barely on speaking terms, but shared a tendency to dismiss as too pessimistic assessments from American commanders and others about the situation in Iraq.

The only people in a "State of Denial" are liberal minions such as BW, and media whores who deny that we are in a war. A war in which our enemy has no rules, no uniforms, and so filled with hatred and jeolousy of our prosperous (insert economic news) love for life.

Side-note: Because BW says it's true, then it must be gospel. Right! This ought to keep the left and the MSM busy for weeks publishing excerpts from Woody's book, while he is laughing all the way to the bank. The only problem is Woodward is just a glorified Micky Moore. Woodward thinks this is still seventies where when it was "written" there were no challenges to the truth. Fake but accurate ring a bell? We won't have to waste a dime on his book, the MSM will publish all the pertinent stuff. Keep feeding the terrorist-machine Bob, it's your patriotic duty.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Power-Brokers Dinner

President Bush had dinner last night with the two leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan who haven't been seen as "friends", but the two do share a common goal of stamping out terrorism in their respective countrys.

"We're proud to have you here, Mr. President," Mr. Bush said to Gen. Musharraf, who replied quietly, "My pleasure." "Proud to have you here, Mr. President," Mr. Bush said to Mr. Karzai. "Thanks very much," the Afghan leader said. Mr. Bush offered words of praise for the two leaders, who have been engaged in an increasingly belligerent exchange of words.

Mr. Bush offered words of praise for the two leaders, who have been engaged in an increasingly belligerent exchange of words.

"These two men are personal friends of mine; they are strong leaders who have an understanding of the world in which we live; they understand that the forces of moderation are being challenged by extremists and radicals."

Joining the three leaders at dinner -- billed an "iftar," a meal that breaks the dawn-to-dusk fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, because Gen. Musharraf and Mr. Karzai are Muslim -- were Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and National Security Adviser Stephen J. Hadley. The two nations' ambassadors to the U.S. also attended.

If anything, the dinner and the appearance of the three leaders on the front porch of the White House is showing the world that President Bush has some serious allies in the middle east. With the president and his "other guest" attending, one would also assume leaders of our nation were also taking notice. Hey, look, the war-monger can use diplomacy. But don't expect the MSM or the nutty left to notice that.

Note: (photo and story via Washington Times)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Peace through strength (via Washington Times)

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld addressed the annual Keeper of the Flame award dinner Wednesday night at a black-tie affair in Union Station's East Hall. Mr. Rumsfeld reminded the several hundred guests, including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace, and NATO commander Gen. Jim Jones about Winston Churchill's remark after the successful evacuation of British troops from the continent at Dunkirk. "Churchill said in the Parliament very simply, 'Wars are not won by evacuations.' And we need to remember that today," Mr. Rumsfeld said. "They're not won by retreat or wishful thinking. They're won by determination, they're won by understanding the nature of the enemies we face, and the consequences, I would say the dire consequences of failing to understand them or failing to defeat them." Mr. Rumsfeld said he met recently with former British Prime Minister Lady Margaret Thatcher, who he noted had been criticized for her outspoken advocacy of "peace through strength," which was the motto for the evening's host, the Center for Security Policy. The dinner honored Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, along with five veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Clinton tried and failed: (via U-Tube)

By Michelle Malkin
The Associated Press proudly calls itself the "essential global news network" and a "bastion of the people's right to know around the world." But when it comes to the "people's right to know" whether Associated Press employees are cooperating with terrorists overseas, the "essential global news network's" motto is: Bug off.

The October Surprise on CQ: Read full post here and read the comments.

Also from Captains Quarters: NIE: Ending 12-Year Iraqi Quagmire Made Terrorism Worse

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

President Bush Nails It

President Bush nailed his speech to the United Nations addressing each nation of the middle East with conviction and hope. The President also denounced those who would exploit Islam as a propaganda tool: via Fox News

NEW YORK — In an appeal to the people of the broader Middle East, President Bush said Tuesday that voice must be given to the hopes of decent people in the region who want a peaceful and prosperous future for their children, and denounced those who would exploit Islam as a propaganda tool.

"This propaganda is false and its purpose is to confuse you and justify acts of terror. We respect Islam, but we will protect our people from those who pervert Islam to sow death and destruction," Bush told diplomats attending the U.N. General Assembly.

Note: (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Updates Developing.............

Monday, September 18, 2006

WHAT IF?.........

What if, one day, all of the Islamist, Jihadist, Hamas, Hezbollas, and all other Moslems who murder innocent infidels in the name of Allah, just woke up one morning and decided to take the day off? That's right! Take the day off from killing, just went to morning prayer and decided, "I don't feel like bloodshed and mayhem today, so I'll just take the day off." Would Allah be pissed? You know Allah, the father of Islam, the religion of peaceful, accepting, tolerant, and loving ways. Would Allah say "No, you may not take a day off from suicide, murder, and mayhem." "You must kill every day of your life here." "Death of the infidels must be your mission in life and there are NO days off." Would Allah understand if many were so tired of the bloodshed, they just needed a day off?

Better yet, what if all party’s in this struggle, the west, middle east, indeed all regions that wake up in the morning with a weapon beside them just decided to take the day off? Call it a "Life Day". One day, across the whole world, everyone chooses life over death. And, if this one day worked out, everyone decided to try it for a whole week-end. Remember not so long ago when our family’s used to take the weekend off and go do something positively delightful together? Our family used to drive fifteen miles up to Folsom Lake and go swimming, catch perch and bass, and sit around the camp spot and play cards or just read a book. Oh, yeah, we also decided not to kill that whole weekend. Yep, left the weapons at home and simply made up our minds that this would be a "no kill weekend".

I really miss those weekends.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Conservatives Out-breeding Liberals

From the San Francisco Chronicle (another common liberal newspaper) Insight Staff Writer Vicki Haddock writes an article that is good news for Republicans:

Republicans' fertile future: Through the past three decades, conservatives have been procreating more than liberals.

If you're a liberal, here's what you can do to make Karl Rove a very happy man: Get yourself a labradoodle. Or any other kind of dog, for that matter. Even a cat will do. Just don't have children.

That way you'll maintain a fertility gap that already is invisibly working to guarantee the political right will outnumber the left by an ever-growing margin. Over the past three decades, conservatives have been procreating more than liberals -- continuing to seed the future with their genes by filling bassinets coast to coast with tiny Future Republicans of America.

Take a randomly selected sample of 100 liberal adults and 100 conservative adults. According to an analysis of the 2004 General Social Survey -- a bible of data for social scientists -- the liberals would have had 147 kids, while the conservatives would have had 208. That's a fertility gap of 41 percent. Even adjusting for other variables like age and income, there is a gap of 19

I'd say the future's looking brighter every day/night for our conservative party. Now if we can just find a way to speed up the process. Where's "Bob" when ya need him?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rules of Engagement

While we, as a nation, continue to soften our resolve with how we fight against an ideology of terrorist that HAVE AND ABIDE BY NO RULES, and wear no uniforms, represent no country, murder the innocent by suicidal means, our "leaders" in our legislative branch of our government are playing political games on how these terrorist are dealt with when captured. That these same terrorist who torture and slit the throats of their captured should be treated
with the same dignity and rules of the Geneva Convention is totally ridiculous and insane. The argument that these directives will some how denigrate how this nation is perceived by the rest of the world is also benign.

Is setting a standard by which we deal with an unrelenting ideology wrong? If we cannot or choose not to set these standards, who does ?The ability to interrogate and prosecute these madmen who abide by NO RULES is being marginalized by our leaders in the Senate. Mr. Warner, McCain, and Graham are so worried about the worlds view on how these terrorist are treated, (and how they are perceived by their electorate), these people are bowing to the political correctness that would re-elect them at the peril of our own destiny.

What part about being at war isn't understood? Is it possible we have become a nation that has not the fortitude to prosecute this war to win? Will sixty year old rules of engagement created by those who wore uniforms be the guiding lines we must abide by today? The complicated framework of how we resolve this may be the deciding factor on how we defeat our enemies. Or how they defeat us.

Or do we just let the liberal lawyers run this war?

Monday, September 11, 2006


For those who went to work that day with dreams of tomorrow.......for their loved ones who lost them, I bow my head in prayer.

Although we all lost much that day, only those who were too close can feel the real pain inflicted upon them. In their own time, may they find the peace of heart they deserve. We will never forget you.

Ken Crumley (aka Rovin)

And now for the News:

Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami, in a speech at Harvard University, condemned Osama bin Laden for committing crimes in the name of Islam and said Jews have the right to live peacefully, but he skirted the issue of whether they have the right to do so in their state of Israel.In response to a question about the notion of suicide bombers gaining entry to heaven as reward for their martyrdom, Khatami said, "Those who put others through hell will never go to heaven." Link

State of Terrorism Address

What would Osama bin Laden say to jihadists five years later?By Brian Michael Jenkins, BRIAN MICHAEL JENKINS has studied terrorism for more than 30 years at the Rand Corp., a nonprofit research organization. He is the author of "Unconquerable Nation."September 11, 2006

OSAMA BIN LADEN has issued many audio- and videotapes to spread his message. But what might he tell his most loyal followers about the state of the global war against the infidels five years after 9/11?

What follows is that fictional speech, using his jihadist ideology as the guide. The sentiments are based on the views Bin Laden is believed to hold. My purpose here is not to parrot Al Qaeda propaganda, but to better understand why it has been so difficult to dent the determination of the jihadists.

"The five years since 9/11 have been difficult. Our Taliban protectors in Afghanistan have been overthrown, our training centers there dispersed and thousands of jihadist brothers worldwide have been thrown into dungeons where the infidels and their henchmen probably tortured them. Our communications are vulnerable to interception. We no longer can move large sums of money easily. Every border crossing is more risky. We face martyrdom daily. READ IT ALL

For all or many of my friends on the left who have gotten in such a lather about ABC's "Path to 9/11", GET OVER IT! I'm not even going to waste my time going thru all the crappola you hippo-crites accepted from the likes of Moore, Gore, and the MSM as the simple "truth".

Oh, and so those of you who are still on the "Bush-Lied" gravey-train, please try out this short vidio and I will wait for your response.

The Anchoress has a great round-up of many of todays news with all the links and more:

Have a great day and God Bless You.................Rovin

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Path to 9/11

While the left will attempt to "google-bomb" this mini-series because this movie will portray the democrats and Bill Clinton in a bad light in fighting terrorism, I will reserve this space for updates and reviews. Path to 9/11 storys can be found here and here.

Here come the comments:

Wow! Talk about people who feel free to make criticisms of something they haven’t seen. As someone who has previewed it, who is neither a liberal OR conservative I must say it gave a different view. Shame on you all for the judgement you feel so free to pass along. So the liberal (and yes it is liberal) media has rogue among them who chooses to show something from the other side… yes boycott them… but remember that is about all you should be calling for in your reaction because after all… Farenheit 911 etc has time and time again shown the other side and no one called for censorship. Use your power of the dollar… don’t watch, but don’t bitch if you don’t watch it
Comment by Jessy — September 7, 2006 @ 6:31 pm

Wow the headline screams in rage over the blog being pulled… but it’s ok to censor the film?At what point do we apply our values???I’m all for free speech, after Bill tells them to tone it down.Show me that First Amendment thingy…. oh never mind…where’s that petition so that I can sign off my dissaproval of somthing Iv’e not seen.Its so confussing….Mabe I’ll just try to let someone else do my thinking….I’m at a loss as when to apply my core beliefs….Poof Comment by seaweaver — September 7, 2006 @ 8:10 pm

And then (of course) we had this nutcase comment:

It’s amazing that people can look at the video footage of 9/11 and not see the same thing. Like not seeing plane wreckage in the Pentagon. Or not see plane wreckage in Pa. Do you really think they just melted away? And as far as not getting attacked again. Don’t worry Bush and “The Dick” Cheney will attack us again and soon.Thats why they have been telling us this last month that the boogieman is still out there. I think a nice October surprise is in the making. It will creat a draft, and it will give the neo-cons more power to claim “National Security” and the November elections will be postponed till further notice. That is so the Democrats won’t have the majority and no impeachment trials will take place. And as far as this docudrama it’s probably bullshit anyway. Just like the movie Flight 93 was a “make you feel good story” and WTC movie too. Comment by The Decider — September 5, 2006 @ 10:28 am

I agree with most all of you! Never. ever, ever watch ABC again. This will drive them into the sewer and they will have to accept money from the same advertising entities that do so well on Fox cable. By god, them damn ABC conservatives will… actually prosper. Must be some damn Carl Rove conspir…wait, got tin foil in my mouth, hurts fillings….there. better… and did I mention that Dick Cheney is reported to own a TV that will actually be able to pick up this ABC illegal transmission? We all know that this conspir……wait, more tinfoil…. that’s better….we all know that Dick Cheney will use this undocumentery as an excuse to launch cruise missiles on the Clinton Library.
Comment by Uncomfortable truth — September 5, 2006 @ 2:48 am
UPDATE: Jay Tea at Wizbang has an excellent post.......... and check out the comments.