Monday, September 11, 2006


For those who went to work that day with dreams of tomorrow.......for their loved ones who lost them, I bow my head in prayer.

Although we all lost much that day, only those who were too close can feel the real pain inflicted upon them. In their own time, may they find the peace of heart they deserve. We will never forget you.

Ken Crumley (aka Rovin)

And now for the News:

Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami, in a speech at Harvard University, condemned Osama bin Laden for committing crimes in the name of Islam and said Jews have the right to live peacefully, but he skirted the issue of whether they have the right to do so in their state of Israel.In response to a question about the notion of suicide bombers gaining entry to heaven as reward for their martyrdom, Khatami said, "Those who put others through hell will never go to heaven." Link

State of Terrorism Address

What would Osama bin Laden say to jihadists five years later?By Brian Michael Jenkins, BRIAN MICHAEL JENKINS has studied terrorism for more than 30 years at the Rand Corp., a nonprofit research organization. He is the author of "Unconquerable Nation."September 11, 2006

OSAMA BIN LADEN has issued many audio- and videotapes to spread his message. But what might he tell his most loyal followers about the state of the global war against the infidels five years after 9/11?

What follows is that fictional speech, using his jihadist ideology as the guide. The sentiments are based on the views Bin Laden is believed to hold. My purpose here is not to parrot Al Qaeda propaganda, but to better understand why it has been so difficult to dent the determination of the jihadists.

"The five years since 9/11 have been difficult. Our Taliban protectors in Afghanistan have been overthrown, our training centers there dispersed and thousands of jihadist brothers worldwide have been thrown into dungeons where the infidels and their henchmen probably tortured them. Our communications are vulnerable to interception. We no longer can move large sums of money easily. Every border crossing is more risky. We face martyrdom daily. READ IT ALL

For all or many of my friends on the left who have gotten in such a lather about ABC's "Path to 9/11", GET OVER IT! I'm not even going to waste my time going thru all the crappola you hippo-crites accepted from the likes of Moore, Gore, and the MSM as the simple "truth".

Oh, and so those of you who are still on the "Bush-Lied" gravey-train, please try out this short vidio and I will wait for your response.

The Anchoress has a great round-up of many of todays news with all the links and more:

Have a great day and God Bless You.................Rovin

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