Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Defining Moment

It wasn't the first quarter surge. It wasn't the 21 point lead that saw the Kings firing on all cylinders for the first time in the series. No, it was when the Sonics made their run and got within seven points. Everyone there new Mike Bibby was "in the game", but when he took the ball and drove straight down the lane, drew the foul and completed the three-point play, Bibby was making a "statement". It was deliberate and defining. The Sonics knew it. The Kings players knew it. If this game was anybodys for the taking, Bibby was taking it. And the whole team responded as a "team" and finish the Sonics off like they used to when they knew it was their game to win. The Kings may or may not win this series, but they won this game as a complete unit. And that was fun to watch.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Guess Who's Graduating?

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According to world-wide statistics, one niece graduates every once in a while that you are so proud of, you just want everbody to know it. On May 20th of this year at San Diego State one of those proud moments will happen with the graduation of Tisha Crumley. Indeed we are (the whole Crumley family) very proud of her accomplishments, (So far) . :) May this be a crossroad in the hiway of your life Tish, and may the Lord guide you to the next one. Amen

Uncle Kenny

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's Tuesday and April's Fading Fast

Where did the month go? I wish it (time) would slow down a bit, so I can stop and smell the roses. Speakin of roses, everything's blooming out there. Fresh air from a spring rain, and the birds are singing. Well, maybe it's more like the crows are cackling around here, but you git my drift.

Quit work a little early yesterday and walked nine holes at the "Muni". For all the rain we've got lately, the course was pretty nice, and the greens were awesome. Took a double on one, parred two, and birdied three, and never saw another green in regulation. Good thing we only played nine. The ol' left knee can only take so much before it starts screaming at me.

Haven't heard "hide nor hair" from my contributors to the CrumFamReunion site. And I'm still looking for a good post editor up north. (Jim or Sue or Kim or Mom) I know you people can write something about how life is going up in the northern territory. At least sign the guestbook over there to let me know yur alive! :) And send me some photos too. You can send them to either or and I will post them to the site.

Maybe Lisa's working on a newsletter and just not finished yet. I'll give her a call later in the week. And cousin Karen was gonna send me some "stuff" from the eastern seaboard. Well, I gotta git some domestic chores done and git to work.

Have a great day and God Bless You, KC

Monday, April 18, 2005

Catching Up With Time..........

Funny how the simple task becomes complicated when mother nature kicks in. It's God's way of reminding us it's His timepiece we are running on. We awaken each morning with our own agenda, and rarely take into account that nature has it's own. Have you ever noticed when it's raining people tend to actually drive their vehicles faster instead of a cautiously slower pace. I often laugh at the idiot racing by me, changing lanes erratically, only to reach their destination a whole thirty seconds ahead of me. Will they accomplish more of their agenda than mine at the end of the day? I doubt it. Is their internal clock along with their blood pressure running at a faster pace than mine? Most likely.

Speaking of the rain, we had a little last week here that altered my plans for completing an outdoor job. It didn't take long for me to find projects inside that needed attention. Projects that usually run down at the bottom of my priority list became apparently easy to accomplish because of a little storm that decided to cross my path. Then the sun popped out on Sunday and I had the opportunity to play a round of golf with three of my best friends. It was one of my worst rounds of golf in a few years but I did chip two in the hole from off the green that took the sting out of the day. (Tiger Who?) :) Don took most of the money, but I got the glory. You just gotta love the game and it will find a way to love you back. We completed the evening with a wonderful dinner at Drew and Karens home. Drew BBQ'ed pork chops on the "titanic" of all Webbers. My friend Matt mentioned you could probably cook a quarter of a cow on this thing.

I had some time to spend developing the CrumFamReunion 2005 website this week. Still more work to do there. Added a guestbook and a photo storage link site that may encourage others in the Family to contribute. But I won't hold my breath. My brother-in-law up north won't even return my calls because I don't have my phone number exposed to his caller i.d., but it's too late now 'cause I've forgotten why I called him in the first place. Must have been one of those items on the bottom of that "priority" list. When I finally remember and our lines of communication open, I will look forward to his compassionate wisdom. Maybe this is all part of the "grand plan", and our endless pursuit with "Catching up with Time".

Have a great day...............Rovin

Update: Jim called me the same day I posted this. He seems to pay attention to me like a gardian angel on my shoulder. TYVM Jim n awou too! KC

Sunday, April 10, 2005

If Someone is Searching..........

.......Show them the light. 3:30 am and I am awaken to a vehicle and a voice driving up and down the road. Only thing to do is show 'em the light, so I git up and turn on the most powerful light outside the place. Once this thing warms up, it's like daylight for near fifty yards. Now if I had a camera outside I could really keep an eye on things. I'm bettin God has an awesome camera system. :) Trouble here is, I've had close to six hours sleep, so it looks like I'm up for the day and these people going up and down the road haven't even gone to bed yet. Talk about a generation gap?

I had an absolutely wonderful dinner at Shiela Nelson's home last night with around a dozen awesome people. ( The Lady can cook!) Everything I loaded onto my plate was so appeasing to the palate, I went back for seconds. Throw in some fine wine and music and you've got the recipe for a delightful evening. Played catch with Farley too. He decided my champagne cork was in better taste than his dilapidated ball. Thankyou Shiela. :0)

Gonna put the last coat of finish on the Lazio job this mornin and close out an invoice. He's got a few more projects for me to do, but the big one's pretty much"in the books". Next project up is a deck extention. Developing........

Have a great day.........Rovin

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Rain, Rain, and more Rain

I don't think the rain ever stopped yesterday. We had to have got at least 2 inches. Makes it tough when your tryin' to keep a bare wood floor dry. Gotta work this mornin for a few hours and Sunday to put on the last coat of finish. I will try to git over to the CrumFamReunion site and work on it in the afternoons.

Talked to Mr. Ross Ripple (up in Graeagle) last night for a bit. He's informed me that the river (Feather) is too high for good trout fishin but it could improve in a few weeks. May have to take a little pre-reunion road trip and check it out. If I catch any nice ones, I'll try to take some pictures, cause I always "catch and release" in garlic and butter. :)

Off to work and have a great day............................Rovin

Friday, April 08, 2005


I don't know how I always git into these situations, but I keep tryin to tell everyone for more than two years......."I don't sand and finish floors". Well guess what I've been doing this week? Yeppers, I'm up on Humboldt Hill, sanding and finishing around 600 feet of red oak hardwood. Actually the job is coming out very nice (as expected), but it's taking a toll on the ol'
body. Next week I git to do an eight foot addition to a deck. Whoopie!

Update: The Crumley Family Reunion Website is up and still under construction. I will give it some attention this weekend. My cousin Lisa has agreed to contribute, and we will love her input. I should have a photo storage link and a questbook installed soon, so everbody can start sending in some info and pics. For now if you have something please send it via e-mail to and I will post it to the website. I am also going to dedicate an album exclusively for our loved ones who are no longer with us here, so their memorys can be recorded. All "journalist and publishers" in the family will be required to participate. Cousin Karen has e-mailed me and agreed to "input" after the tax season is over. I've got so many more ideas about how we can all share in this endeavor, but I need another cup of coffee and got some billing to do. Look for more news this weekend. Lov ya all and have a great day!


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Crumley Family Reunion Website Created

Well, I finally got our family reunion website(click on "family reunion website") up and running. I will be emailing all partys concerned with info on how to post your own comments on this site asap. You will also get to post some pictures (and I will too) to this site.......any questions can be either submitted in the "comments" section of this site or email me at or a new yahoo email acct

I will be checking both email accts often so I can keep things updated.


UPDATE: Jack and Aunt Bobbie are still contemplating coming to Graeagle this year and we would love to see them there. Send Jack an email to let him know their presents is requested.


Saturday, April 02, 2005


I think my good friend Bill Taylor will buy my breakfast this morning, but he's gonna git the best of me. I'll be up on that ladder covering his portable shelter at the shop. Hopefully we'll be done by noon........and be sure to check out Bill's Website have a great day! Rovin