Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Don't Know About You, But I Feel Stimulated

While Barack Obama and the Democrats attempt to pull the biggest rip-off in the history of politics at our grandchildren's expense, and as more people begin to actually read the bill, they are becoming aware that this legislation IS NOT a stimulus package.

177 Republicans and 11 Democrats saw this "stimulus" bill as it was presented by Nancy Pelosi and the "party of self-partisanship", and rejected this porkfest.

My friend Keemo says most of it all here:

"A few days ago this pork package had an approval rating of around 56%, and today this rating has fallen to around 42%. The Senate will dick around with this bill for 2-3 weeks, which will give the people time to read, listen, and see how bad this bill is for them. That’s the key here folks, this bill is bad for all Americans and that most certainly includes our children, their grand children, and their great grand children.

The duty for all responsible Americans is to challenge our citizens to study this historic bill and make their own judgments. Don’t trust others, study up yourselves. Get at this bill and read a certain amount of the bill each night. 11 Democrats begged Pelosi to allow them to vote NO on this bill for good reason. Dozens of others will likely regret the day they voted YES on bill. Drudge, HughHewitt, Instapundit, Ace, and many others will be busy reporting details of this bill. Hopefully HA will also perform this civic duty, as this bill is absolutely historical. This bill is the biggest power grab that has ever been attempted by a political party; in my humble opinion. I urge everybody to make their own educated opinion."

Ask a liberal right now if they think it’s worth sacrificing the future of their grandchildren at the cost of advancing their political agenda? I laid this out to a dear liberal friend and got nothing but total silence. Silence, because there is no excuse for the shameful act. I don’t even ask for an admission of guilt…’s written all over their faces. Even the “but Bush was good at this” does not allow the Democratic Party to drive this nation into utter ruin.


If every Republican senator opposes President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan, it probably won't pass, a liberal advocacy group said in a message to supporters on Thursday.

"GOP leaders will get their way—unless we can convince a few Republican senators who are on the fence," said The group said it has put together a new ad calling on "swing-state senators to get behind Obama’s economic recovery plan." (more like bend over for Obama's plan)

After the House passed the stimulus package on Thursday night, President Obama indicated that he expects it to undergo changes in the Senate. "I hope that we can continue to strengthen this plan before it gets to my desk," Obama said in a statement.

Now there's a polite way to say "thanks alot House leadership for passing this porkfest....did ya have to make it so obvious?"

Never in this nation's history has the weight of our financial stability rested on so few Senate Republicans that will be asked to put their futures in question while deciding the future's of generations to come. If Move-on and the White House plan to attack these folks, it would be prudent to "fight fire with fire" and have the RNC, (and any other concerned group), to contact blue dog Senate Democrats that also see this bill for what it is.......a fiscal nightmare.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hollywood Gone Nuts!

Film Festivals, Golden Globes, SAGs, The Peoples Choice Awards, and THE OSCARS. In a span of the first quarter of EVERY new year, the general public gets to be bombarded with these make-believers in their irrelevant world. What a market for massage therapist that get to spend the next quarter soothing these moronic back-slappers. And with the "investment" these folks put into electing and celebrating our new President, look for some quid pro quo to slither thru the cracks to feed these liberal parasites. (links not provided for obvious reasons)

Exit question for the "make-believers": How'd those anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-patriot movies go over last year?
Obama, Democrats Begin Process to End Thirty-year Social Experiment

Stephen Labaton at the New York Times publishes this online front page story which is supposed to put the brakes on granting home loans to unqualified buyers: (emphasis mine)

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration plans to move quickly to tighten the nation’s financial regulatory system.

Officials say they will make wide-ranging changes, including stricter federal rules for hedge funds, credit rating agencies and mortgage brokers, and greater oversight of the complex financial instruments that contributed to the economic crisis.

Broad new outlines of the administration’s agenda have begun to emerge in recent interviews with officials, in confirmation proceedings of senior appointees and in a recent report by an international committee led by Paul A. Volcker, a senior member of President Obama’s economic team.

A theme of that report, that many major companies and financial instruments now mostly unsupervised must be swept back under a larger regulatory umbrella, has been embraced as a guiding principle by the administration, officials said. LINK

If this regulatory legislation gets put into law, it will become the largest "umbrella" ever to cover the ass's of many who looked the other way when government watch-dogs, (and certain economist), pointed out this social experiment was a recipe for financial disaster. The extension of credit to un-qualified buyers, (and the markets that created the process of shuffling/bundling bad paper), are the unchecked financial instruments that may very well break this nation.

While there is plenty of blame to go around for this debacle, longtime/lifetime government legislators, (such as Chris Dodd and Barney Frank), who ran the committees that should have been aware of this crisis either turned a blind eye, or were totally incompetent and derelict in their duties. The scary part is these same morons will be responsible for writing the legislation that may cover their collective asses.
"If I can be made to serve as a distraction, then there is that much less time debating the merits of the trillion dollar debacle"........Rush Limbaugh

Byron York at the Corner capture's a short interview with Rush in reaction to President Obama's saying, "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

In one part of York's interview, Rush makes a "slippery-slope" argument about the stimulus package:

"Obama was angry that Merrill Lynch used $1.2 million of TARP money to remodel an executive suite. Excuse me, but didn't Merrill have to hire a decorator and contractor? Didn't they have to buy the new furnishings? What's the difference in that and Merrill loaning that money to a decorator, contractor and goods supplier to remodel Warren Buffet's office? Either way, stimulus in the private sector occurs.'

With this argument, does this not open too many doors qualifying most district's pet projects, (including the bridge to nowhere)? How do we define what constitutes stimulus and what is waste?

I do agree with Rush on his first point. Any personal distraction by the Obama administration takes the eyes of the nation off the big picture-----and who's doing the painting.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama

The fear of an uncertain economy gives President Obama more support going into the start of his tenure than many other leaders. But, with the Democrats already having been in control of the house and senate for more than two years, his template will be examined and challenged almost immediately. I believe the pulse of the nation on both sides of the political spectrum wish's the President "good luck" and congrats for his victory in the longest campaign in U.S. history. The challenge's that lie ahead, (not only for Barack Obama or the Democratic Party), for this nation will be tremendous. With the country in an economic breakdown, now is not the time for partisan ideologies that could break the bank and send us into a full blown depression. There will be plenty of time to celebrate political "victories" later.

Sidenote: No more racism.................No more BDS

Friday, January 16, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson
If you were boarding an airliner, and you had even the slightest notion that the plane might incur a freak accident, (numerous large birds in the path of the jet engines), within minutes after take-off, the one man you would want in the pilots seat would be Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III.

From the Smoking Gun:

JANUARY 15--Meet Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III, the US Airways pilot who today amazingly crash-landed a US Airways jet in New York's Hudson River without any apparent fatalities. The heroic Sullenberger, 57, has worked for US Airways since 1980, and before that spent more than six years as a U.S. Air Force F-4 fighter pilot. Sullenberger, who now must be considered the front runner to replace Hillary Clinton as New York's junior United States Senator, is also the founder of Safety Reliability Methods. The firm describes itself as providing "technical expertise and strategic vision and direction to improve safety and reliability in a variety of high risk industries." Business should soon be booming. Click here to revel in Sullenberger's brilliance and professionalism, as detailed in the veteran pilot's resume. Expect his "executive career highlights" to be updated shortly..........LINK

Miracle #1:

Now I am not a pilot, but I can tell you with certainty that when a pilot incurs a "dead stick" on a 93,000 pound airliner, there are few options, and even fewer chances for passenger survival when setting down an aircraft on water. Air speed at impact is as critical as the position of the plane when touching down. Early reports are that "Sully" mastered the near perfect air speed while setting the tail of the airliner into the water softly enough to allow the belly of the plane to gently splash into the near freezing temperatures of the Hudson River without literally tearing the structure apart. The estimated air speed at impact was still around 100-130 mph when the plane hit the water. If the nose of the plane, or even the tip of a wing had hit before the tail dragged through the water, (further slowing down the planes impact speed), the structure would have certainly broken into several pieces insuring instant fatalities and most likely no survivors. Very few pilots in the world could have pulled off this textbook landing even if they could attempt the maneuver a hundred times. Only Sully knew the extent of the "dead stick" and his quick judgment to set the plane in the Hudson was his only option for the fewest number of fatalities. The fact that the combined acts of this pilot and the response time of those nearby, (and the first responders of rescue crews), was miracle #2. Miracle number three is simple; God was with all of these souls on this day and for this we can all be thankful.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The War in Gaza
Is it time to cut off the head of the snake?
(by Rovin)

AP is reporting this morning that the UN Secretary General, (Ban Ki-moon), came within a few clicks of assuming room temperature. While the UN chief expressed outrage at the carnage Israel is causing in Gaza, he may want to re-direct his anger at the root cause of this conflict.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Israeli forces shelled the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, setting the compound on fire as U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon was in the area on a mission to end Israel's devastating offensive against the territory's Hamas rulers.

Ban expressed "outrage" over the bombing. He said Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told him there had been a "grave mistake" and promised to pay extra attention to protecting U.N. installations. LINK

Appearently, AP and some other journalist came under fire:

Even as a top Israeli envoy went to Egypt to discuss a cease-fire proposal, the military pushed farther into Gaza in an apparent effort to step up pressure on Hamas. Ground forces thrust deep into a crowded neighborhood for the first time, sending terrified residents fleeing for cover. Shells also struck a hospital, five high-rise apartment buildings and a building housing media outlets in Gaza City, injuring several journalists.

Bullets also entered another building housing The Associated Press offices, entering a room where two staffers were working but wounding no one. The Foreign Press Association, representing journalists covering Israel and the Palestinian territories, demanded a halt to attacks on press buildings.

The problem with Hamas is they have shown there is little or no chain of command within the ranks, or they are allowing their "lieutenants" to continue to launch rockets into Israel. They have already admitted to deploying weapons and armaments next to schools, churches, and other public buildings using their citizens as human shields. Why doesn’t the world's "opinionators" and diplomats blast Hamas for these tactics? They are banking on the same public opinion that forced Israel to halt the assault in the Hezbollah war in Lebanon.

Choose any country in the world, and duplicate the scenario that's going on in Israel----where Kassam rockets are fired continuously into a neighboring country. How long before some one says enough is enough? What if a radical faction set up shop outside Montreal and started firing rockets into upstate New York while the Canadian government claimed they have no control to stop the assault? How many years, days, minutes would the U.S. put up with this? As long as Hamas, Hezbollah, (and their big brother/supplier of arms, Iran) continue to maintain their sole purpose is to exterminate Jews from the face of the earth, ideologies and a quest for a peaceful existence will remain unattainable. It may be time to cut off the head of the snake, which is the Iranian influence and the source for most of the conflicts in the Middle East. The world has to stop turning their collective "blind eyes" to the root cause of this war and the destruction of human life. The Supreme Leader in Iran, (Ali Khamenei), and the Expediency Discernment Council (headed by Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani) must be served the ultimate notice------enough is enough!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Larry Fitzgerld (Arizona Cardinals) had eight catch’s-168 yards and one on-side kick reception, while Carolina Panthers QB Jake Dehllome had a night that will be hard to forget. For a team, (Cards) that many sports fans, (and some sports writers), said did not deserve to even be in the playoffs, Arizona is now one game away, (Sunday's Philly-Giants game), from possibly hosting their own NFC Championship game.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Arizona Cardinals were considered the softest team in the playoffs, unable to win far from home and carrying the scars of years of ineptitude. But behind their cagey quarterback, dynamic receiver, improved defense -- and a big assist from Jake Delhomme's horrible night -- the Cardinals are a win away from the unthinkable: a berth in the Super Bowl. LINK

Some of the comments at the local ESPN blog site were pretty brutal towards the end of the game:

"Daylight come and you wanna Delhomme."

"Is brett favre the Panthers quarterback???"

"Jake Romo is on fire tonight!!"

"Carolina is doing a poor job of point shaving."

"The Panther's couldn't beat Detroit tonight" (Rovin)

'This is why I love NFL playoffs. You really don't know who's going to win the game, until both teams step on the field. Someone get Delhomme on suicide watch."

"Anyone want to call this one and put the Panthers out of their misery? Time of death......."

After what San Diego and Arizona have done this weekend, no one can make the argument that teams that win their division, (even at 8-8), don't deserve to own their spot in the playoffs. At 11-5, the Pats do not deserve to take this spot either.