Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Don't Know About You, But I Feel Stimulated

While Barack Obama and the Democrats attempt to pull the biggest rip-off in the history of politics at our grandchildren's expense, and as more people begin to actually read the bill, they are becoming aware that this legislation IS NOT a stimulus package.

177 Republicans and 11 Democrats saw this "stimulus" bill as it was presented by Nancy Pelosi and the "party of self-partisanship", and rejected this porkfest.

My friend Keemo says most of it all here:

"A few days ago this pork package had an approval rating of around 56%, and today this rating has fallen to around 42%. The Senate will dick around with this bill for 2-3 weeks, which will give the people time to read, listen, and see how bad this bill is for them. That’s the key here folks, this bill is bad for all Americans and that most certainly includes our children, their grand children, and their great grand children.

The duty for all responsible Americans is to challenge our citizens to study this historic bill and make their own judgments. Don’t trust others, study up yourselves. Get at this bill and read a certain amount of the bill each night. 11 Democrats begged Pelosi to allow them to vote NO on this bill for good reason. Dozens of others will likely regret the day they voted YES on bill. Drudge, HughHewitt, Instapundit, Ace, and many others will be busy reporting details of this bill. Hopefully HA will also perform this civic duty, as this bill is absolutely historical. This bill is the biggest power grab that has ever been attempted by a political party; in my humble opinion. I urge everybody to make their own educated opinion."

Ask a liberal right now if they think it’s worth sacrificing the future of their grandchildren at the cost of advancing their political agenda? I laid this out to a dear liberal friend and got nothing but total silence. Silence, because there is no excuse for the shameful act. I don’t even ask for an admission of guilt…’s written all over their faces. Even the “but Bush was good at this” does not allow the Democratic Party to drive this nation into utter ruin.


If every Republican senator opposes President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan, it probably won't pass, a liberal advocacy group said in a message to supporters on Thursday.

"GOP leaders will get their way—unless we can convince a few Republican senators who are on the fence," said The group said it has put together a new ad calling on "swing-state senators to get behind Obama’s economic recovery plan." (more like bend over for Obama's plan)

After the House passed the stimulus package on Thursday night, President Obama indicated that he expects it to undergo changes in the Senate. "I hope that we can continue to strengthen this plan before it gets to my desk," Obama said in a statement.

Now there's a polite way to say "thanks alot House leadership for passing this porkfest....did ya have to make it so obvious?"

Never in this nation's history has the weight of our financial stability rested on so few Senate Republicans that will be asked to put their futures in question while deciding the future's of generations to come. If Move-on and the White House plan to attack these folks, it would be prudent to "fight fire with fire" and have the RNC, (and any other concerned group), to contact blue dog Senate Democrats that also see this bill for what it is.......a fiscal nightmare.

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