Sunday, January 11, 2009


Larry Fitzgerld (Arizona Cardinals) had eight catch’s-168 yards and one on-side kick reception, while Carolina Panthers QB Jake Dehllome had a night that will be hard to forget. For a team, (Cards) that many sports fans, (and some sports writers), said did not deserve to even be in the playoffs, Arizona is now one game away, (Sunday's Philly-Giants game), from possibly hosting their own NFC Championship game.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Arizona Cardinals were considered the softest team in the playoffs, unable to win far from home and carrying the scars of years of ineptitude. But behind their cagey quarterback, dynamic receiver, improved defense -- and a big assist from Jake Delhomme's horrible night -- the Cardinals are a win away from the unthinkable: a berth in the Super Bowl. LINK

Some of the comments at the local ESPN blog site were pretty brutal towards the end of the game:

"Daylight come and you wanna Delhomme."

"Is brett favre the Panthers quarterback???"

"Jake Romo is on fire tonight!!"

"Carolina is doing a poor job of point shaving."

"The Panther's couldn't beat Detroit tonight" (Rovin)

'This is why I love NFL playoffs. You really don't know who's going to win the game, until both teams step on the field. Someone get Delhomme on suicide watch."

"Anyone want to call this one and put the Panthers out of their misery? Time of death......."

After what San Diego and Arizona have done this weekend, no one can make the argument that teams that win their division, (even at 8-8), don't deserve to own their spot in the playoffs. At 11-5, the Pats do not deserve to take this spot either.

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