Thursday, January 15, 2009

The War in Gaza
Is it time to cut off the head of the snake?
(by Rovin)

AP is reporting this morning that the UN Secretary General, (Ban Ki-moon), came within a few clicks of assuming room temperature. While the UN chief expressed outrage at the carnage Israel is causing in Gaza, he may want to re-direct his anger at the root cause of this conflict.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Israeli forces shelled the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, setting the compound on fire as U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon was in the area on a mission to end Israel's devastating offensive against the territory's Hamas rulers.

Ban expressed "outrage" over the bombing. He said Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told him there had been a "grave mistake" and promised to pay extra attention to protecting U.N. installations. LINK

Appearently, AP and some other journalist came under fire:

Even as a top Israeli envoy went to Egypt to discuss a cease-fire proposal, the military pushed farther into Gaza in an apparent effort to step up pressure on Hamas. Ground forces thrust deep into a crowded neighborhood for the first time, sending terrified residents fleeing for cover. Shells also struck a hospital, five high-rise apartment buildings and a building housing media outlets in Gaza City, injuring several journalists.

Bullets also entered another building housing The Associated Press offices, entering a room where two staffers were working but wounding no one. The Foreign Press Association, representing journalists covering Israel and the Palestinian territories, demanded a halt to attacks on press buildings.

The problem with Hamas is they have shown there is little or no chain of command within the ranks, or they are allowing their "lieutenants" to continue to launch rockets into Israel. They have already admitted to deploying weapons and armaments next to schools, churches, and other public buildings using their citizens as human shields. Why doesn’t the world's "opinionators" and diplomats blast Hamas for these tactics? They are banking on the same public opinion that forced Israel to halt the assault in the Hezbollah war in Lebanon.

Choose any country in the world, and duplicate the scenario that's going on in Israel----where Kassam rockets are fired continuously into a neighboring country. How long before some one says enough is enough? What if a radical faction set up shop outside Montreal and started firing rockets into upstate New York while the Canadian government claimed they have no control to stop the assault? How many years, days, minutes would the U.S. put up with this? As long as Hamas, Hezbollah, (and their big brother/supplier of arms, Iran) continue to maintain their sole purpose is to exterminate Jews from the face of the earth, ideologies and a quest for a peaceful existence will remain unattainable. It may be time to cut off the head of the snake, which is the Iranian influence and the source for most of the conflicts in the Middle East. The world has to stop turning their collective "blind eyes" to the root cause of this war and the destruction of human life. The Supreme Leader in Iran, (Ali Khamenei), and the Expediency Discernment Council (headed by Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani) must be served the ultimate notice------enough is enough!

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