Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm not usually a fan of Hitler videos, but this is a good one.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it Time to Flush This Healthcare Bill Down the Toilet?

Now that Harry Reid has survived his “Macaca moment”, and will remain the Senate Majority Leader, (until November), the pundits can retire this distraction and return to the fiscal madness of a still unwanted healthcare bill.

Reid had to come out from behind his closed-door meetings with Pelosi and the Democrat caucuses to apologize to his President for describing then candidate Barack Obama as a light-skinned man with a politically correct dialect. With the liberal media describing his gaffe as "un-artful language" and the rest of his party “circling the wagons” around their beleaguered leader, Reid says all is forgiven---boasting "the President has forgiven him and the book is closed". You could say that Harry Reid had “acted stupidly” while deferring his beer summit for a later date. As this classic double standard materialized, Democrats quickly mobilized to limit the potential damage that could have put a damper on the completion of their national health care disaster.

With the latest Rassmussen poll showing 57% of Americans believing this current healthcare legislation will raise costs and only 17% that think it will reduce costs, (and the new threat of losing the Massachusetts senate seat), Reid and Pelosi are working overtime to pass this poorly crafted bill. Harry and Nancy are still trying to get their "ducks lined up"(with further payoffs and "let's make a deal" legislation), to reach the final tally to pass the most unhealthy piece of legislation in U.S. history. To make matters worse, one of the Democrats' largest campaign contributors, the unions, were threatening to pull their support, but now appear to have reached an agreement to defer their Cadillac increases into the future. Sound familiar?

President Obama had indicated he wanted this bill completed in time for his state of the union address to the nation. With his personal approval numbers tanking below 50% along with nearly 60% of the country claiming we are going in the wrong direction, it’s certainly hard to tell if this legislation will be worth touting as a B+ event. Both sides of the political theater are now claiming the bill is nothing short of windfall for insurance companies and pharmaceuticals in exchange for political donations in next years election cycle---all under the deception of reducing health care cost.

Democrats are gambling that the youth vote, (who swallowed the hope and change fantasy), won't turn out to show their disgust of forcing them into purchasing health insurance with the threat of fines and imprisonment. On the other side of the voting spectrum, seniors are set to have their health care plans decimated with massive cuts in Medicare and Medicare Advantage while their backstabbing "advocates” at the AARP see a financial windfall selling policies. Sweetheart deals passed out to selected states to keep party Democrats loyal, (buying votes with taxpayer dollars), has angered voters to the point where they promise to return to the voting booths with a vengeance. Barack Obama has already lost his argument/proclamation that the middle class will not be affected by this debacle. Look for both Obama and the Democrats to begin their rhetorical spin that "this national healthcare crisis" is the single most devastating cost on every American's future as they stake their claim that "this is the best they can do" with no support from Republicans. The Democrats want the public to ignore the fact that millions will be required to buy health insurance, (at a cost between $8-$12 thousand per year), who are either unemployed or barely making their monthly budgets. Home foreclosures are still running rampant as fuel prices are steadily heading back into the $4.00 per gallon range. All this while the liberal media claims we’re on the road to recovery.

Add all this to the soaring national debt and deficit spending the Democrats own by passing the Pelosi Porkulus---the 787 billion dollar stimulus bill that was supposed to keep unemployment under 8%---and a 2010 budget of over 1.1 trillion, it's no wonder that consumers are not looking forward to begin paying for health care expenditures for three years, in advance of receiving any benefits. While Obama claimed the stimulus bill was passed to “save or create” jobs, many are wondering what is the repetitive purpose of Pelosi’s 155 billion jobs bill. This stunt reminds me of the period when California was at the heights of their housing boom and some bureaucrat came up with the bright idea to force contractors to install toilets that allowed a smaller volume of water per flush. The only problem, it took two flushes to send the same excrement down the hole. But double-dipping/flushing appears to be standard procedure for the Democrat’s spending policies.

It’s time to flush this health care bill and send Democrats the message that this nation can not afford these reckless spending policies poorly designed for political gain at the expense of every taxpaying citizen desperately searching for financial relief. The alternative is to expect populism politics as usual from Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and their septic supporters imposing what will be nothing short of a national disaster. Every one of us needs to call/email our representatives and various swing Dems (e.g., Lincoln), and leave the stern message that both their constituents and American citizens are watching this fiscal insanity unfold, and will remember in November. Flush and repeat as necessary.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Jack Cafferty Unloads on Obama, Pelosi---Health Care Legislation Behind Closed Doors

If Cafferty has finally seen the "wool pulled over the eyes" of the American public by this current administration---and Reid and Pelosi's lack of transparency---the electorate will certainly understand that campaign promises will be taken with a grain of salt.