Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Your Senate-----In Action

Harry Reid Amendment # 666

At 3:59 Reid calls up amendment # 666 AND he is the only one who voted! And just like that the bill is passed. This is your Senate in action.

And then there's this little tidbit of class warfare at a recent Obama forum in California:

Let's forget for a moment that the idiot from Google, (unemployed---by choice), doesn't know that a President can not raise taxes. Only Congress can enact such legislation. He can, however, write a personal check to the IRS for any amount, leaving the individual every right to "raise his own taxes". If any one doesn't believe this scene was not scripted by the Obama campaign, I've got some dry south Florida land for sale---real cheap.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Elections Have Consequences---It’s as if 2010 Never Happened

(editor's note: This post is a "work in progress" and will be edited/revised at the discretion of the author)

Is Obama's class warfare/divide and conquer strategy going to work?

Has any one noticed that as President Obama’s approval numbers continue to head south, the rise in the level of rancorous vitriol from the left has risen? Further, adding to the “desperation factor” on the part of our liberal friends, the “information age” has become on online factory of misinformation, innuendos, deceptions, and out-right fabrications. Now, there’s fact-checkers for the fact-checkers, truth-o-meters and (insert one more) to scour thousand of stories that are neither fact-based nor honest assessments of current events. How does one comprehend what’s factual in today’s political mine-field when surveys and polling say Fox News is a leader in the misinformation business, yet MSNBC does not lean Democratic or is considered biased?

One thing you can bet on with certainty, the level of liberal media opinion-makers will most likely implode as we head further into this political season.

With the President’s numbers on a downward spiral, (and his perpetual campaign speeches wearing thinner than an Al Gore ozone layer), it’s not hard to understand why the left has become desperately in search of a positive narrative to overcome Obama’s economic failures sending this nation into a fiscal Armageddon. His most recent Jobs bill has supplied late night comedians with plenty of material, while Congress, (specifically the United States Senate), can’t/won’t even come up with a compromise to anything they receive from the House.

Take for example what transpired on Friday. John Boehner and the House of “Representatives” passed a bill early in the morning that directed $3.65 billion to FEMA, (with spending offsets*), that Harry Reid and the Senate immediately rejected. Harry apparently thought it would be a good idea to take the weekend off to “cool off”. My thought is Harry desperately needs the weekend to have his political tools make the rounds on the liberal networks to frame the House conservatives as obstructionist---another political ploy that is wearing thin.

Since the Republicans swept the Democrats out of the House in the 2010 “shellacking”, they’ve sent numerous bills, (some even bipartisan), to the Senate---INCLUDING A BUDGET, (that Nancy Pelosi had taken a pass on), only to see the legislation tabled/killed by the Democrats. Sweeping legislation that had the official stamp of reducing the Obama spending spree containing deficit reductions, spending caps, and pruning the federal regulatory statutes have all enter the Senate chambers only to die at Harry Reid’s obstructive hands.

Of course, the liberal media won’t ask Harry where the Senate’s budget is---for the past 900 + days---or why the Senate Democrats still insist on spending every dollar of the taxpayers with out a hint of how it’s to be repaid. Does anyone remember how many times Pelosi’s House actually implemented PAY-GO into their legislation or how many times “the pledge“ was omitted? (and remember, anything that falls under the category of “a crisis” doesn’t count).

The stock market dropped (insert numbers) last week. The President’s Jobs Bill will go nowhere in the Senate or the House. And now we have both the President and Harry’s Senate opposing “all things passing from the House”, while the accusations of “playing political games with American’s lives” reeks of solipsism from the liberal Democrats as ideologies clash. With Obama’s dismal record, liberal Democrats have little to boast about “their side’s accomplishments”, so they’ve taken the perilous tact of the classic rich vs. poor. This tactic might actually work better in a strong economic picture, but for the most part everyone’s in the same sinking boat. The liberals are even losing the “fair share” argument, (follow this sentence up with a bit more). Obama and Harry are demanding that every bill from the House be “clean” with no responsible strings attached that might reconcile an already burgeoning debt.

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