Monday, January 31, 2005

Sunday was a Victorious Day

The morning was cold, and crisp, and clear. You could almost hear the victory bells ringing as Iraq took a big step closer to their own sweet liberty. People were dancing in the streets in celebration of this young democracy. Over 44 people lost their lives by the suicidal cowards that are blinded from a life of freedom and peace. We pray that God or Allah will change their hearts and give peace a chance.

My very good friend, Mike, bought me a round of Golf on Sunday. Matt and I joined Mike and Scott in a little competition. The greens were slow from the recent rains but as the morning sun warmed up you couldn't ask for a more beautiful day. Good shots and bad shots were had by all, and that's the nature of the game. My fade was as tolerable as the ribbing I got for four-putting a par three. And Scott, I apologize for the comment I made about "greens in regulation" (NOT!) :) As spring approaches I'm sure there will be more battles on the course. We're all lookin' forward to that.

Have a Great Day.......................Rovin

Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Superbowl is Tomorrow

Yes, you read it right. The Superbowl is tomorrow, that is the superbowl of world politics. No matter how it turns out, this Sunday is one of the most historical events of our time. The elections in Iraq will be the single most important event in that region in over 100 years. Men and women will be going to the polls together for the first time EVER. Keep in mind that this is just a "beginning" and there will be potholes in the road. Giving people a voice in their own fate can be intoxicating, especially when you've never had it. I wish
all the people of Iraq the very best in their new found freedom and I hope they find the peace they so richly deserve. It is their Superbowl.

Friday, January 28, 2005

It's Friday!!!

A good day to take I will.
Have a great Day..............Rovin

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Family Matters and Food for Thought

Got two wonderful emails today, Mom and Tisha. A generation apart but both together in my mailbox......who's the blessed one?Tisha's informed me that she's graduating this spring. We're all very proud of her. Mom, what can you say about mom? She still inspires me, consoles me, and guides me in all the things that are righteous in this world. A manifest of Gods pure love walking this earth today.....see my mom. She always sends me little poems or scriptures to enlighten me and feed my soul. Like this one: If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!

My Kings are playing at the Spurs tonight at 6:30 and it's payback time after the whoopin' the gave us last Sunday. Hope to have something nice to write about tomorrow. Eastern Conference note:Boston is the number 3 seed at 20-22. ??? Has anyone seen the greens at the Bob Hope Desert Classic ever look so good? Must be all that rain they got down there this month. Five guys at -8 under after the first round. Gotta be them greens.


Taken straight from Mr. Brit Hume's site:

Boycotting Bookmaker

More than 100 professors at universities and colleges across the country are boycotting McGraw-Hill textbooks for "demonstrating a willingness to sacrifice the well being of youth for profit and further ingraining oppressive beliefs." They have signed an on-line petition letter demanding McGraw-Hill put an end to it.
So what exactly are they so upset about? The people who write McGraw Hill's health textbooks have defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. McGraw-Hill however, says it's just following a law in Texas, whose board of education last year asked McGraw-Hill to clarify the "ambiguity of marriage."

Rovin's note: ( how many professors are there at all the universities and colleges across the country? Should be enough to make these "100" look mighty small........and wrong-minded. to wouldn't be here if man did not lye down with woman.)

HAVE A GREAT DAY!.............................Rovin

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Wow! Have you seen that? Three days now and I'm still publishin'..........This is the "Humpday" according to stories I've heard, but seriously this only the third day of the week. We can't let them kids think that things start slowin' down on Wednesday fur crimanysakes..........

You can teach an ol' dog new tricks. I have been teaching myself to learn HTML and actually created the "Links" section on this website. Mind you, I didn't just add links,I went into the template's gobbly-gook and inserted it in the proper location. This is revolutionary stuff for me, and exciting too! (note to self: go into template and copy whole script to a safe place)

My Kings rebounded from that nasty loss to the Spurs by defeating the Nets 113-93. Brad Miller had a season high 31 points while Webber took the night off with a still sore ankle while the whole team shot a sizzling 55% from the floor.

I got a wild kick out of the posting someone added to my "Elimination of God" story. I wasn't past the first paragraph 'till I was laughing hysterically and wondered what kind of drugs this feller was I called my brother-in-law Jim to see if he wouldn't mind reading the post and giving me an opinion. What a shock to find out Jim was the one who posted it! Turns out it's a total satire, but he informed me that there are people who believe this stuff. It's right out of a classic sci-fi novel......

Off to the showers and another day of taking on the world.

Have a great day!..................Rovin

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'll Take Tuesday

I thought I would try a little color today to distract me and my fellow readers.
Got much done yesterday in laying "foundation for future sales". Contacts and commitments, visiting old clients, whoa nellie!, this is like goin back to the eightys when sales was my profession. Think it's all coming back with little rust on the perfomance. Keep the "tools" polished and every thing works better. Actually this is purty fun, 'cause I'm doin it for Wayne.

Ran into an old liars dice partner from them 80's at Marcellis and he informed me that he needs some flooring work at a place he's selling and guess who just happens to do floors? :) We hadn't finished our conversation for more than five minutes and Angelo (Marcelli) proceeds to let me know that he's ready for me to come look at about 700 ft of his floors to be sanded.
P.S. I DON'T SAND FLOORS! , I INSTALL THEM. ( note to myself: gotta find someone up here who can sand floors the way I like 'em so I don't have to.) I know it's part of the profession, but at 52 anyone who has seen the process of sanding and finishing hardwood floors knows the intensive labor involved. (my backs gittin' sore just thinkin' bout it)

Didn't git much time to check out the news, politics, or sports yesterday so I will have to save most of those comments for a later post. I did hear it's five more days till the elections in Iraq and we are all praying that all goes well there so the Iraqis can git on their feet and we can begin to start thinkin bout bringing our "boys" home. I know there are ladys out there puttin' their lives on the line too, but to me your one of the "boys". And I mean that with dignity. I know the whole world is watching and hoping for stability and leadership to evolve from this region. Hey, give it chance. We tried this "democracy" thing a few hundred years ago and yes, we made some mistakes along the way, and sacrifices were made , but I think we live in a society where freedom and human rights are still well protected by the people. So!!!! Bring on the naysayers, the negatives, the protesters, the rightys and the leftys, the reds and the blues, 'cause we still got the right to say how we feel without persecution. And I can still say "God Bless America" and "God Bless You"!

HAVE A GREAT DAY!.....................Rovin

Monday, January 24, 2005

Yours Truely, My cousin Dave, and My Big Brother Tom Posted by Hello

Don't ya Just Love Mondays

Good Mornin' Monday to all. Yeah, it's my regular 3:30 am wake-up. Five and a half hours of slumber an the knoggin' just kicks in and wide awake Rov's off to the keyboard for a word. (or two)Finally "finished" my good friends Mike and Jadene's floor, shhhhhusss (It's a well known secret, I don't finish floors, I just install them) and they came out purty nice. The final coat of satin finish put the richness into this 3/4 red oak bedroom floor that was easy on the eyes. Didn't think at fifty-two I'd be installing and finishing floors but it's a good work-out. Keeps the heart tickin'.
What a weekend for sports. My Kings got thump by the Spurs after winning six straight. The Pats are headed for another Superbowl. Philly finally got past their demons in a championship game, and Tiger's back on the prowl on the links. Condolences to the Steelers and Falcons. I loved John Madden's comment when the playoffs got started about how every one of these teams will be sittin' at training camp next year and talking about how they lost the "big one" except for one. The bookies are taking the Pats -6and a half, I'm guessing they'll beat the Eagles by 10 or more.
Goodbye Johnny. We miss you still. The passing of a late nite legend. So many times I snuck out of bed to watch him from the corner of the hallway. And mom could never figur out why I looked so tired in the mornings. :) But that was in the sixties and it was a "big deal" if a kid got to stay up that late on a school night.
I'll save the politics for later in the week but I have to give ABC the "Idiot of the Week Award" for their "Searching for a Funeral" debacle. And a tie for second goes to Kerry and Boxer for "doin their dutys" as sour grapes obstructionist.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Creation of the Moze Foundation / A Benefit For Wayne Cardoza

"When Freedom of Speech Takes on a Whole Different Meaning"

One of my dear friends that I grew up with in the 70's and 80's, Mr. Wayne
Cardoza has been battling a rare cancer of the tongue for the past few years.
With the prognosis turning grim, the doctors had no choice but to remove and rebuild a new tongue. The surgery may have been called radical twenty years ago but today the technology can be called a small miracle. The "all day"
procedure was also very expensive. At this posting I can report the Wayne is feeling tingling in his new tongue and can legibly pronounce words. The doctors say they have removed all of the cancerous areas and we will all pray they are right on this one.

Friends and family here on the Northcoast are putting on an all day extravaganza to include dinner, live music and dancing, a silent auction and raffle of many fine gifts and services donated by this local community, including business leaders, craftsmen, (or is that craftpersons?), and many who don't even know Wayne and his family. This nobel cause is to help in deferring the cost of Wayne's surgery and to assist in his road to full recovery.


The Dinner and Auction will be held a the Moose Lodge at 4329 Campton Road,
Eureka, California with the cocktail hour/silent auction beginning at 5:00 pm
Dinner from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Dancing to the music of the EUREKA BRASS BAND will begin at 7:30 pm or as soon as Jeremiah gits his lips warmed up. :)

TICKETS: $8.00 per person, $15.00 per couple, and children under 12 only five bucks. (Bring childrens birth certificate and two pieces of ID) JUST KIDDING!!!

TICKETS available at the door, or in advance. For advance tickets please contact Jerry Cardoza at (707) 442-3372.

Please bring your hearts, cash or checkbook, and yur dancin' shoes for this benefit and celebration of Wayne's (The Moze) recovery.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Didn't git here by choice Posted by Hello

The Elimination of God

For generations now man has attempted to elminate God in one form or another. Even when Kings ruled that God did not exist, those monarchs parished while God prevailed. In most cases whole societies evolved and desolved not by the hand of God but by the works of man and his arrogant demeanor by insisting that God did not exist. Through-out the scriptures of the bible there are many storys of mans denial of Gods existance, and in each instance the price paid was the destruction of man by man, for turning awayfrom Him. Most of us spend our entire lives cherishing life here on earth and deny the possibility of eternal life by accepting the simple truth of Gods loving existance. This country, just like the empires that have come and gone has evolved in such a short time to the point where all the worldly possesions and politically-correct decisions to deny Gods existance will be the epitath to just another "rise and fall" of an empire. It's only a matter of time......and the clock is ticking.