Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Elimination of God

For generations now man has attempted to elminate God in one form or another. Even when Kings ruled that God did not exist, those monarchs parished while God prevailed. In most cases whole societies evolved and desolved not by the hand of God but by the works of man and his arrogant demeanor by insisting that God did not exist. Through-out the scriptures of the bible there are many storys of mans denial of Gods existance, and in each instance the price paid was the destruction of man by man, for turning awayfrom Him. Most of us spend our entire lives cherishing life here on earth and deny the possibility of eternal life by accepting the simple truth of Gods loving existance. This country, just like the empires that have come and gone has evolved in such a short time to the point where all the worldly possesions and politically-correct decisions to deny Gods existance will be the epitath to just another "rise and fall" of an empire. It's only a matter of time......and the clock is ticking.


Caryn said...

This country is turning into an empire and it's making me sick to my stomach. And it's not the fault of those who don't believe in God, like myself. We're not the ones in power.

JW said...

Our “World View” defines what and how we see today…

... regardless of how hard it may be to believe,
the simple fact is this, that Satan himself - in a
corporeal body - will PERSONALLY rule this world,
probably around the mid point of the trib. He is
intimately connected to his son Cain, who I believe
will be the a.c. and if we can understand how Cain is
going to return, we can ALSO understand the Return of

Enoch built the Pyramid of Giza before the flood and
modeled it after the City of Eden (see post of same
name). It has been called, "A hyper dimensional
powerhouse" by some, and according to Einstein the
Size and Mass of the pyramid, under the right
conditions, might make it possible to alter Space and

The condition, I believe, was supported by the flood
itself, when the barometric pressure and the water
inside the pyramid itself (they have proven that salt
water was at one time inside the pyramid, "The Orion
Mystery"?) brought about a condition in the pyramid
called "Triple Point" which is the condition at which
water, under a specific temperature and pressure, will
take on the form of a solid, liquid and gas all at the
same time.

I believe that at this point, if someone were in the
pyramid, that they would be transported through time
to the future. This whole concept, to some extent, is
portrayed in the movie Star Gate.

If Cain made his way into the pyramid at the time of
the flood then this would explain how he could return.
And this is supported by references in the Babylonian
Cosmology and is also indicated, as I have shown in my
series on "The Mystery Religion" in the archives,
that this is also supported by Scripture. The
information that tipped me off to this theory, is that
there is a FACE burned into the wall going into the
Queen's Chamber in the Pyramid EXACTLY like the image
on the shroud of Turin (ibid). SOMEONE was IN THE
PYRAMID when a tremendous amount of power was released
and it left his face BURNED into the stone of the

And this would explain why the Biblical record doesn't
tell us (in Genesis) what ever happened to Cain.

But, it also doesn't tell us what happened to the
CORPOREAL BODY OF THE SERPENT, which was cursed. All
we know is that satan, aS A SPIRIT, has been "walking
to and fro throughout the whole earth." People would
have tried to hunt him down an kill him before the
flood, and it is to be expected that, since he was
Cain’s sire, and god, and since Cain worshipped him as
such, that Satan, while imprisoned in the body of a
serpent, would have hung pretty close to his son for
protection - and together they founded the Mystery

Now, ask yourself this (just for fun), "WHAT IF SATAN
WAS WITH CAIN IN THE PYRAMID!!!" When triple point
was reached, satan's CORPOREAL BODY would have been
sent through time to the pyramid in the future, and
his spirit would then have been freed to 'walk to and
fro' through the earth. When Cain’s body was sent
through time, because he was an earthly creation (not
heavenly) he was interned "in the abyss" from which he
will rise in the future, when his body shows(ed) up.
And, when satan's body shows up, he will be
're-incarnated' immediately in his own body.

Since Cain was on the lower level - the queens
chamber, he will show up first. And since satan was
probably in the Kings chamber, he will probably show
up AFTER Cain. Now, this is portrayed in the song by
three doors down called kryptonite (remember that Saul
called up Samuel’s spirit, so it may be possible for
Cain to have communicated his thoughts to people while
still in the abyss), which says, "I took a walk around
the world to ease my troubled mind; I left my body
lying somewhere in the sands of time" and "you
stumbled in and bumped your head, if not for me then
you'd be dead, I picked you up and put you back on
solid ground." He, Cain, wandered around the world
(vagabond) after he killed able, and then he left his
body 'in the sands of time' when it was transported to
the future. While in the pyramid waiting, satan, in
the body of a serpent, shows up, and Cain lets him in
the pyramid and puts him in the kings coffer at the
top of the pyramid, and then BOTH are transported to
the future.

Now GET THIS. When satans body is REFORMED, it will
be in accordance with his specific DNA which is
determined by his spirit. Hence, when his body shows
up it will be as it was BEFORE HE WAS CURSED!!! Satan
which can soar up to HEAVEN ITSELF ("I WILL ASCEND UP

And THIS explains why John saw the Dragon STAND before
the woman in chapter 12. And this explains the
interpretation of all the passages that Peters had
problems with, and which I have posted on through the
years concerning Cain. And, you can't get much more
of a strong delusion then this, can you?

And now you know the real reason why it is called :