Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Wow! Have you seen that? Three days now and I'm still publishin'..........This is the "Humpday" according to stories I've heard, but seriously this only the third day of the week. We can't let them kids think that things start slowin' down on Wednesday fur crimanysakes..........

You can teach an ol' dog new tricks. I have been teaching myself to learn HTML and actually created the "Links" section on this website. Mind you, I didn't just add links,I went into the template's gobbly-gook and inserted it in the proper location. This is revolutionary stuff for me, and exciting too! (note to self: go into template and copy whole script to a safe place)

My Kings rebounded from that nasty loss to the Spurs by defeating the Nets 113-93. Brad Miller had a season high 31 points while Webber took the night off with a still sore ankle while the whole team shot a sizzling 55% from the floor.

I got a wild kick out of the posting someone added to my "Elimination of God" story. I wasn't past the first paragraph 'till I was laughing hysterically and wondered what kind of drugs this feller was I called my brother-in-law Jim to see if he wouldn't mind reading the post and giving me an opinion. What a shock to find out Jim was the one who posted it! Turns out it's a total satire, but he informed me that there are people who believe this stuff. It's right out of a classic sci-fi novel......

Off to the showers and another day of taking on the world.

Have a great day!..................Rovin

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