Thursday, January 27, 2005

Family Matters and Food for Thought

Got two wonderful emails today, Mom and Tisha. A generation apart but both together in my mailbox......who's the blessed one?Tisha's informed me that she's graduating this spring. We're all very proud of her. Mom, what can you say about mom? She still inspires me, consoles me, and guides me in all the things that are righteous in this world. A manifest of Gods pure love walking this earth today.....see my mom. She always sends me little poems or scriptures to enlighten me and feed my soul. Like this one: If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!

My Kings are playing at the Spurs tonight at 6:30 and it's payback time after the whoopin' the gave us last Sunday. Hope to have something nice to write about tomorrow. Eastern Conference note:Boston is the number 3 seed at 20-22. ??? Has anyone seen the greens at the Bob Hope Desert Classic ever look so good? Must be all that rain they got down there this month. Five guys at -8 under after the first round. Gotta be them greens.


Taken straight from Mr. Brit Hume's site:

Boycotting Bookmaker

More than 100 professors at universities and colleges across the country are boycotting McGraw-Hill textbooks for "demonstrating a willingness to sacrifice the well being of youth for profit and further ingraining oppressive beliefs." They have signed an on-line petition letter demanding McGraw-Hill put an end to it.
So what exactly are they so upset about? The people who write McGraw Hill's health textbooks have defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. McGraw-Hill however, says it's just following a law in Texas, whose board of education last year asked McGraw-Hill to clarify the "ambiguity of marriage."

Rovin's note: ( how many professors are there at all the universities and colleges across the country? Should be enough to make these "100" look mighty small........and wrong-minded. to wouldn't be here if man did not lye down with woman.)

HAVE A GREAT DAY!.............................Rovin

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