Monday, January 24, 2005

Don't ya Just Love Mondays

Good Mornin' Monday to all. Yeah, it's my regular 3:30 am wake-up. Five and a half hours of slumber an the knoggin' just kicks in and wide awake Rov's off to the keyboard for a word. (or two)Finally "finished" my good friends Mike and Jadene's floor, shhhhhusss (It's a well known secret, I don't finish floors, I just install them) and they came out purty nice. The final coat of satin finish put the richness into this 3/4 red oak bedroom floor that was easy on the eyes. Didn't think at fifty-two I'd be installing and finishing floors but it's a good work-out. Keeps the heart tickin'.
What a weekend for sports. My Kings got thump by the Spurs after winning six straight. The Pats are headed for another Superbowl. Philly finally got past their demons in a championship game, and Tiger's back on the prowl on the links. Condolences to the Steelers and Falcons. I loved John Madden's comment when the playoffs got started about how every one of these teams will be sittin' at training camp next year and talking about how they lost the "big one" except for one. The bookies are taking the Pats -6and a half, I'm guessing they'll beat the Eagles by 10 or more.
Goodbye Johnny. We miss you still. The passing of a late nite legend. So many times I snuck out of bed to watch him from the corner of the hallway. And mom could never figur out why I looked so tired in the mornings. :) But that was in the sixties and it was a "big deal" if a kid got to stay up that late on a school night.
I'll save the politics for later in the week but I have to give ABC the "Idiot of the Week Award" for their "Searching for a Funeral" debacle. And a tie for second goes to Kerry and Boxer for "doin their dutys" as sour grapes obstructionist.

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