Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'll Take Tuesday

I thought I would try a little color today to distract me and my fellow readers.
Got much done yesterday in laying "foundation for future sales". Contacts and commitments, visiting old clients, whoa nellie!, this is like goin back to the eightys when sales was my profession. Think it's all coming back with little rust on the perfomance. Keep the "tools" polished and every thing works better. Actually this is purty fun, 'cause I'm doin it for Wayne.

Ran into an old liars dice partner from them 80's at Marcellis and he informed me that he needs some flooring work at a place he's selling and guess who just happens to do floors? :) We hadn't finished our conversation for more than five minutes and Angelo (Marcelli) proceeds to let me know that he's ready for me to come look at about 700 ft of his floors to be sanded.
P.S. I DON'T SAND FLOORS! , I INSTALL THEM. ( note to myself: gotta find someone up here who can sand floors the way I like 'em so I don't have to.) I know it's part of the profession, but at 52 anyone who has seen the process of sanding and finishing hardwood floors knows the intensive labor involved. (my backs gittin' sore just thinkin' bout it)

Didn't git much time to check out the news, politics, or sports yesterday so I will have to save most of those comments for a later post. I did hear it's five more days till the elections in Iraq and we are all praying that all goes well there so the Iraqis can git on their feet and we can begin to start thinkin bout bringing our "boys" home. I know there are ladys out there puttin' their lives on the line too, but to me your one of the "boys". And I mean that with dignity. I know the whole world is watching and hoping for stability and leadership to evolve from this region. Hey, give it chance. We tried this "democracy" thing a few hundred years ago and yes, we made some mistakes along the way, and sacrifices were made , but I think we live in a society where freedom and human rights are still well protected by the people. So!!!! Bring on the naysayers, the negatives, the protesters, the rightys and the leftys, the reds and the blues, 'cause we still got the right to say how we feel without persecution. And I can still say "God Bless America" and "God Bless You"!

HAVE A GREAT DAY!.....................Rovin

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