Sunday, March 21, 2010

Judgment Day---Healthcare Bill Goes To House Floor

Damn the torpedoes and icebergs---full steam ahead.

Congressman Joe Barton, (R-TX) said this morning on America's Newsroom, (with Bill Hemmer and Martha McCallum working on Sunday, that the Democrats DO NOT have the 216 votes needed to pass ObamaCare. "Others", (including deputy whip Debbie Wasserman, (D-FL) have said they don't have the "hard numbers". Could Nancy Pelosi actually bring this legislation to the floor not knowing the final results? Pelosi has once before allowed a vote to go to the floor that got defeated back in September of 2008. This failure was the first of many government proposed bailouts to prop up Wall Street. Sources, back then said Pelosi may have been the major reason for its failure, because of a speech she made just days before the vote:

"Following the bill's failure, both parties embarked on a round of bitter finger-pointing. Congressional Republicans cited a speech by Ms. Pelosi on the House floor that blamed the economic crisis on years of Republican economic policies, including deregulation. "For too long this government, eight years, has followed a right-wing ideology of anything goes, no supervision, no discipline, no regulation," Rep. Pelosi said. "It has created not jobs, not capital; it has created chaos."
Little did Ms. Pelosi know we would be revisiting her profound words today. While it's doubtful Ms. Pelosi will make the same mistake again today prior to this "historic vote", the above bolded quote could easily describe this first year of a Democrat controlled government. One of the best arguments in this healthcare debate has been the cost of another "big government" entitlement in an environment where unemployment hovers at 10% or higher. With national polls for months now showing a majority against the bill, Barack Obama and the Democrats have put all their eggs in this one basket, not only ignoring the will of the people, but having to spend every piece of political capital, (including taxpayer capital to purchase votes with backroom deals), to rein in Democrats within their own party.

The process for this historical legislation has been just as disruptive and corruptive as the substance. From the Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase, to the "deem and pass" and reconciliation, (that will take place just days after this vote), and the "fake, but accurate" legislation submitted to the CBO, the Democrats have invested their careers to pass this poorly crafted bill. Whether this nation can afford another government entitlement that will pile on billions more in national debt, including taxing an already fiscally strapped public will be decided in just a few short hours.

The Democrats will tell the public that they gave everyone seventy-two hours to decipher and decide the fate of this "new direction" designed to empower an already bloated government, and yet, even in the face of public opposition, they’re in a “damn the torpedoes/icebergs, full steam ahead modus. However the outcome after today, one thing is certain: change is coming---again. And we will all be searching for a lifeboat on this “unsinkable legislation”.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Greatest American Swindle of the 21st Century---(Palin Update Added)

Liberal Democrats Make a Mockery of the Congressional Budget Office

For those of you who thought this story was about Bernie Madoff, think again. Although, there are distinct similarities to Madoff's Ponzi scheme---that bilked billions out of investors---the Democrats sent Douglas Elmendorf at the Congressional Budget Office, (CBO), the most creative and deceptive piece of legislation in U.S. history. In simple terms, the legislation sent to the CBO is frontloaded with projected revenues that includes cutting a half trillion from Medicare, borrowing imaginary funds from Social Security, and (this is the best one), begin collecting billions in new taxes and fines by mandating EVERY citizen in the United States own a health insurance policy. And to top all this off, your Democrat Congress is instructing the Internal Revenue Service, (IRS), to become the enforcement arm of collecting these new "revenues". If you think your accountant bills are out of line with the overhead in your small business, guess what, your accountant and the federal government is about to become your permanent partner.

But let’s return briefly to Mr. Elmendorf and his letter to Nancy Pelosi that “qualified” his scoring of the health care bill the House is about to pass. Elmendorf must have anguished for hours on how to make the CBO’s score not only look ridiculous, but how he might maintain the integrity of a once independent and impartial arm of congress. Here are a few excerpts prefacing the CBO’s score of H.R. 4872, the Reconciliation Act of 2010:

•“The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) have completed a preliminary estimate of the direct spending and revenue effects of an amendment in the nature of a substitute to H.R. 4872, the Reconciliation Act of 2010;”

•“…the [CBO] has not thoroughly examined the reconciliation proposal to verify its consistency with the previous draft. This estimate is therefore preliminary, pending a review of the language of the reconciliation proposal, as well as further review and refinement of the budgetary projections.

•“CBO has not completed an estimate of the potential impact of the legislation
on discretionary spending, which would be subject to future appropriation action.” NOTE: Non-defense, non-veterans discretionary spending has risen 85 percent since the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives.

•“CBO has not extrapolated estimates further into the future because the uncertainties surrounding them are magnified even more.”

•“CBO has not yet completed an assessment of the impact for the longer term of enacting the reconciliation proposal by itself.”

Feel better? Mr. Elmendorf should have sent Mz. Pelosi a one sentence response to the information “her House” supplied----“You’ve got to be kidding?” Paul Ryan, ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee and a member of the House Ways and Means Committee explains Elmendorf’s dilemma in his address at the healthcare summit. The six minute video explicitly explains how the “garbage in---garbage out” theory works with this “historical” ponzi scheme:

“Since the Congressional Budget Office can't score your bill, because it doesn't have sufficient detail, but it tracks very similar to the Senate bill, I want to unpack the Senate score a little bit.

And if you take a look at the CBO analysis, analysis from your chief actuary, I think it's very revealing. This bill does not control costs. This bill does not reduce deficits. Instead, this bill adds a new health care entitlement at a time when we have no idea how to pay for the entitlements we already have.”……Paul Ryan

The problem is, Doug Elmendorf knows this. He also knows that his “preliminary estimate” released to Nancy Pelosi is chock full of “what ifs” and gimmicks purposely designed to make this bill appear to be affordable. When Ryan said, “The Senate Budget Committee chairman said that this is a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud”, you could hear a pin drop in the room where the President and Democrats completely understand their mission to turn the health care industry over to the Federal Government---by any means necessary---including the disingenuous accounting procedures the CBO received and scurrilously returned to an unsuspecting public. The shameful reality is this new entitlement about to pass has not only permanently disgraced the institution of the Congressional Budget Office, the procedures about to be used by the Democrats “to make history”, (in the face of a majority of Americans who have rejected this bill), will indeed be the most historical decline in how our government preforms their duties as a representative republic or what the framers intended.

From this point on, our dictionaries will describe “swindles and ponzi schemes” with an asterisk----*(see the 111th congress or Bernie Madoff for a simple explanation).

Update: Sarah Palin says: America – Be Heard or Brace for “Transformation”

(editor's note: I reserve the right to revise and extend)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Senate Health Care Reconciliation---'Nuclear Option'---A Democratic Hypocrisy

As you watch this video, try to envision Democrats justifying the use of this procedure under their own objections, and with a majority of the nation firmly against this Health Care legislation.

Now, as to the liberals argument that Republicans have used reconciliation in the past on important legislation, reading the following letter, (written by a conservative friend), sent to Sean Hannity should put an end to these talking points:

Dear Mr. Hannity,

One of the things that annoys me is the apparent inability of conservative pundits, anchors,, to respond appropriately when Democratic/liberal commentators cite an easily rebutted "fact."

Last night, Mr. Beckel, as he often does, cited a fact -- that Republicans had used reconciliation for welfare reform and most importantly, the Bush tax cuts of 2001. You and Cal Thomas simply sat there; there was no response.

And the impression this leaves for many viewers is that, yes, this is something both parties do; so find another argument. Democrats have been using this line on reconciliation for two or three weeks now, and I've yet to hear a conservative pundit respond with anything other than "it's not meant to be used for this." That's not enough; there's more to be said....and YOU should have been prepared to say it.

Now, I don't have a staff of researchers like you and Mr. Thomas; I am not able to devote all my working hours to considering the various arguments, researching facts, developing a position. soon as Mr. Beckel said that the Republicans used reconciliation for the Bush tax cuts, I knew something was wrong. I knew that there was no huge debate about that process in 2001; and I knew that it was decidedly bipartisan.

And guess what, Mr. Hannity? It took me less than 5 minutes on the internet to discover the vote in the Senate was 58-33, with 2 Democrats voting present, 7 not voting, including Sen. Enzi. And famously, John voted against them. This was a decidedly bipartisan vote -- the following Democratic senators voted for the tax cuts:

Breaux, La
Carnahan, Mo
Cleland, Ga
Feinstein, Ca
Johnson, SD
Kohl, Wi
Landrieu, La
Lincoln, Ar
Nelson, Ne
(those last 3 are kind of ironic, aren't they?)
Toricelli, NJ
Zoe Miller, Ga

That's eleven Democrats...again I found that out in a couple of minutes. You should know it....and one other hard is to say that the public supported the Bush tax cuts, but they overwhelmingly reject this thing before us now? (As for the welfare reform, it was signed by a Democratic president, with large bipartisan least one of you, you or Mr. Thomas. should have noted that....) If Obamacare is to be stopped, conservative pundits need to be fully prepared every time liberal spin floats through the air.

If there is even a chance at stopping this government power grab by these liberal "progressives", all of us must be prepared in the crucial days ahead.

Monday, March 08, 2010


As the national media turned its full attention to Hollywood’s last and best awards ceremony, the Academy Awards, the addiction of grasping onto fantasy and the art of creationalism will finally subside. For almost a quarter of a year, the "producers" have created a built-in barrage of self-adulation, glorification, aggrandizement, and exaltation, all in the name of movie-making. From the Golden Globes, SAGs, Peoples Choice, Oscars, Cannes, and Emmys, America's fascination with the art of movie-making and mounting "the stars" on pedestals has held millions captive in the industry of make believe. From the beginning of the silver screen, to the advent of television, many Americans are addicted to the movies that either touch our lives or reflect the way we would choose to live given a different or alternative choice.

There was a distinct difference between the two frontrunners for last nights "best picture"; one a brutal reality of today's war against terrorism and weapon of choice to spread the fear, the IED. While the other is another love story thrust into the future with 21st century technology, along with the typical anti-capitalist theme of pitting man against the mean and greedy corporations, (publically owned companies). Of course, we all know that 90% of Hollywood is made up of unionized corporations, with Walt Disney/ABC one of the largest in the world. Speaking of corporate shake-downs, Disney/ABC held out to the bitter end before Cablevision agreed to pay the network fees, fifteen minutes into the Oscar ceremonies. In LA county alone, there are some of the largest corporations in the nation---Northrop Grumman, Occidental Petroleum, Edison International to name a few----yet they, (the shareholders), must get a kick out of the movie Avatar pitting the “unfortunate” against a mean evil corporation. But, the producers and directors will remind all of us "it's just a movie", purely fictional entertainment, unlike the docu-drama, “an inconvenient truth” that was based of “factual consensus”. The hypocritical elites in Hollywood wouldn’t dream of exalting a lie to promote an agenda. How could they possibly charge advertisers superbowl rates with out legitimacy? But wouldn't an industry, that survives on "making things up", have a hard time using the word "legitimate" in describing their trade? Maybe if the folks in the New York area that were going to be blacked out might have passed up on the Oscars when they understand the price of their cable is about to go up to pay for a capitalistic greedy move by Disney/ABC. But that’s far too much reality for the folks in Hollywood busy passing out their golden trophies. Even the first woman to ever win a directors award had to exalt her gentlemen peers while accepting her award, calling them “the most powerful”. Did you see how important it was for her to be a part of "the club"?

For a moment there, I forgot she was a woman……as a tingle shot up my leg.

Next up: Withdrawals and Rehabs---a post Oscar Hospital Guide for actors with untaxed Cadillac Plans.

(Editor’s note: this is a draft only----revisions will be expected.)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Obama, Democrats: The American Public is Too Stupid to Know What's Good For Them---HealthCare Bill to Pass with Reconciliation

In an outright defiance of public opinion, according to Jake Trapper, President Obama is continuing his plans to force Americans to accept his HealthCare legislation by threatening to use reconciliation, also called the nuclear option. By bypassing the 2/3's majority required for cloture in the Senate, the president will ask the Senate to use a simple majority rule to take control of the largest government entitlement since Social Security. The Social Security program, (that the government raids yearly to fund other programs), is already in serious trouble. Add this in with a record breaking 12.5 trillion national debt, many Americans are asking who really is in charge of this fiscal insanity? The answer is a democrat controlled congress marching lockstep with the president, risking their political futures in defying the will of a public majority. Instead, Trapper says "its full steam ahead":

"White House officials tell ABC News that in his remarks tomorrow President Obama will indicate a willingness to work with Republicans on some issue to get a health care reform bill passed but will suggest that if it is necessary, Democrats will use the controversial "reconciliation" rules requiring only 51 Senate votes to pass the "fix" to the Senate bill, as opposed to the 60 votes to stop a filibuster and proceed to a vote on a bill." link
With congressional approval rating at historical lows, and the anti-Washington sentiment growing over the past year with Obama's out of control spending policies, Democrats appear to be putting themselves on the endangered species list. Yesterday's majority victory by Texas governor Rick Perry further signaled the general public’s rejection of Washington's plans for a government controlled health care system, adding another entitlement to the list of broken programs. Perry's campaign victory last night was predicated on the country's rejection of Washington politics, even against "safe" Republicans with moderate conservative voting records:

‘Yes’ for Texas Governor Is ‘No’ to Washington
HOUSTON — Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison had all the advantages a year ago when she laid her plans to run for governor: a high popularity rating, a party shaken by President Obama’s victory, a big bankroll and, most important, the backing of influential Republicans, who felt the incumbent governor, Rick Perry, was too divisive and too conservative.

But by the time Republican voters went to the polls here in a primary on Tuesday, the political ground had shifted under Senator Hutchison, who lost in a three-way race to Mr. Perry.......

........."The Republican primary in Texas reflects the grass-roots rebellion among conservatives against moderate Republicans and Democrats that has shaken up politics across the country, beginning with the defeat of the Democratic candidate for Senate in Massachusetts by Scott Brown, a Republican......

In California, for instance, the longtime Democratic senator, Barbara Boxer, is facing her toughest challenge in years from a field of three Republicans......

In Florida, Gov. Charlie Crist, a centrist Republican, is facing a strong challenge to his bid for the United States Senate from a more conservative candidate, Marco Rubio. Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, once considered unbeatable, has a primary challenge from a conservative talk-show host, J. D. Hayworth. And in Kentucky, Rand Paul, son of Representative Ron Paul, the Texas libertarian, is giving the Republican establishment a rough ride." link

With so much anti-Washington grassroots rejection of a big government attempting to get bigger, and even moderate Republicans fighting to keep their jobs, what the President and the Democrats plan on doing with this health care legislation---cramming it down the publics throat---many Democrats will certainly be looking for new job in November. It's no wonder the jobs bill is sailing through congress with little resistance. But, according to our President, we're too stupid to understand what's in our best interest.