Monday, March 08, 2010


As the national media turned its full attention to Hollywood’s last and best awards ceremony, the Academy Awards, the addiction of grasping onto fantasy and the art of creationalism will finally subside. For almost a quarter of a year, the "producers" have created a built-in barrage of self-adulation, glorification, aggrandizement, and exaltation, all in the name of movie-making. From the Golden Globes, SAGs, Peoples Choice, Oscars, Cannes, and Emmys, America's fascination with the art of movie-making and mounting "the stars" on pedestals has held millions captive in the industry of make believe. From the beginning of the silver screen, to the advent of television, many Americans are addicted to the movies that either touch our lives or reflect the way we would choose to live given a different or alternative choice.

There was a distinct difference between the two frontrunners for last nights "best picture"; one a brutal reality of today's war against terrorism and weapon of choice to spread the fear, the IED. While the other is another love story thrust into the future with 21st century technology, along with the typical anti-capitalist theme of pitting man against the mean and greedy corporations, (publically owned companies). Of course, we all know that 90% of Hollywood is made up of unionized corporations, with Walt Disney/ABC one of the largest in the world. Speaking of corporate shake-downs, Disney/ABC held out to the bitter end before Cablevision agreed to pay the network fees, fifteen minutes into the Oscar ceremonies. In LA county alone, there are some of the largest corporations in the nation---Northrop Grumman, Occidental Petroleum, Edison International to name a few----yet they, (the shareholders), must get a kick out of the movie Avatar pitting the “unfortunate” against a mean evil corporation. But, the producers and directors will remind all of us "it's just a movie", purely fictional entertainment, unlike the docu-drama, “an inconvenient truth” that was based of “factual consensus”. The hypocritical elites in Hollywood wouldn’t dream of exalting a lie to promote an agenda. How could they possibly charge advertisers superbowl rates with out legitimacy? But wouldn't an industry, that survives on "making things up", have a hard time using the word "legitimate" in describing their trade? Maybe if the folks in the New York area that were going to be blacked out might have passed up on the Oscars when they understand the price of their cable is about to go up to pay for a capitalistic greedy move by Disney/ABC. But that’s far too much reality for the folks in Hollywood busy passing out their golden trophies. Even the first woman to ever win a directors award had to exalt her gentlemen peers while accepting her award, calling them “the most powerful”. Did you see how important it was for her to be a part of "the club"?

For a moment there, I forgot she was a woman……as a tingle shot up my leg.

Next up: Withdrawals and Rehabs---a post Oscar Hospital Guide for actors with untaxed Cadillac Plans.

(Editor’s note: this is a draft only----revisions will be expected.)

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