Monday, March 15, 2010

Senate Health Care Reconciliation---'Nuclear Option'---A Democratic Hypocrisy

As you watch this video, try to envision Democrats justifying the use of this procedure under their own objections, and with a majority of the nation firmly against this Health Care legislation.

Now, as to the liberals argument that Republicans have used reconciliation in the past on important legislation, reading the following letter, (written by a conservative friend), sent to Sean Hannity should put an end to these talking points:

Dear Mr. Hannity,

One of the things that annoys me is the apparent inability of conservative pundits, anchors,, to respond appropriately when Democratic/liberal commentators cite an easily rebutted "fact."

Last night, Mr. Beckel, as he often does, cited a fact -- that Republicans had used reconciliation for welfare reform and most importantly, the Bush tax cuts of 2001. You and Cal Thomas simply sat there; there was no response.

And the impression this leaves for many viewers is that, yes, this is something both parties do; so find another argument. Democrats have been using this line on reconciliation for two or three weeks now, and I've yet to hear a conservative pundit respond with anything other than "it's not meant to be used for this." That's not enough; there's more to be said....and YOU should have been prepared to say it.

Now, I don't have a staff of researchers like you and Mr. Thomas; I am not able to devote all my working hours to considering the various arguments, researching facts, developing a position. soon as Mr. Beckel said that the Republicans used reconciliation for the Bush tax cuts, I knew something was wrong. I knew that there was no huge debate about that process in 2001; and I knew that it was decidedly bipartisan.

And guess what, Mr. Hannity? It took me less than 5 minutes on the internet to discover the vote in the Senate was 58-33, with 2 Democrats voting present, 7 not voting, including Sen. Enzi. And famously, John voted against them. This was a decidedly bipartisan vote -- the following Democratic senators voted for the tax cuts:

Breaux, La
Carnahan, Mo
Cleland, Ga
Feinstein, Ca
Johnson, SD
Kohl, Wi
Landrieu, La
Lincoln, Ar
Nelson, Ne
(those last 3 are kind of ironic, aren't they?)
Toricelli, NJ
Zoe Miller, Ga

That's eleven Democrats...again I found that out in a couple of minutes. You should know it....and one other hard is to say that the public supported the Bush tax cuts, but they overwhelmingly reject this thing before us now? (As for the welfare reform, it was signed by a Democratic president, with large bipartisan least one of you, you or Mr. Thomas. should have noted that....) If Obamacare is to be stopped, conservative pundits need to be fully prepared every time liberal spin floats through the air.

If there is even a chance at stopping this government power grab by these liberal "progressives", all of us must be prepared in the crucial days ahead.

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