Monday, January 31, 2005

Sunday was a Victorious Day

The morning was cold, and crisp, and clear. You could almost hear the victory bells ringing as Iraq took a big step closer to their own sweet liberty. People were dancing in the streets in celebration of this young democracy. Over 44 people lost their lives by the suicidal cowards that are blinded from a life of freedom and peace. We pray that God or Allah will change their hearts and give peace a chance.

My very good friend, Mike, bought me a round of Golf on Sunday. Matt and I joined Mike and Scott in a little competition. The greens were slow from the recent rains but as the morning sun warmed up you couldn't ask for a more beautiful day. Good shots and bad shots were had by all, and that's the nature of the game. My fade was as tolerable as the ribbing I got for four-putting a par three. And Scott, I apologize for the comment I made about "greens in regulation" (NOT!) :) As spring approaches I'm sure there will be more battles on the course. We're all lookin' forward to that.

Have a Great Day.......................Rovin

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