Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The State of the Nation

Tomorrow the President will be addressing the nation on where we stand and how we move forward. Bold new plans will be introduced and some will be met with strong resistance from the left side of the isle. The "stabilization" of Iraq should give G.W. a little clout and may let him shift gears to push serious issues such as Social Security reform, (which needs to be fixed now, Ms. Polosi). Instead of submitting ideas to help in reforming the system, the Dems appear to be posturing to make this a "wedge" issue. Expect to hear rhetoric and fear speech along the lines of "the rich will be taking food out of the seniors mouths" and "privatizing will only put the system in jeopardy". Most of us know the system will be in the "red" by 2016 and the denial of some should not hinder the changes necessary to fix it. (note to Dems: try to find a cause worth fighting for and you may get some credibility back) For the first time a sitting president is willing to take on what has always been labeled as the "hot potato" no one ever dared to touch because it was always feared to be a "death-nell" to political careers. For the good of the nation, restructuring is a must and the Democrats should find another issue worth standing up against. To use this issue to fight will send them down the road of despair and doom and gloom, and more negative thought which the majority of Americans just aren't buying anymore. Step up, step forward, or just get out of the way.


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