Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Social Security Reform is the Wrong Battle for Democrats

If the folks on the left side of the aisle have any common sense, they may want to look carefully into their actions when it comes time for SS reform to hit the table. Most of the people in this country understand it is a major problem that needs to get fixed now and not left for some other legislature to tackle. It is also understood that the longer we wait the bigger the problem will get.

If the Democrats get out their old playbook and decide to use this as a "wedge" issue, we will see all the similarities (and outrightlies) of the Balanced Budget Amendment presented by the Republicans in 94. You will hear statements from the left like"The Republicans are trying to take food off the table of SeniorCitizens", "Gutting the SS system will leave nothing for our Children", Hell, let's throw in an absurdity like "the whole revamping of the SS system is a Halliburton conspiracy". You get the picture. If it's one thing the left has not forgotten how to do, is produce doom and gloom fabrications and scare tactics.

note: ( replace previous paragraph with actual statements by the left in two or three days)

We will all have to understand that the left is looking for a soapbox to stand on a.s.a.p. so they can get "their message out".Maybe with the help of the MSM it will be another stumbling block. The American public understands this is a future nightmare that can be repaired now, and a promise of a more secure and profitable system left for our children's future is the right thing to do. If (when) the Democrats choose this issue for a fight, they will be doing it for the benefit of their own selfish party and not for the good will of this country.


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