Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remembering 2008

The number eight has been my lucky number since I turned 8 years old. Even on 8/08/88, my ex-girlfriend called me at work to wish me a happy multiple eight. 1968 was the year I won my first district championship as a 106 pound wrestler, (little big-man on campus), and my sweetheart was the homecoming queen. 1978 was a great year for California cabernets. Not sure what happened in '98, but 2008 may go down as my least favorite year. Saying goodbye to a President, (that may take historians a few decades to sort though the biased media's crucifixion before getting the story straight), I can't help but feel a little less safer with the liberal-pseudo-mentality that's now in charge of protecting this nation. Those who passed away in 2008 may be the fortunate one's who will not have to endure the potential mayhem to come. Gone, but certainly not forgotten was Charlton Heston, a champion of protecting our 2nd amendment rights. Other legends that passed on this year include Bo Diddley, Jim McKay, and the other "old blue eyes" Paul Newman.

On the political side, never in this nation's short history has the tide of liberalism/socialism been so blatantly aided by an unrelenting media hell bent on shoving their ideology down the throats of a gullible electorate. This was definitely the year that if you promised the moon, (with no regard to the cost passed on to generations), you got elected. Even our President-elect Barack Obama spent most of his campaign promising up to a trillion dollars in new social welfare programs knowing full well none could be delivered with a conscience of fiscal responsibility. Following this new President's 126 day tenure as a Senate representative, is a trail of stench emulating from a "time honored" corruptive system of Chicago Machine politics where quid pro quo warrants an Oscar winning performance that the Hollywood left would envy. What transpires ahead with a brazen Governor bred in corruption, ("f**k his appreciation"), and apparently giving the Illinois electorate and Washington establishment the proverbial finger, only the liberal media can fold this embarrassment into a "well baked" story of racial inequality and justifiable to the masses. 52% has already swallowed the head of the poisonous snake----might as well swallow the tail/tale.

It only took two years for a "new direction" democrat controlled house and senate to relegate the congress to the
lowest ratings in Gallup polling history. Now that they control both the legislative and executive branches of our government, it's only a matter of time before the judiciary is infected and begins re-writing the constitution. As a conservative that has held onto the morals of individual responsibility, I'm not only disheartened by the events that took place this year, I fear this "new direction" is fraught with more dissection and denigration of a once moral society that took the ten commandments seriously.

While I attempted to "google" up a lighter and more positive side of this nation's political direction, sadly I found little that could brighten up our future as leaders of the free world. George W. Bush and
our fallen Patriots of this great nation rose to the task when this country saw three thousand souls perish on 9/11. He took the fight to their shores and their caves that these cowards crawl in. Oh, and in the process, managed to liberate two nations who had lived for decades in tyrannical repression where civil human rights did not exist. Bush also promised to do everything in his power to prevent another attack on our soil. To that end, his promise has been fulfilled, and for that we should all be grateful. Historians will again be tasked with the responsibility for "righting" / writing these facts while filtering out the media bias that allowed infectious fabrications (fueled by Bush Derangement Syndrome) and led by the liberal garbage of the New York Times, (Bill Keller), NBC, (Jeff Zucker) et all, where Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin's family were "scrutinized" more than our President-elect.

Disclaimer: While I detest Barack Obama's politics of socialist welfare ideology that may hasten this country's regression into government dependency, unlike most of my liberal friends that never recognized President Bush as legitimate, (like it or not), Barack Obama IS my President. I cannot in good conscience and moral standing wish any ill will on a man that has so much "ordained" on his shoulders in these trying times.

2008 may very well go down in U.S. history as the "year/progression of change". But the number eight may also have faded from my "lucky number" adoration.

May the New Year bring about a sanity of individual responsibility based on the moral principals that our founding fathers thought were critical enough to put in our constitution that not only provided, but protected us from a government for and by the people. History has provided us with what happens to a society that hands too much power or dependency to any government. Whether we are doomed to repeat it remains to be seen.

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