Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scarborough Rips MSM

Via Newsbusters, this is one of the best indictments of the failures, (deliberate omissions), by the mainstream media.

From Mark Finkelstein:

"In one of the more incisive indictments of the MSM I've witnessed, certainly by one of its own, Joe Scarborough tore into the media this morning for its failure to have investigated Barack Obama's political roots. In particular, the Morning Joe host ripped the MSM for not testing the truth of Ryan Lizza's reporting, above, of Rahm Emanuel's claim that he and Obama were central figures in Blago's 2002 gubernatorial campaign. Scarborough pointed out that already this summer, when the Lizza article appeared, it was known that Blago was under a deep ethical cloud. Yet the MSM charged off to Wasilla to investigate Sarah Palin's librarian, utterly uninterested in the report of Obama's intimate link with America's most corrupt governor. John Harwood of NYT/CNBC and Mike Barnicle played the perfect foils for Scarborough's impassioned tirade, Barnicle going so far as to claim that no investigation was necessary: his "instinct" told him that Emanuel had overstated Obama's involvement with Blago's campaign." LINK

Please go to the link and watch the video of Scarborough basically saying what most Conservatives said thoughout the Presidential campaign: "where's the vetting process for Barack Obama?"

Some one needs to archive this video before it gets vaporized by MSNBC.

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