Thursday, December 11, 2008

(by Rovin)

"The heart of machine politics is deal making and deal making is a political tradition in Illinois. You give nothing away. Everything is traded. Everything is a deal and that's how this state has operated from the very beginning." (Paul Green, director of the Institute for Politics at Chicago's Roosevelt University) LINK

Rovin's Observations:

How soon will some one write a book about the rise and fall of Rod Blagojevich? Byron York at National Review Online writes about how an investigation suddenly stopped.

The Chicago Machine, a political juggernaut within itself, is probably feeling like an ant under a magnifying glass, and the heat should be unbearable. Susan Jones, Senior Editor at warns of more Chicago-style corruption with government intervention into private business.

The Service Employees International Union may have been playing a large part in this scandal.

Patrick Fitzgerald should be feeling like
Eliot Ness right about now. Taking on the “Mob” mentality in 21st century Illinois parallels Ness’s late 20’s adventure of bringing a furniture dealer named Alphonse Capone to justice.

So far, President-elect Barack Obama, (who emerged from the cesspool of the Chicago Machine) has been tip-towing through the tulips avoiding the apparent associations that shaped his political career. (insert link)

If “
candidate number five” is Jessie Jackson Jr. and number one is Valerie Jarrett, will candidates number two thru four please step forward and accept your prize?

Could some one remind the moron journalist and editors in the mainstream media that the political affiliation belongs in the first paragraph after the named perpetrator? (note to publishers: Blogojevich is a democrat!)

Al Gore is still waiting to cash in his carbon credits with Barack Obama.

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