Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's Tuesday and April's Fading Fast

Where did the month go? I wish it (time) would slow down a bit, so I can stop and smell the roses. Speakin of roses, everything's blooming out there. Fresh air from a spring rain, and the birds are singing. Well, maybe it's more like the crows are cackling around here, but you git my drift.

Quit work a little early yesterday and walked nine holes at the "Muni". For all the rain we've got lately, the course was pretty nice, and the greens were awesome. Took a double on one, parred two, and birdied three, and never saw another green in regulation. Good thing we only played nine. The ol' left knee can only take so much before it starts screaming at me.

Haven't heard "hide nor hair" from my contributors to the CrumFamReunion site. And I'm still looking for a good post editor up north. (Jim or Sue or Kim or Mom) I know you people can write something about how life is going up in the northern territory. At least sign the guestbook over there to let me know yur alive! :) And send me some photos too. You can send them to either Rovin2b@yahoo.com or CrumFamReunion@yahoo.com and I will post them to the site.

Maybe Lisa's working on a newsletter and just not finished yet. I'll give her a call later in the week. And cousin Karen was gonna send me some "stuff" from the eastern seaboard. Well, I gotta git some domestic chores done and git to work.

Have a great day and God Bless You, KC

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