Monday, April 18, 2005

Catching Up With Time..........

Funny how the simple task becomes complicated when mother nature kicks in. It's God's way of reminding us it's His timepiece we are running on. We awaken each morning with our own agenda, and rarely take into account that nature has it's own. Have you ever noticed when it's raining people tend to actually drive their vehicles faster instead of a cautiously slower pace. I often laugh at the idiot racing by me, changing lanes erratically, only to reach their destination a whole thirty seconds ahead of me. Will they accomplish more of their agenda than mine at the end of the day? I doubt it. Is their internal clock along with their blood pressure running at a faster pace than mine? Most likely.

Speaking of the rain, we had a little last week here that altered my plans for completing an outdoor job. It didn't take long for me to find projects inside that needed attention. Projects that usually run down at the bottom of my priority list became apparently easy to accomplish because of a little storm that decided to cross my path. Then the sun popped out on Sunday and I had the opportunity to play a round of golf with three of my best friends. It was one of my worst rounds of golf in a few years but I did chip two in the hole from off the green that took the sting out of the day. (Tiger Who?) :) Don took most of the money, but I got the glory. You just gotta love the game and it will find a way to love you back. We completed the evening with a wonderful dinner at Drew and Karens home. Drew BBQ'ed pork chops on the "titanic" of all Webbers. My friend Matt mentioned you could probably cook a quarter of a cow on this thing.

I had some time to spend developing the CrumFamReunion 2005 website this week. Still more work to do there. Added a guestbook and a photo storage link site that may encourage others in the Family to contribute. But I won't hold my breath. My brother-in-law up north won't even return my calls because I don't have my phone number exposed to his caller i.d., but it's too late now 'cause I've forgotten why I called him in the first place. Must have been one of those items on the bottom of that "priority" list. When I finally remember and our lines of communication open, I will look forward to his compassionate wisdom. Maybe this is all part of the "grand plan", and our endless pursuit with "Catching up with Time".

Have a great day...............Rovin

Update: Jim called me the same day I posted this. He seems to pay attention to me like a gardian angel on my shoulder. TYVM Jim n awou too! KC


Anonymous said...

So what is going on in Rovin's world? I hope this works this time, I love overcoming barriers. In my original comment, I expresed my thanks for your kind words concerning dinner at my house with other good people. And I also expressed my appreciation for your friendship. I like being able to say rediculous things and you still like me. Or let me refrase that, I like being able to say what I think and even if you do not agree with me, we can still pick up where we left off. Thanks for that. we might not always agree, but I love the opportunity to banter. I appreciate your passionate point of view, it makes me think. Sincerely, Sheila

Rovin said...

As you can see your comment has been posted and now you are (as they say in the blogosphere) "in the fray". The ability to disagree with someone's opinion and remain respectful of that opinion is not hard for me. It's not even hard for me to tell you (at certain times) what you say is rediculous, or has no foundation or fact. But that will always be a part of the debate. It will not affect our friendship on my side of the fence. Welcome to Rovins World. :)