Friday, April 08, 2005


I don't know how I always git into these situations, but I keep tryin to tell everyone for more than two years......."I don't sand and finish floors". Well guess what I've been doing this week? Yeppers, I'm up on Humboldt Hill, sanding and finishing around 600 feet of red oak hardwood. Actually the job is coming out very nice (as expected), but it's taking a toll on the ol'
body. Next week I git to do an eight foot addition to a deck. Whoopie!

Update: The Crumley Family Reunion Website is up and still under construction. I will give it some attention this weekend. My cousin Lisa has agreed to contribute, and we will love her input. I should have a photo storage link and a questbook installed soon, so everbody can start sending in some info and pics. For now if you have something please send it via e-mail to and I will post it to the website. I am also going to dedicate an album exclusively for our loved ones who are no longer with us here, so their memorys can be recorded. All "journalist and publishers" in the family will be required to participate. Cousin Karen has e-mailed me and agreed to "input" after the tax season is over. I've got so many more ideas about how we can all share in this endeavor, but I need another cup of coffee and got some billing to do. Look for more news this weekend. Lov ya all and have a great day!


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