Sunday, April 10, 2005

If Someone is Searching..........

.......Show them the light. 3:30 am and I am awaken to a vehicle and a voice driving up and down the road. Only thing to do is show 'em the light, so I git up and turn on the most powerful light outside the place. Once this thing warms up, it's like daylight for near fifty yards. Now if I had a camera outside I could really keep an eye on things. I'm bettin God has an awesome camera system. :) Trouble here is, I've had close to six hours sleep, so it looks like I'm up for the day and these people going up and down the road haven't even gone to bed yet. Talk about a generation gap?

I had an absolutely wonderful dinner at Shiela Nelson's home last night with around a dozen awesome people. ( The Lady can cook!) Everything I loaded onto my plate was so appeasing to the palate, I went back for seconds. Throw in some fine wine and music and you've got the recipe for a delightful evening. Played catch with Farley too. He decided my champagne cork was in better taste than his dilapidated ball. Thankyou Shiela. :0)

Gonna put the last coat of finish on the Lazio job this mornin and close out an invoice. He's got a few more projects for me to do, but the big one's pretty much"in the books". Next project up is a deck extention. Developing........

Have a great day.........Rovin

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