Saturday, April 09, 2005

Rain, Rain, and more Rain

I don't think the rain ever stopped yesterday. We had to have got at least 2 inches. Makes it tough when your tryin' to keep a bare wood floor dry. Gotta work this mornin for a few hours and Sunday to put on the last coat of finish. I will try to git over to the CrumFamReunion site and work on it in the afternoons.

Talked to Mr. Ross Ripple (up in Graeagle) last night for a bit. He's informed me that the river (Feather) is too high for good trout fishin but it could improve in a few weeks. May have to take a little pre-reunion road trip and check it out. If I catch any nice ones, I'll try to take some pictures, cause I always "catch and release" in garlic and butter. :)

Off to work and have a great day............................Rovin

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