Sunday, September 17, 2006

Conservatives Out-breeding Liberals

From the San Francisco Chronicle (another common liberal newspaper) Insight Staff Writer Vicki Haddock writes an article that is good news for Republicans:

Republicans' fertile future: Through the past three decades, conservatives have been procreating more than liberals.

If you're a liberal, here's what you can do to make Karl Rove a very happy man: Get yourself a labradoodle. Or any other kind of dog, for that matter. Even a cat will do. Just don't have children.

That way you'll maintain a fertility gap that already is invisibly working to guarantee the political right will outnumber the left by an ever-growing margin. Over the past three decades, conservatives have been procreating more than liberals -- continuing to seed the future with their genes by filling bassinets coast to coast with tiny Future Republicans of America.

Take a randomly selected sample of 100 liberal adults and 100 conservative adults. According to an analysis of the 2004 General Social Survey -- a bible of data for social scientists -- the liberals would have had 147 kids, while the conservatives would have had 208. That's a fertility gap of 41 percent. Even adjusting for other variables like age and income, there is a gap of 19

I'd say the future's looking brighter every day/night for our conservative party. Now if we can just find a way to speed up the process. Where's "Bob" when ya need him?

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