Monday, September 18, 2006

WHAT IF?.........

What if, one day, all of the Islamist, Jihadist, Hamas, Hezbollas, and all other Moslems who murder innocent infidels in the name of Allah, just woke up one morning and decided to take the day off? That's right! Take the day off from killing, just went to morning prayer and decided, "I don't feel like bloodshed and mayhem today, so I'll just take the day off." Would Allah be pissed? You know Allah, the father of Islam, the religion of peaceful, accepting, tolerant, and loving ways. Would Allah say "No, you may not take a day off from suicide, murder, and mayhem." "You must kill every day of your life here." "Death of the infidels must be your mission in life and there are NO days off." Would Allah understand if many were so tired of the bloodshed, they just needed a day off?

Better yet, what if all party’s in this struggle, the west, middle east, indeed all regions that wake up in the morning with a weapon beside them just decided to take the day off? Call it a "Life Day". One day, across the whole world, everyone chooses life over death. And, if this one day worked out, everyone decided to try it for a whole week-end. Remember not so long ago when our family’s used to take the weekend off and go do something positively delightful together? Our family used to drive fifteen miles up to Folsom Lake and go swimming, catch perch and bass, and sit around the camp spot and play cards or just read a book. Oh, yeah, we also decided not to kill that whole weekend. Yep, left the weapons at home and simply made up our minds that this would be a "no kill weekend".

I really miss those weekends.

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