Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rules of Engagement

While we, as a nation, continue to soften our resolve with how we fight against an ideology of terrorist that HAVE AND ABIDE BY NO RULES, and wear no uniforms, represent no country, murder the innocent by suicidal means, our "leaders" in our legislative branch of our government are playing political games on how these terrorist are dealt with when captured. That these same terrorist who torture and slit the throats of their captured should be treated
with the same dignity and rules of the Geneva Convention is totally ridiculous and insane. The argument that these directives will some how denigrate how this nation is perceived by the rest of the world is also benign.

Is setting a standard by which we deal with an unrelenting ideology wrong? If we cannot or choose not to set these standards, who does ?The ability to interrogate and prosecute these madmen who abide by NO RULES is being marginalized by our leaders in the Senate. Mr. Warner, McCain, and Graham are so worried about the worlds view on how these terrorist are treated, (and how they are perceived by their electorate), these people are bowing to the political correctness that would re-elect them at the peril of our own destiny.

What part about being at war isn't understood? Is it possible we have become a nation that has not the fortitude to prosecute this war to win? Will sixty year old rules of engagement created by those who wore uniforms be the guiding lines we must abide by today? The complicated framework of how we resolve this may be the deciding factor on how we defeat our enemies. Or how they defeat us.

Or do we just let the liberal lawyers run this war?

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