Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Local "Levee" Breached

It had rained all morning here two days ago, and upon returning from a "fill the cupboards" shopping, I entered my home to discover water running from my front wall of the living room all the way to the kitchen. The road in front of my place runs down-hill, and enough debris had accumulated to divert the water straight into the front of my place. Uncloging the flow was easy, but the damage has been done. It wasn't until I went to go to bed that night that I discovered that the water had also entered into my bedroom. (Wet feet do not make for a comfortable sleep)

Update: The carpet in the bedroom is now dry, and being a "floor-guy" I simply pulled the carpet up and replaced the saturated pad. When this current system (of wetness) passes I plan to construct a french-drain in the front of my place to re-direct any future mishaps that come from the road. Two days have been lost in this last week before Christmas, but I feel lucky that I came home when I did to prevent further damage. If this is the worst thing that can happen to me in all of 2005, I will consider myself blessed. :)

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