Sunday, December 18, 2005


I haven't watched wrestling on tv since I used to watch Red Bastien, Pepper Gomez and Haystack Calhoun all get called "pencil necks" by Ray Stevens. I'm gonna destroy these names but I saw (live) Mitsu Arakawa and Kinji Shibuya beat Red Bastien and Haystack Calhoun in a tag team match that matches a thousand shooting stars to a twelve year olds eyes.
But that era changed.........

Having spent seven years (in high school and college) beating the best in the state of California (most of the time) I was turned off on a whole generation of "Big Time Wrestling", WWF, WWE RAW, and the phony-ness of this "sport". Only another "wrestler" would truly know the sacrifices made to reach such a level of competition, and in my opinion (I thought) WWE will never know those sacrifices.

I had lost 8 times in my career, but I would give a few more to be one of those WWE fellers that are entertaining those troops in Afghanistan during this holiday season.

All the respect I had lost, was regained in an instant.

Thank you WWE, Red and the "Boys" are proud of you. We all are.

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