Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tuesday Evening Links

Paul over at Wizbang has a thing to say about the economy. This has gotta be driving the left mad:

So how was the Holiday shopping Season?
Holiday spending up almost 9%*
Planned holiday spending up almost 20%*
Amazon Ships 108 Million Holiday Packages
Holiday spending has retailers seeing green
Friday was Walmart's biggest Day in History*

Pauls (and our countrys) story here:

John Hinderacker at Powerline thinks the Dems need to "cheer up".

"This explains, I guess, the venom and persistence with which the Democrats attack the Bush administration. It appears that millions of them really believe that President Bush is ruining their lives! There are lots of Democrats, apparently, who need to take a deep breath, get over the last election, and cheer up."

I think this next year is going to be even better than the last two. Democratic freedom (two), indiscriminate sub-human-scum-of-the-earth terrorist (zip). Leadership through strength to preserve our security (A+). Borderline un-patriotic Bush-Bashing for political gain with no regard for our military or the safety of this great country, (F-).

I will list the F's first: (this is for those deserving of D's thru F's)

#1. The New Yourk Times: (misspelled on purpose, these are "Yourk" times, not mine.) The New York Times, like the god-father, didn't get to live to a ripe ol' age by being stupid. But they gotta know their days are numbered.

This newspaper has become the laughing stock at the top of the food chain for biased lies and distortions. I've been working on their obit for years now. Thank goodness they buried the "worst of the worst" in their new "Times-Select" section. (Who would pay .02 cents for their opinionated BS?) Dowd needs to be on Malkins top ten "unhinged". Friedman and Krugman are a half step from the ladder to abyss. (Dowd may have already jumped off the end)

#2. The Wa-shit-ing Postulated: (what hasn't been said about these idiots can be found in most all other dailys.) (Wapo and the NYT switch positions for num-headed-ness on a daily basis)

#3. CNN, (cables original negative network ), MSNBC, (sports and comity do mix ), ABC,CBS,NBC (they're a melting pot for the misguided)

#4. Kos, Democratic Underground, wanna be troller Liberal Avenger, et al, all deserve the "best of the left", but for the MSM, no one does it better at defeatism and their ultimate hatred for our President.

CAN THEY GO ANY LOWER?...............developing

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