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Read 'em and weep.....or Laugh

Dean Compares Iraq, Vietnam Conflicts Monday, December 05, 2005

WASHINGTON — Democratic Chairman Howard Dean on Monday
likened the war in Iraq to Vietnam and said, "The idea that the United
States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong," comments
that drew immediate fire from Republicans.
In an interview with WOAI-AM in San Antonio, Dean criticized what he
called President Bush's "permanent commitment to a failed strategy"
while saying, "We need to be out of there and take the targets off our
troops back." Dean suggested "a strategic redeployment" of U.S.
troops over the next two years.
"I wish the president had paid more attention to the history of Iraq
before we had gotten in there," Dean said. "The idea that we're going
to win this war is just plain wrong."
Republican Chairman Ken Mehlman said Dean's "outrageous
prediction sends the wrong message to our troops, the enemy, and
the Iraqi people just 10 days before historic elections."http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,177771,00.html

35 minds Fred Gedrich, a retired senior State and Defense departments
official, is one of 35 U.S. foreign-policy and defense analysts who, as
Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl puts it, meld their minds into "a
broad but coherent strategy for winning our war against Islamist
jihadists." Discussing "War Footing: 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in
the War for the Free World," Mr. Gedrich tells Inside the Beltway the
unique book's lead author is Frank Gaffney, president of the Center
for Security Policy, and the foreword is penned by former CIA Director
James Woolsey. Posted by the State Department in Beijing during the Tiananmen
Square massacre (Mr. Gedrich called on more than 50 U.S. foreign
missions during his career, including Beirut and Haiti under hostile
conditions), Mr. Gedrich contributed to the section on the State
Department. The very first step of "War Footing": Know the enemy. Written by Alex Alexiev, senior fellow for the Center for Security
Policy and a former senior analyst at the Rand Corporation, he focuses
on Saudi Arabia's principal role in creating and proliferating the
Islamofacist ideology that the world is now confronting, and its
dangerous implications for the Muslim world and the West. What needs to be done? "Recognize that: 1) Islamism, though parading as a religion, is, in
fact, a totalitarian ideology; like other such ideologies before it, unless
defeated, this one will stop at nothing short of the destruction of our
tolerant society and constitutional government. And 2) that in virtually
all cases, Islamism and its terrorist manifestations have been -- and
continue to be -- state-sponsored."
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Sending a message Representatives of the District-based National Center for Public
Policy Research were at the United Nations Climate Change
Conference in Montreal yesterday to hand out "emissions credits"
printed on toilet paper. Printed on each ply are the words 'Emissions credit" in five
languages. The organization said the rolls of toilet paper were
intended to "symbolize the failure of the Kyoto Protocol and the futility
of emissions-trading schemes." Under the European Union's "CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme,"
companies are allotted credits that allow them to emit a fixed amount
of carbon dioxide. Companies that reduce their carbon dioxide output,
and, thus, don't use all of their credits, can sell them to companies
that are exceeding their C02 allotments. "Emissions credits aren't worth the paper they're printed on," said
David Ridenour, the group's vice president, "unless, of course, that
paper happens to be toilet paper." http://www.washingtontimes.com/national/inpolitics.htm

Who Got 'Schumed'? N.Y. Senators Vie for Top Billing on Law
By BRIAN McGUIRE - Staff Reporter of the SunDecember 5, 2005http://www.nysun.com/article/23932?page_no=1

???? Can't the dept of Homeland Security just over-ride this whole ruling and/or GW make it an executive ruling, steeling the thunder from both of these wanna-be presidents? We could then call this story: Shumer and Hillery get Bush-shumed;

Who's Lieing about Iraq? H/T: CSPT

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