Sunday, December 11, 2005


Dems saw the writing on the wall
by Rovin

When it became apparent that the presidents foreign policy and
his personal battle on the global War on Terror (GWOT) is
showing success on most fronts, the democratic "strategy" was
to attempt to steal some "thunder".

Knowing full well that following successful elections in Iraq in
December, the administration was planning to begin to bring a
portion of troops home in 2006. Also, the acceleration of Iraqi
military enlistments and training has become monumental in our
transition plans. Iraqi citizens turning in high-level insurgents is
also a sign that the tide is turning. Too many positive reports,
including Iraqi infrastructure coming on line, (despite the
constant negative reporting by the "old media" (formally the
MSM) via NYT, Wapo, et al), the democratic party saw the
writing on the wall. Even a partial stability in Iraq and marginal
coalition withdrawal would be perceived as a victory for this
administration, indeed a victory for the entire world.

So, what can a democratic party do? For starters claim that
while you "support our troops", this WOT is all Bush's fault, (no
WMD's, faulty intel, etc.), make the claim that there is no way to
win this war and bring all the troops home now, with no regard
for the lives of the Iraqi people.

Visions of a "Viet Nam" like disaster silently passed thru the
party, knowing full well this would swing them back in to power.

When and if our troops start coming home, the democrats will
attempt to claim it was their party that bullied the Bush
administration to "bring them home", despite the situation on the
ground. While trying to steal this "thunderous victory" from our
president, the dems have received a lighting-bolt that has
burned deep into their reputation. They will be perceived as the
party of defeatism, obstuction, and putting their political goals
ahead of what is good for this country.

This is a party in total disarray. The common sense moderate
democrats are pulling their hair out trying to separate
themselves from left-wing wacko's (who's hatred for Bush has
consumed them). The "melt-down" -- to say the least-- is

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