Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Deceitful and Shameful Tactics

Hand washed just about every pot and pan I owned for the first time in a week. Priorities re-arranged tend to come back and bite ya. But the memories of all the fine food prepared in them pans still puts a smile on my face.

Christmas has passed an our thoughts are with our troops in harms way. Hopefully national support will hold out for successful stability in the Middle East and we can begin to bring some of our troops home. That the main stream media are reaching the point of aiding an enemy who's soul purpose is to exterminate us, (with suicidal passion) , for the soul purpose of a political agenda, is shameful at the least and borderline criminal.

Now the very fabric of our security is being threatened by exposing classified information and believing the publics "right to know" outweighs any safety concerns of our community. I believe the president should make a stern reprimand to those so close to the "line" and remind these party's that we are a war.

The Democrats have been graciously silent for the past few days. Respect for the celebration of the birth of Christ may have played a small part and no power players on the left want to be the first to throw out the first handful of mud, but don't expect that to last.

With the economy steaming along at a healthy pace for the third and fourth quarters, another major hurdle in the Iraqi elections and the insurgency on their last ropes, 2006 looks brighter than ever. Consumer confidence is strong, but look for the MSM to put a spin on all these positives. Going into an election year for many in congress, fact-checking and exposing gross errors in reporting will be crucial. Expect the rhetoric to rachet up dramatically.

Many are fed up with the talk of defeat and the negative reporting by the MSM, especially when there are so many positive storys of success. Exact timing of the New York Times release of the NSA story (held for a whole year) proves this papers unmitigated agenda with this administration that has prevented another attack for over four years. This goes into the category of doing what is not in the best interest for the people of this great country and they should be publicly chastised, and the "leakers" need to be prosecuted.

The only way to get to the MSM and their ilk of defeatism is in the pocketbooks of their investors. Canceling subscriptions is the only way short of taking them to court for treason. (Might as well get accused of violating the first amendment while were at it. )

The left needs to clean up their "pot and pans". The garbage they're serving is not palatable.

If this seems like some one on the right throwing the first mudpie, then so be it. I have no trouble sleeping.

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