Friday, October 14, 2005

New Director Appointed to Jazz and Blues Festival

And the new leader is...............four year assistant director of the Monterey Blues Festival, Glenn Maxon. Yes, relation to the ol' "Maxons Music" back in the 70's. Yes the same Glenn Maxon who was the first Humboldt county state champion in high school wrestling. And two weeks later he became the National Greco-Roman champion. All that at the age of 17 or 19. It was hard to tell how old the sucker was. Maxon waited another twenty-five years to get his music production degree a CSU, where his department chair pronounced Glenn the next "Bill Grahm".
(Side note: His daughter graduated the same year at the same school.)

This is just a recorded evolution of music on the north coast and I am sure we will enjoy the talent and product Glenn will bring to us.



UPDATE: Glenn is also getting inducted into the CR Sports Hall of Fame this month.
We should all feel so proud and fortunate.

p.s. ...... I have a history on this feller........ :)

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