Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to mettle.

The other day, as I was surfing thru websites inhaling information like a sponge, I came across in interesting post that I wanted to leave a comment on. Trouble was, there was no "comment" section at the bottom of the post. I was just about to leave the site when I noticed the website owner mentioning that the site lacked the traffic desired, so I emailed the owner and "snidely" suggested that a comment section might help. (Note: this was done with all the good intentions a fellow blogger would/could accept) Well, lo and behold Ken took my suggestion to heart and began the changes to cause enough headaches in what we will call the "template-tweaking-blues". Simple changes are almost never simple. They usually effect another portion of the equation).

Which brings me to another question/revelation. What "chain of events" evolve when we make "simple" changes. I'm sure there's a philosophy professor out there that could expel on this question, but attempting to decipher their terminology is well beyond my comprehension, so I will try the "keep it simple stupid" methodology so (at least) I can understand it.

Example #1. (9/11 to today) When a "group" of fanatics develop an ideology that the only way to change something is to exterminate it by indiscriminately murdering all those who oppose, there is a chain of events that will happen. IT'S CALLED A WAR ON TERRORISM! (WOT)Now I won't even attempt (in this post) to explain all the reasons why these events have come to pass. "Why" is moot, nadda, kapoot. The only goal these people have is to exterminate me, and I could give a rats ass as to "why". History can ask that question. My current objective, (and I'm not alone here) is to prove to these idiots that this is not going to happen without a fight. "Who" is also moot. I don't give a shit who you are if "you" are my enemy. History, will also record who you are. "Where" is not so moot. So far, free people have chosen to meet you (and your ideology of death) on your hollowed ground. (Many here in USA sit in their little "comfort" zones and deny that this (WOT) could come back to our shores. They will (most likely) be sadly mistaken. Unless there is change. "How" will this change come about? Duh! It's happening right before our eyes. Free democracys and elections in Afghanistan, Iraq, and indeed the yearning for more in many countries around the entire world. Only in a free democratic society can there be resolutions made without the threat of death or extermination of humans. "What" will transpire in this "chain of events"? "When" will we see a semblance of stability?Patience, is not one our good traits these days, and many seem to think this whole thing (WOT) should just go away so we can go back to simpler things to bitch about, like the price of gas, how to eliminate Christmas, who's allowed to own guns (that one really gits my goat), but the simple reality is this is not going to be over tomorrow, the next day, or even the next year. United we Stand? Or will it be divided we fall? Many (on the radikull left) think we should just pack it all in and bring our troops home and let the rest of the world fall to pieces. Then they could all blame this one on GW too. The "kulls" have an agenda that would be perilous to this nation, indeed the entire world, and they just don't get it.

Change is sometimes a good thing (in the long run) Dana.

Time will tell.

Please visit Common Sense Political Thought when you have a chance, (in my opinion) it's good reading. You can even leave a "comment" :)

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Dana Pico said...

Thanks for the nice review and the link. But, if you challenged me to get the comments section up and running, it looks like I've got to challenge you to install trackbacks! :)