Thursday, November 03, 2005

There's just no other way to put it

As a frequent reader of Captain's Quarters , I had the pleasure of catching a "little" conversation in the comments section between two people on different sides of an issue. I will change the names to protect the innocent, but you will know by the end where I stand and ,(I think) , a strong majority of this country feels as well.

" It's sad that so many of you guys (not all) can't respond to our arguments with anything but insults.

Talking time is over (deleted). The battle has begun. Things are going to get real heated; real quick. If you want to talk and make nice chat chat, you had better stick to your side of the blogosphere. The gloves are off, the helmets are on, and the battle has started. Your questions are just plain stupid. Your answers are even dumber than your questions. You don't get it, and you won't get it even if we play nice chat chat with you for the next ten years.

LA; where's Osama........ CK; Wilson is a LIEING worthless phonie scumbag........

Absolutely no nice way to put it; we have had it with the Liberal destruction of this great country. Bring on the filibuster; bring on the impeachment of our President at a time of war; bring on Howard Dean. No more appeasing Liberalism. There comes a time when words no longer have any meaning; when that time has arrived, it's time for a fight; that time has arrived between Liberalism & Conservatism. Gee let's have a friendly debate; gee can't we all just get along; NOPE, too late now. It's on....."

posted by Keemo

"I believe in the people of this great nation; "
Except for the ones who happen to disagree with you, eh Keemo? Or -- horror of horrors! -- vote Democrat.
Posted by: (deleted) at November 2, 2005 05:09 PM

Complete the theme (name deleted); the vast majority of Americans........................

You are in the minority for a reason (deleted). The vast majority of Americans have voted Republican for more than a few cycles now (deleted). What do you think about that (deleted)? Our system of government works best when we have TWO healthy parties (deleted). I would love to see your party become healthy once again. In order for that to happen, you will need an entire house cleansing, and you will have to stand firmly behind the principles that this country was build upon. You can't attack "God" and religious freedom; you can't attack our constitution and try to sell it away as some kind of "living document"; you can't attack our ability to defend ourselves against enemies, as we will always have enemies as history has shown us; you can't block the people from developing energy; you can't attack and destroy the foundation of marriage; you can't continue to shove this "wealth redistribution" bullshit down our throats; you can't continue to suppress minorities from their God given right to develop and advance. Everything that defines "Liberalism" is not going to sell to the majority of Americans. The event of talk radio, the new media, and Fox News has educated the people Herb; your kind simply are not having much success brain washing the public anymore. Your entire platform needs to collapse in order for your people to rebuild. I hope your kind can accomplish this great task, as our government works best with two healthy parties. But first, we must destroy Liberalism as you know it; & only then will you have a chance for reconstruction. We are in the process of destroying your party by exposing them for what they really are; we are doing our part. If successful, it will then be up to people like you to rebuild on a solid foundation of principle, faith, and honor of American tradition.

Posted by Keemo

I would like everyone to know that these are not my words, but they could be and should be, because the reflect (mirror) my sentiments to the exact word. For the Democratic Party to become healthy again we may have to start with the school system that begins to poison our young minds at a very young age and continues thru college. By the time these kids are out of school they already have a hatred for Conservative ideologies based solely on the cancer spread to them by many teachers and professors. The working stiff got to bypass the indoctrination for a while until their union delegates began to feed them with this same ol' crap that the Democratic Party was their only salvation. (But that is also changing).

Many moderate Democrats are ashamed of their party, but (to this point) have no where to turn. (Or do they?) As my friend (above) has so promptly pointed out "Liberalism" and their cancer are attempting to destroy the very fabric of this countrys values. Conservatives have a proven vaccine.

They are called elections. Better to move to higher ground........there's a landslide coming.

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Tillman said...

All this apocalyptic hate speech doesn't help a single soul, Rovin. Knock it off, will ya?