Saturday, November 19, 2005

And That Just About Sums It Up.......Folks

What's it called?, a Coup D' Etat, or something like that. Funny how the Dems keep searching for a "solid" plank to stand on, and still come up with the "we are winning this WOT and we need headlines too" syndrome.

Remember how in 94 Clinton turned in a Budget package that was in excess of 350 billion, but a new congressional leadership (for the first time in forty years) passed a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT that Clinton was forced to sign, and then proceeded (attempted) to take credit for it ?

Well, it's happening again. Same old playbook. With the Iraqi December elections coming to pass and Zarqawi and his nutbags loosing any credibility by blowing up Muslim's, this WOT, (at least in Iraq) will wind down next year. The Iraqi army is now 200k strong and growing. Our President will start to bring our forces home when the generals (on the ground) tell him, and the Iraqi leaders say so.

Despite all the gloom and doom the MSM is writing about, the people of Iraq are getting stronger by the day.

Even the intelligent democrats see the writing on the wall and they need to steal some of the "thunder of victory" by bringing this stupid debate of troop withdrawal.

Rather than let them carry this leaking pale of water, the Republicans just let it come to a floor vote and put an end to the BS. Results, 403-3 , the nays have it.

The Dems needed to have something to take home to their constituents during this holiday break. "Bush Lied" doesn't work, Plamegate fizzled, and worse (for the Dems) gas prices are plummeting and the economy is clicking along at a healthy pace.Spending all their energy of obstructionism filibustering Alito won't work either.

So what's a Democrat to do? Their negative posturing and lack of a platform just isn't cutting the mustard these days, and it won't win elections. If they think they can be responsible for bringing troops home and claiming victory for the salvation of 50 million Iraqis, they are sadly mistaken. George W. Bush took down Saddam Hussein and freed these people. Democracy in the Middle East? Who'd da thunk it? The Democrats just can't (or refuse) to find something positive to say about the things this President has accomplished. It's just not their nature. Oh, and "where's Osama? Who gives a shit.


Anonymous said...

200K strong??? what are you smoking? those people don't have electricity, water, economy etc.
we could send over 20 (twenty) Barney Fife's and stomp those 200K!
They want us to fight their war - funny thing is - it's not their war, it's ours, we're the targets.
pull back the troops and let those sorry fucks defend and build their own country. the terroists attacks will stop when we're not there.
Bush took down Saddam Hussein? please - that's like the Colts coming here and beating the 49ers!
We could have done alot cheaper and easier with one bullet -
as for Osama - not a problem anymore, we're helping him to clone himself everyday we're there.
why do you think he bombed the twin towers? he wants us there and he knew we would come after him, Bush reminds me of the late great General Custer - full of shit and bravado with NO plan.

LEO said...

i love the way Cheney, Bush etc are kissing Murtha's ass - like the dogs they are. Fear the strong and bully the weak.
If they're so righteous in their crusade why don't they have the balls to go after him too?
Like they use to say in Shingle Springs my friend - "The chickens always come home roost" and "what doesn't come out in the wash, comes out in the rinse".
If they continue to ignore people who know what they're talking about and continue their blind ambition to sink this country deeper into this shithole, history will judge them very harshly.
There's nobody more dangerous or destructive than someone who can't admit when they're wrong - short of tossing nuclear weapons on that region, it's a no-win game.
I mean if they want a real good fight - go after Iran and when that happens it will be WWIII.
The world has become to small, we need to win over people through economic, political, and idealogical means - find some common ground. Let them have their Allah, we don't have the moral high ground to win this - but they do, in their minds. Look at history and you'll see - the Russians could'nt beat them in Afgan, we could'nt beat the Vietnamese and the British could'nt beat us either - yes we were insurgents too at one time.
You have to choose your battles wisely, some aren't worth fighting.
We need to fight our own battles at home, poverty, healthcare for the elderly (that's us my friend) the economy, crime, education (we're raising a bunch of idiots),
the environment, racism, border protection, you name it - this country is in great need of reform.
This country was founded by a bunch of revolutionaries and now it's become a fat farm, filled with narrow minded, short sighted morons who don't give a shit about anybody but themselves. They never thought that Rome would fall either. Those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it.

So at Thanksgiving dinner lets give thanks for what we have (this is still the greatest country in the world) but also pray that we can find leaders that have vision and wisdom (Republican, Democrat or Independent, i don't give a shit) that will put the people's welfare ahead of anything else and stop this bullshit.

If they come over here (i beleive they're already here) so be it - we'll deal with it. The Russians never attacked us and they sure as hell had more power than these maniacs. By the way, we never thought Russia would fall either but they ignored the welfare of their people in blind pursuit of power and suppressed any dessention against the state.
We need to win the hearts and minds of moderate Islamics not bomb the shit out of them.
You know these people don't strap bombs to themselves because it's a cool thing to do - we're creating a generation of Osamas, just like he wants us to.

p.s. I thought it was pretty symbolic when Georgie tried to open that locked door.