Monday, December 18, 2006

This Just Has to have the Left going Bonkers

Reid: Brief Troop Increase OK in Iraq
Dec 17, 4:01 PM (ET)
Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Says He Would Support Temporary Troop Surge in Iraq

WASHINGTON Dec 17, 2006 (AP)— The Senate's top Democrat offered qualified support Sunday for a plan to increase U.S. troops in Iraq, saying it would be acceptable as part of a broader strategy to bring combat forces home by 2008. This is going to have the radical left screaming for Reid's head on a platter.

From the KOS Kool-aid bunch:

"Geezuz, I'm quite sure it isn't Harry's intent, but why, for the love of God, do some Democrats keep giving The Dumbfuck in Chief cover for his disastrous decisions regarding Iraq? Gawd. Just shut the fuck up if you have no other ideas than to go along with this asshole."

"Exactly! Reid just blew it. What a bunch of bullshit - agreeing with Bush on ANYTHING to do with this war is agreeing with a liar that will screw you over in a second.How can Reid fall for this? And Markos is being a little naive by saying: Hopefully this is what Reid was proposing.Reid is not ambiguous. He is agreeing to escalate for as much as two years.What the fuck happened last month? Wasn't there an election that told these asses what we, the people wanted?"

"The Democrats Now Have the Power of the Purse. Bush cannot do this without the Democratic House and the Democratic Senate approving the funding for this. He simply cannot make this decision by himself. And the Democrats can, all by themselves, defund the war and bring this disaster to an end. After four years of whining about their powerlessness while offering plenty of aid and comfort to the Bush Administration, the Democrats now have the power to get us out of this war. But will they?"


Editor's note: I rarely post anything with the "F"-word, but the Kos-kids can't carry on a conversation with out it.


Over at the Huffington Post Lawrence O donnell writes a piece on how "Rush is Right":

"Rush Limbaugh is vexed by the Iraq Study Group. At first, Rush said the group's report was not a cut and run prescription. He now says, "This is cut and run, surrender without the words." And, now, Rush is right."

198 comments on this post and NOT ONE person mentioned the plight of the Iraqis--- the genocide many innocent Iraqi people will receive. Not one mention a possibility of a free and democratic country. Pathetic, Selfish Morons -----the whole lot of 'em.

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