Saturday, December 30, 2006


Pond scum hung. Gene pool diminished. Torque specifications prove correct. Headlines may come and go......

...But history will say that in the last few days of the winter of '06 justice was served, (swiftly, by our standards), by a newly formed independent government who showed little patience in turning a vicious chapter in the lives of a free, and yes, independent people of Iraq.

And the tyrant who perpetrated mayhem on a nation for the better part of quarter of a century did not go quietly. According to one witness, Police Captain Jamil Hussein, (no relation), Saddam Hussein was heard to be just as defiant in his execution as he was during his trial of crimes against humanity. Jamil Hussein said he was certain the Saddam was also doused in kerosene and burned alive. (Hell, if AP can fabricate, so can I)
At just after 6 a.m. (10 p.m. Friday ET), the executioner activated the gallows as Saddam Hussein uttered his last words that the people of Iraq and indeed the world would have to hear.

As for the legacy of Hussein, he will be forever compared to other despots of human destruction. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and now Saddam Hussien will be used in the same sentence when describing "human beings" who showed little regard for humanity. But, while our friends on the left will say that it was not worth the sacrifice paid by many, the majority of the people of Iraq will disagree.

While many are left pondering the finality of this execution, (and its ramifications), the people of Iraq can say justice was served, and it did not come soon enough. We can all hope that turning this page in history will lead to a more peaceful and civil society in the middle east.

And one final judgement awaits Saddam Hussein. May his sins of atonement be handled in the manner of the way they were passed out.
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