Monday, December 18, 2006

Color Me Humble II

I was all ready to write a synopsis of how and why this nation has allowed it's greed for power (at any cost) to blind us of the threat that is upon us, when along comes Time Magazine proclaiming that I have been selected the "Person of the Year".

I must write to Time, (when I find the time), to thank them for their stroke of genius. Of course, the blogosphere will have to sit up and take note of how such a small contribution could have been recognized for such a distinction.

But to digress for a moment, what is the cause of a nation to become so self-serving, (and so filled with the lust for instant gratification), that we seem to justify turning our backs, (and closing our eyes), to the reality that the world has changed so quickly that the sovereignty of the freedom we had once cherished, (and nurtured), is but a whisper away from devastation.

(Could some one please tell me what part of "submit to the teachings of Islam as translated by the Prophet Mohammad or die" we don't understand?)

When God chose Moses to free "His" people from bondage in (1639 BC?) he also gave Moses his commandments to follow so that the lives of his people would be structured. Those commandments were filled with the laws that have guided mankind through the centuries and is still the basis for the morality of a civil and just society. In return for obeying His laws, God promised the one thing that no man can give, eternal life. (He also "asked" that we love Him as we would also love ourselves). I would call this the "ultimate freedom of choice."

To worship idols or worldly possessions was a sin in His eyes, and yet God allowed us to share in the fruits of our labor.

And so we could be absolved of our past sins, He sent His only son to die on the cross and with that death take on the sins of the world. We celebrate the birth of this man, that died for all of us, on the 25th of December.

The 21st century version of a distorted and twisted religion of Islam offers no such choice in their faith. We either submit or die.

So, if the distinction of "Person of the Year" has been bestowed on me, I defer my title to God, who still allows me to stroke this keyboard with out persecution or sacrifice.

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