Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Liberal Mindset in America

The execution of Saddam Hussein, (for his crimes against humanity), has given us an opportunity to observe---and define what has transpired, and the impact that this event has bestowed on today's American society. Let us not quibble with the lateral, for there is little parallel within the divisions of our perspectives.

An articulate example can be found in Ed Morrissey's post at Captain's Quarters yesterday. The Captain was pointing to an example of a report on a local television station describing the demise of a dictator as an
"assassination". While part of the debate in comments is on weather the anchor was reading from a script or editorializing on his own, much of the commentary was centered on the perspective of how the mainstream media continues to distort or (by their own agenda), remind their viewer-ship of the "blunders of Bush" and the "miss-directions" of prosecuting our war against terrorism.

It was said ,(shortly after the execution of Hussein), that the world breathed a sigh of relief and reflection in what one man had done to a nation for three decades. And history should record that Hussein will be mentioned with the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot as one who had no regard for the sanctity of human life----- but this position would not last any longer than it would take for our liberal friends to tie this event to what they perceive as the faults of American Imperialism, for we as a society have no right to impose our free and democratic idealism on other nations (who, every generation or so), tend to breed an ideology of brutality beyond the comprehension of the human mind. In our liberal friends minds, we should some how ignore the genocide as a "natural event" and look inward to our own faults and aspirations, ie our President and his cowboy quest for the control of petro-dollars and lining the pockets of his constituents. In some of our liberal friends minds, we are the brutality that infest the world, and it is all George Bush's fault ----- where in lies the misconception.

Our "elite media", does not care about what is right or wrong in the justification of freeing a society that allowed it's leaders to exterminate its competition, (and yes, control the free flow of oil in the worlds economy) ---- their agenda is far more local. They believe that it is the governments responsibility to provide our every whim and need, and that capitalism and free enterprise is a sin of our own undertaking. "Sharing" the profits of the entrepreneur, (weather it be corporations or individuals who engineered their own wealth), is, (in the liberals mind), a responsibility, and if they have their way it would become constitutional law. "Pay as you go" to our friends on the left is just another example of their tax and spend policy's of the seventies that plunged this nation into double digit inflation and higher taxes that most always puts the burden on the consumer.

While the taxation of the wage earner was originally formed to provide for the infrastructure of our young nation, ie schools, hospitals, roads and later the provisions for social security, when the dollars came flowing in, some of our "leaders" saw this as a perpetual mechanism for a society, (our government) to be the providers. Thus the welfare state was created by those who were too blind to see the dependency that would consume our resources.The battle between the "re-distribution of wealth", (communism), and a free market enterprise with low taxation and limited government, (and yes Reagan trickle down economics), has been going on for more than a generation and there are two distinct sides.

And this is where the disdain and outright hatred for our current president resides within the majority of the democratic party and the radical left. ( I must include that the responsibility of maintaining a smaller government with a balanced budget was a poorly handled by the conservatives who have lost power in congress and the "true" conservatives showed their displeasure thru-out the last two sessions.)

But I digress.

I still believe in my heart and soul that the people of Iraq deserve a shot at the freedoms that we take for granted here. And yes, our Presidents grand scheme of civil and "democratic" societies through-out the world vs. dictatorships that breed the likes of Hussein and now his Iranian counterpart, would be more representative of a peaceful world. It should be a goal to promote the idea that all civil societies could resolve their differences with their voices instead of bloodshed, and poisoned ideologies that are bent on the extermination of entire nations.

For some of our friends on the left to suggest that our President and Vice President should be hanged for crimes considered similar to Saddam Hussein is not only ludicrous, it is a shameful embarrassment to intelligent and thoughtful people of this great nation. These would be the same people who would suggest that Gerald Ford should have been hanged for having the capacity to forgive the "sins" of Richard Nixon. There is no logical comparison between our leaders and Saddam Hussein except in the minds of these lost souls.

(Kos and the Huffpo "mentality" come to mind.)

And that's all I have to say about that.................... for now.

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