Monday, July 31, 2006

Fight, Don't Fight, Fight and the State of Mind

Bill and Hillery and Tony flew into the left coast yesterday for a power brokers meeting with probably 10 to 20 others...........would have loved to be that fly on the wall.......

It looks like Isreal is gonna run that 15 to 20 mile buffer zone and "Kleen" it out of the rocket launchin sob's range, that hide behind women and children to do their deeds of sacrifice. (It is a war crime to use civilians as human shields) Dana at CSPT has more...And to who's benifit? And when does one country say "enough is enough"? I would expect Premier Olmert will demand a world wide coalition of military to git into that zone, (when he's done good and ready) and maybe differences will subside fur a bit. Not sure , Olmert says "be prepared for pain, blood, and tears before this is over" We can all pray it ain't so, can't we? Short term solutions would be less costly on all.......but this might be our last opportunity for the longterm route, if we have the stomach. It seems appeasment has just about pettered out in this generation.

This is scary, but I thought the second half of John Kerry's interview with Alan Combs was about some if the most sensible things I ever thought I could hear from Kerry. Kerry said, paraphrasing, he was in total support of the actions of Isreal and that it was time for it stop. And he totally condemded Hezbolla for their actions. I swear, I couldn't believe my ears.

Mel's in deep dodo with about half the country with his "exposed bigotry" but we'll furgive him..........someday.........

Fidal's goin in fur surgery and leavin his brother in charge for a bit.......wonder why he's goin to Paris for the surgery? Are there no quality hospitals in Cuba yet? This mans whole life has been funded by mentals without a clue. Hurry back asswipe.......wezz need yur C-gars.

On the lighter side of life........Oil corporations are recording record profits for the 3rd quarter in a row. For those who still don't have a diddly ass clue how tricke down works, the tax coffers of just about every state in this nation is chuck full with money. The only thing the left has to bitch about is (maybe) the division of capital is getting a bit wider. But how can anyone explain how this growth rate is bad for any.........

Protecting this country is still GW's priority and we are at war.......a clash between terror and democracy. Our society must survive and our works is far from done. We have over-come so much with the table set, but we must be willing to look at the long term commitments to our safety and prosperity. Time will tell.

Many have forgotten about the horrors of Sept 11th and have gone about their lives and forgotten that risk are taken, and the protection of this country is the foremost priority of the President. Hezbolla, Al-Qaeda,Hamas is dangerous to the world. And GW know's it.

Thank you Mr.'s my county.......take it or leave it.

Rovinsworld.........stand by

note: you want "sources" and "links".........argue about it......I'll provide them.

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